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Review: Lindam Clarity Digital Video Monitor

Find out whether this digital monitor is worth the price tag.
The Review: Fiona S. & J.P. (almost 2 years) tested the Lindam Clarity digital video monitor.

The Lindam clarity digital video monitor is the latest in video monitoring technology, aiming to give "crystal clear,interference free sound and video transmission" and give parents peace of mind when their little ones are in their nursery or bedroom.
An advantage of the camera unit itself is its swivel action bracket, and ability to be wall mounted, or stood on a surface.

The parent unit is fully portable and can be operated by means of rechargeable battery or by the mains.

It is said to work up to 150 metres from the nursery, however I did not find this to be the case. It regularly showed 'out of reach' on the parent unit display, even when I was directly in the room below the camera base unit.

The video transmission itself, I found virtually flawless; the 2.36 inch screen is a good size, and it has good quality transmission, even in nighttime conditions.

However, there was terrible noise from the parent unit even when the volume was turned right down. This is where the VOX or Automute modes were a godsend to me, as the parent unit can be put in a standby mode, only coming on when the child makes a noise. This eliminates the problem of the constant background noise and allowed for us to get some sleep! I you were wanting to use the unit for constant transmission, I'm certain the noise would become unbearable.

There is the option to play 3 melodies which, for my son, I found really helped delay his wake up time in the morning, as he was quite happy to lie in his bed listening to the music for a little while longer, which to any parent, is a blessing! The nightlight is also a nice addition.

Overall, I really liked the quality of both units, and its general robustness. The visual transmission was super quality, and despite its only letdown for me being the constant background noise while in full transmission mode, I would still recommend the product to friends and other mums and dads alike.

The Lindam Clarity digital video monitor retails at around £119.99. Further information is available on

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Our son has woken up in night and been sick all over, we are worried, can this be related to him teething, he is 18month old, taking him to doctors asap, just worried as you do, thanx dean and vicky and baby j
by dth38 29th Nov 2010, 8:54am