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Review: Lindam Toddler Runner

Find out whether Lindam's toddler runner is a new essential.
The Review: Charlotte tested the Lindam toddler runner.

The Lindam toddler runner is a 2 in 1 backpack and harness suitable for children from 6 months to 4 years.

Initally when I saw the size of the product I thought that it was far too small. Although when I put it on my son it fitted perfectly and is appropriate for his body size.

My son is 26 months and feels so grown up with his bag on which makes it easier to get him to wear it than it would with wrist reins.

What I like most is that the design takes into consideration the delicacy of a childs' frame. If my son falls over with this product on, I'm not worried about him having one particular area of his ribs hurting or being pulled on, because the backpack fits comfortably around his whole frame.

The runner lead is long enough for him to walk a little in front of me, but not enough for him to dangerously far away.

The material is soft and wipeable which is ideal for sticky fingers, and also bright and easily detectable when in a busy shop.

The back pack is small, but small enough for a little one, and my little one loves to put his blue bunny rabbit in it.

I'm really impressed and have recommended the product to my friends. 10/10.

The Lindam Toddler Runner retails at approx £10.

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