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Review: Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

Find out whether the Munckin nappy disposal system is what's missing from your house.
The Review: Joonas, Kathrin & Nico (2 months) tested the Munchkin nappy disposal system.

Overall we got on well with the Munchkin nappy bin. It's a good size and a convenient height so you don't have to bend over to much to use it.

More importantly, it was really effective at sealing in the used nappy smell!
The bin can fit quite a lot of nappies if you wrap them properly before throwing them in. Although I did find it hard to get the bag out if you cram the bin really full.

The bags are convenient as there are no tie handles to deal with but I did find them quite pricey when compared to their competitors. Also I didn't find the refills were stocked in the supermarket I usually use, so I have to order replacements online.

It would be nice if the bin had a push pedal to open the lid. As it is you need two hands free - one to hold the nappy, and one to push the button and lift the lid - and with a young baby this isn't always easy.

The Munchkin nappy disposal system retails at around £19.99. Further information is available on

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