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Review: Lindam EasyFit Stairgate

Find out whether this stair gate is worthy of all of its awards!
The Review: Aimee & family tested the Lindam EasyFit stair gate.

After reading the simple instructions it only took a few minutes to put up. It was a simple process as it only contained a few parts and did not require the use of tools.
I love how this is secure enough to not need fixing to the wall and the suction pads are a great feature which also protect the wood work. I also think the bottom 'lock' provides extra security.

The gate opening both ways is also a good idea as my previous one did not.

After a few days I am still very happy with it. It feels safe and secure especially from little fingers, it doesn't look like an eyesore either!

I also think its great that whilst it prevents my toddler from escape it is simple enough for my six year old daughter to open safely.

The Lindam EasyFit stairgate retails at around £25. Further information is available on

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