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Review: Lindam Car Seat Protector

Find out if the Lindam seat protector the travel accessory that your car has been missing.
The Review: Amy & family tested the Lindam seat protector.

The Lindam car seat protector is designed to protect your car seats from spills. It has a handy storage pocket, is fitted with easy access slots for seat belts and made from durable vinyl to hold your child's car seat steady.
The Lindam seat protector is fantastic and a must have when you have young children in the car.

My daughter has accidents all the time and using bed mats to protect the seats becomes very expensive so I have found the Lindam protector to be amazing and a great money saver.

When an accident occurs or a drink is spilled all you need is a spray, a wipe and a quick dry with the towel and you can just put it back on saving damage to your seat.

The protecter also has great little storage holders that are fantastic for keeping their drink and a little snack or toy in, it keeps the car tidy too which is always a hard job with kids.

I love this product and would recommend it to anyone with young children or anything that might cause damage to the seats.

The Lindam car seat protector retails at around £10. Further information is available on

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