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Review: Chicco London Stroller

Get the lowdown on the new Chicco London Stroller.
The Review: Pat, Vik and Robin (aged 2) tested the Chicco London Stroller.

The Chicco London Stroller is a versatile lightweight pushchair from Chicco; coming with their cosy toes, rain cover, reclining backrest and latest 5-point safety harness, it is designed for maximum comfort and security.

The Chicco London Stroller has a lot of good things going for it, mainly allowing your child that bit more freedom while holding them securely and comfortably in place. However, when we were putting it together some of the pictures in the manual weren't clear as to what part of the pushchair you are looking at, so there was an element of guess work in the beginning.

The stroller itself is quite light, and easy to collapse and open out with more than enough space underneath to fit all those essentials (i.e. food bag and even a collapsed scuttle bug). But, it does tend to feel a bit wobbly when lifting up kerbs etc.

It's slightly bigger than other strollers we have had and is ideally suited to our 2.5 year old as the straps and frame are a little longer/wider/bigger than normal (he especially likes to turn round and look at you when he's in it).

They must have thought about this, as the hood fixes really securely to the sides of the pushchair unlike some other popular brands, and as such they are toddler friendly if they start to pull at and play with it.

However, the rain cover doesn't protect the pushchair very well especially if you have the cosy toes on too - on one occasion we had to use the rain cover from the other pram we have as the bottom of the cosy toes was getting soaked from the rain.

The downside with the cosy toes is the toddler has to have their feet facing downwards and has little room to have them 'flat'. It is also secured in place by Velcro at the top which can be a problem if you have a child in a particularly 'wiggly' mood.

That said the cosy toes is lovely and warm and thick, as well as being wide enough to fit a toddler, and comes up higher than normal as well (this is excellent as it helps to keep the wind out). Plus, you can use the seat part of the cosy toes to make the pushchair more comfortable, or in the summer months you can easily remove it and sit the child directly in the pushchair.

Overall we think it's an excellent product and a great idea if your child is edging towards toddlerhood and wants to move a little bit more while out and about.

The Chicco London Stroller retails at approx £75.

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