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On test: Baby sleeping bags

The best of the best - discover our favourite baby sleeping bags
Baby sleeping bags have been used on the continent for years and are now becoming big new in the UK and for a good reason...
  • They create a safe sleep environment by removing the risk of baby getting tangled in sheets or blankets
  • They help baby to feel secure by creating a familiar environment whether changing from a Moses basket to a cot or going away on holiday
  • They keep baby at a comfortable temperature without the risk of kicking off the covers
  • They can be used all year round by simply adjusting the amount of clothing your baby wears underneath
  • They allow for easy settling, nighttime comforting or feeding as you can pick baby up or lay them in their cot without disturbing them - once baby gets used to their sleeping bags, simply being put in the bag becomes a signal for sleep and can help them to drop off easier
  • They help prevent adventurous babies from climbing out of their cots and from getting caught in cot bars
Our tip;- Its definitely worth investing in two baby sleeping bags, as with anything baby related it is always best to have a spare to hand.

The Review -
  • Our Overall Favourite -
  • Grobag's Bright Stripe Baby Sleeping Bag
  • Design - Designed for use both at home and while your out and about, the Grobag bright stripe is specially designed to fit a 5-point harness. All bags come complete with a 2-way front zip and a velcro fastening back vent to make sitting in a pushchair or car seat safe and comfortable for little ones.
  • Sizes - Suitable for babies over 7lbs and comes in 3 sizes; 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months.
  • Comfort - It's made with super soft cotton both inside and out, so it feels incredibly cosy next to your baby's skin. It's also fitted with a chin guard to prevent your little ones delicate skin from zip irritation. The 2.5 Tog bag is suitable for use in all but the hottest months where the 1 or 0.5 Tog bags may be more suitable.
  • Ease of use - The two way zip and back vent make this bag really versatile so that baby can be laid down for a nap without disturbance. Additionally, as the direction of the zip is flexible it's easy to manoeuvre baby into and out of the bag and to change nappies.
  • Ease of cleaning - This Grobag can be washed at 40 deg and tumble dried on a low heat. As the 0.5 and 1 Tog bags are made of 100% cotton and the 2.5 Tog has a lightweight polyester filling so all bags dry quickly.
  • Value for money - Costing between £24.49 and £28.49 (depending on size) these durable bags represent real value for money.
Why we loved it - Put simply, Grobags understand the a parents needs; not only has this bag been designed to be really practical, its also FSID (The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) approved and comes with a free thermometer to help you workout which clothing/sleeping bag combination you should use to prevent your bay from overheating. On top of this its reasonably priced, stands up well to wear and tear and to top it off has a really funky design! A clear winner in our eyes.

Available from -

  • Our Organic Favourite -
  • Grembo Organics' Terry Cloth GremboBag
  • Design - Made with a stretch terry outer and a soft flannel inner this bag is not only gorgeously soft and comfortable for baby but is made from organic cotton that is free from pesticides, using environmentally friendly processing methods.
  • Sizes - Grembo Organics offer 4 sizes of bag; XS (0-4 months) - this bag is suitable for babies over 6lbs, S (2-6 months), M (6-18 months) and L (18-30 months)
  • Comfort - This particular GremboBag is 0.75 Togs and intended for spring and autumn use, however with the British climate it should be ok to use through most of the year providing you adjust your baby's clothing accordingly. Zips and seams are embedded so they don't irritate your baby's skin.
  • Ease of use - Bags are fitted with a 'reverse placed zipper' that makes it easy for you to get in, but difficult for baby to get out unaided.
  • Ease of cleaning - Grembo recommend washing their bags using baking soda or earth-friendly laundry products and drying them on a low heat.
  • Value for money - Despite the trend for Organic products to be more expensive than their less environmentally friendly counterparts, GremboBags only cost £29.00 each, regardless of size. This is especially good when buying the larger sized bags as they span a bigger age range.
Why we loved it -For anyone with an ecological conscience, this is the bag for you. It provides all of the comfort and safety features your baby needs whilst being completely environmentally friendly and reasonably priced - what a fabulous combination.

Available from -

  • Our Themed Favourite -
  • Winnie The Pooh Classic Sleeping Bag
  • Design - The cute Winnie the Pooh design and unusual cross-over front makes this sleeping bag adorable for both little girls and boys. Unlike many 'branded' products the simple cream and coffee design of this sleeping bag is far from being gaudy and the Winnie the Pooh and Piglet logo adds a really cute touch.
  • Sizes - Suitable for babies over 7lb 7oz and available in 3 sizes; 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months.
  • Comfort - Made of 100% cotton with a polyester filling this sleeping bag is soft against your baby's skin and breathable to help prevent overheating. At 2.5 Togs this sleeping bag will help keep your baby at a comfortable temperature all year around.
  • Ease of use - All sizes of this sleeping bag fasten using shoulder poppers and a side zip making it incredibly quick and easy to fold the sleeping bag open and slip baby in.
  • Ease of cleaning - The Winnie the Pooh bags can be machine washed at 40deg and should be tumble-dried on a cool setting to keep the filling nice and fluffy.
  • Value for money - Prices range from £27.99 to £31.99 depending on sleeping bag size.
Why we loved it -The soft cotton and the cute design really helps to make 'cuddling a cosy thing' in this sleeping bag. Matching cot linen and other nursery accessories are also available so that you can coordinate your baby's sleeping bag with the rest of their nursery to make it a space to enjoy for years to come.

