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Advice on baby toy rattles and other noise making devices plus the opportunity to purchase a range of baby rattles including silver, wooden and wrist varieties.
Rattles are the perfect toy to entertain your baby whilst simultaneously stimulating their development. They come in a huge variety of colours, shapes, sizes and textures and can be picked up incredibly cheaply.

Brightly coloured wrist rattles are fantastic for newborns as although babies are born with a grasp reflex they are unable to control this until they reach several months of age. Wrist rattles help to stimulate your baby's visual development, engage their attention and lay the foundation to help them learn about cause and effect. Wrist rattles should always be made of soft fabric to prevent your baby from injuring him or herself.

When your baby reaches several months of age, they begin to control their grasp reflex and are consciously able to hold and shake the rattle. By playing with rattles, babies develop their attention span, hand eye coordination, manual dexterity and begin to understand that the rattle makes noise when they shake it.

For older babies, rattles with bells, beads or clackers can be fun - check that there are no loose or breakable parts as babies often like to chew or suck rattles as another way of exploring their toy. Again, look for softer rattles as these will also stimulate your baby's sense of touch.

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