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Review: Munchkin 9oz Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup

Find out if these Munchkin mess-free cups really are all thrills and no spills.
The Review: Ryan, Alison & their little one (1½ yrs old) tested the Munchkin 9oz Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup.

Munchkin's 9oz Insulated Straw Cups feature a simple lid system designed to offer a leak proof seal - parents can see, hear and feel the cups lock into place. The insulating layer keeps drinks cool and fresh, and they come in a variety of vibrant colours with fun artwork and licensed kids' characters.

My daughter loves this cup! Often stubborn when it comes to drinking, we will be lucky to get a whole bottle down her in a day. The first time we gave her this cup, the whole lot was gone within 10 minutes.

Being only 18 months old, she's used to traditional "sippy" cups and isn't trusted with anything else without risking the puddle on the carpet. The look of wonder on her face when we presented her with a STRAW cup was priceless. With the Munchkin cup and its Click Lock straw, she will happily sit there, popping the cap open and closed, enjoying watching the straw vanish and reappear every time, taking little sips as she goes.

The designs printed on the facings of the cups are very cute and appeal to their target market. My daughter has the pink design and loves showing off her pretty cup to her friends, pointing out her "kitty" and "birdy" each time.

From a parent's perspective, the risk of spillage is a lot less compared to free flow cups. I've had a couple of small wet patches from where the straw makes contact with the floor, etc, but no major "in use" spills.

Having the insulation within the cup works fantastically well. The water stays cool and fresh for hours, without that "plastic" taste (yes, I've tried it!).

Cleaning the cup is admittedly a bit of a challenge, although it being dishwasher safe is a real bonus. There are quite a few parts to take apart when giving it a thorough wash and you have to be careful when putting the pieces back together. I did unfortunately end up with a soaked handbag after the straw valve got pushed out of place allowing the contents of the cup to spill from the lid rim. Although technically my fault, it wasn't blatantly obvious what was wrong and the valve does have a tendency to slip out of place slightly after cleaning.

Overall this is a great, easy to use, practical cup for adventurous toddlers and stressed out parents.

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