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Review: Alma Win all purpose washing cream

Does this eco 'do it all' cream really live up to its promises? We find out.
The Review: Hannah & Andre tested Alma Win's All Purpose Washing Cream.

Alma Win's eco friendly All Purpose Washing Cream is a deluxe moisturising cream for the laundry, dishes, home, car & more

Alma Win make some pretty bold claims when it comes to their All Purpose Washing Cream and I was intrigued to find out whether this 'one bottle for everything' household cleaner would work as well as the products I usually use.

I used it as a laundry liquid, a floor cleaner, a surface cleaner in the kitchen and bathroom, and was impressed that it did a good job all round.

It has a nice fragrance, gives a thorough clean (even sorting very dirty clothes and mucky floors!) and doesn't leave any kind of slippery residue at all.

Allergies and skin sensitivity are issues in my household and I have to be really careful which products I use, so the fact that the Alma Win cream is dermatalogically tested and free of chemical nasties was really reassuring. Suffice to say it didn't cause any kind of reaction which was a big bonus!

Being able to use one cleaner for everything is a real novelty and it would certainly cut down the clutter in my kitchen cupboards.

The price is more than I would usually expect to pay for a household cleaning product (even an organic one) but a little does go a really long way so I would definitely be tempted to get it again.

Alma Win’s Organic All Purpose washing Cream is available online at at £7.50 for 750ml. It is not tested on animals, is 100% natural and biodegradable, is ethically produced and is suitable for vegans.

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