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Review: Chicco Xpace Isofix car seat

Find out if Chicco's new Xpace Isofix car seat lives up to the hype.
The Review: Joonas & Nico tested the Chicco Xpace Isofix car seat.

The Chicco Xpace Isofix car seat is the latest offering from Chicco. It makes use of their Isofix and Top Tether technology to lock the seat in place, giving maximum safety and security.

Firstly, I have to say that the Chicco Xpace car seat is a great seat and the pictures on the Chicco website do not do it justice. This seat looks and feels great. The material is very soft and nice to touch. The form is good and it looks elegantly designed with the stitching on the edges giving it a good finish.

I went for the isofix model, which totally makes sense if you have a car that has the fittings. The seat is super easy to fit; it took me less than two minutes the first time... although I did spend a little extra time after that tidying away the top belt attachment (the seat has a little net pouch hidden behind it at the top where you can roll away the excess belt).

You might be spending a little longer learning how to take it out easily again... but fitting was fast and easy. The seat is very sturdy, which in turn means that it is quite heavy, but I did not find it an issue when fitting it.

The isofix model also has the belt fitting option, if you occasionally need to fit the seat in a car without isofix. Great if you have two cars in the family and will only use one seat. The isofix bars easily retract into the seat or lock into position for fitting.

My son looks very comfortable sitting in it and the seat reclines easily into different positions from a handle underneath the front. The head rest is height adjustable and very easy to move up and down by using a little lever at the top of the seat. This is a little difficult to reach once the seat is fitted in the car so I suggest you "size your child" before you fit the seat in the car (this is not a big deal since you'd really only be adjusting it again when your child grows out of each height setting).

The belt is easy to use and I guess resembles most other seats in its operation. It is very easy to extend the belts by pressing the button (so you get those hands in there...) and they tighten evenly without the need to put much effort into pulling the belt back out from the front of the seat. The shoulder pads are securely attached to the head rest and just let the belt slide through, so they will always be in the right position.

All in all I think that the Chicco Xpace is a great car seat and it looks good. It is put together very well and I would recommend it to anyone, although if you have a small car and you need to have the front seat far back, you could struggle with the seat behind it in its fully reclined position.

The Chicco Xpace Isofix car seat retails at approx £170.

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