Available from -

  • Our Classic Favourite -
  • Bonne Nuit Versailles Sleeping Bag
  • Design - The design of each Bonne Nuit sleeping bag truly reflects the companies French heritage with the Versailles check bag begin particularly stylish. Beautifully made in soft checked cotton, this bag is available in a choice of 3 colours (blue, pink and yellow) and has gorgeous detailing that finishes off its clean, classic look perfectly.
  • Sizes - Available in 2 sizes; 0-6 months and 6-24 months.
  • Comfort - Bonne nuit make all of their sleeping bags from really soft, Oeko-Tex approved cotton which means that as well as being really comfortable against your baby's skin, its also completely free from harmful substances. Additionally, this sleeping bag is made with a wide bottom so that baby has plenty of freedom to wiggle their legs around without feeling restricted.
  • Ease of use - The side zip and shoulder poppers combination makes it really easy to manoeuvre even small babies into and out of this sleeping bag and at 2.5 Togs this bag can be used throughout the year.
  • Ease of cleaning - Machine washable - but remember to wash this bag with similar colours to keep it looking fresh. At 2.5 Togs this bag does have a polyester filling but this dries very quickly.
  • Value for money - While it looks expensive, at only £31.99 (regardless of size) the Bonne Nuit Versailles bag is surprisingly affordable.
Why we loved it - Bonne nuits focus on quality, detail and stylish design means that this sleeping bag is really the ultimate practical classic.

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Where would we be without sleeping bags? Our little chappie has been in one since he was weany and just loves them. So snug. The ones for a 5 point harness with Velcro are great when transferring from car to cot after a long journey. A must have.
by mumofjohn 2nd Nov 2009, 10:32am
The Ikea one is only £9, is comfy, easy to wash, has the zip away from the baby's face, and has a funny monkey design on the front. Just as good as all the others, at a third of the price!
by lindsayg 2nd Nov 2009, 10:32am
I've been using grow bags since my son was 3 weeks old he knows that when he's put in it is is time to sleep. I wouldn't use anything else
by LisaD28 7th Sep 2009, 11:47am
my daughter had loads of sleeping bags which for myself were great as they were the only way to keep her feet/legs wrapped up as she hated anything on her bottom half so for me personaly are a must av
by mummy101108 29th Apr 2009, 10:04am
ive heard that they are very usefull and help baby sleep. i saw them in primark recently for only £6 so im deffo gonna give them ago =]
by tiffy16 19th Mar 2009, 9:34am
hi jen, as it is still quite cold at the moment it will be ok to dress your baby in the vest and baby grow as you will not need a blanket with the sleeping bag, in the summer months you dress them in the summer baby grows which have short sleeves and legs so your baby wont get too hot, if you think your baby is too hot feel inside their baby cloths on the back or chest thats the best place to check never go by temperature of hands or head, if you want you could always have a baby thermometer at the ready and get a room temperature thermometer i got a good one from perfectly happy baby for £3.99 it was winnie the poo and well worth getting :-)
by sylvi 30th Jan 2009, 9:01am
Hi, my daughter is 10 weeks old and i put her to sleep with a sheet and blanket at the moment but i want to change to sleeping bags. I am worried/confused though over what clothing to put her in. I have 2.5 tog sleeping bags. Do i put her in her vest and then sleepsuit like i am at the moment with the blanket? Really worried that i will get it wrong. Any advise would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance, Jen.
by MummyDaly 16th Jan 2009, 9:43am
i find the sleeping bags great but i dont buy the grobag brand as they are expensive and also the neck is very small i got lovely one in world of wonder
by sp70 3rd Dec 2008, 8:02am
I have recently bought one of these, he does get a little mad with it as he cant kick it off. But it is a godsend he no longer wriggles as I found him near the bars of the cot that cant happen while wearing one of these. I would recommend them.
by cj2501 20th Aug 2008, 8:54am
We have used these grobags for all 3 of our children, they are a godsend, and I ould recommend them to everyone.
by bolge 7th Aug 2008, 8:54am
I previously used the grobags but found that my boy would get tangled up within them. Also the winter one is not so warm. I then dicovered the ergopouch sleeping bag, which is ergonomically designed not to twist around the baby and its made from Alpaca fibre which is so warm but also breathes so he cant overheat. They are really well made, it will last for all your kids down the track. I highly reccommend.
by alina1000 4th Aug 2008, 9:13am
i used these with my daughter and they where fab not only do they stop blankets going over heads it also stops blankets getting kicked off and baby waking up chilly .. my daughter slept fantastic in hers till she was a year old then she was just to big .. i recommend :)
by zoesee2008 24th Jun 2008, 8:44am
We have used baby sleeping bags for all 3 of our children. As any parent knows babies will move around a cot and with a sleeping bag there is no worry of them disappearing under blankets, just for that peace of mind they are worth it.
by Cindy123 31st Mar 2008, 8:20am
I saw these in Mothercare for the first time on Saturday and immediatley decided that I would be using them. I will be asking my friends why they don't use them too!
by carrinna 15th Feb 2008, 9:22am