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Review: Momymoo Change Mat

Is this the change bag that will make going out and about with baby 10 times easier? Find out.
The Review: Nicola & Aimee (2 years) tested the Momymoo Change Mat.
The Momymoo changing mat looks fabulous. The colours and patterns are really funky, it was right up my street. My mat was in the green flower pattern but as far as I'm aware, it is available in a few more patterns.

The mat folds down into a rectangle shape at approx 25cm x 13cm so it's perfect for putting in your bag with all the other essentials that you need when you are on the go with a little one. Alternatively, there is a buckle attached to allow you to attach it to your buggy or even another bag. The fabric is also wipe clean which is ideal.

When the mat is folded out to full size it measures 75cm x 39cm which is a decent size for most babies up to toddler age. The big plus point for me was that the mat is definitely not flimsy or thin like a lot of folding changing mats.

There is a little pocket inside (visible when the mat is being used) which is perfect for nappies and some wipes although in my opinion the most you could have stored in there is 1 packet of wipes and 3 nappies. The mat has a front zipped pocket but its only big enough for some nappy sacks and a tube of nappy cream. It doesn't hold a massive amount but its enough if you're out for the day.

Overall, I loved this changing mat, all my nappy changing essentials were stored together so no searching your bag trying to find things when you have a wriggling toddler on a changing mat which is always a bonus. I loved how trendy the bag looked, i loved the pattern, maybe a little girly for dads to use though.

It's pretty much dad-proof as well so a big plus in my book!

This premium folding changing mat retails at around £28 is a little on the expensive side but definitely worth the money.

The Momymoo Change Mat retails at £28. Further information is available on

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