Raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy - we dispel the myths and explain how it should actually be used in preparation for labour
Its commonly believed that drinking raspberry leaf tea or taking raspberry leaf tablets will help to induce labour and as such this supplement is taken by many a pregnant woman keen to speed up their baby's arrival into the world. Unfortunately this is a misconception; raspberry leaf tea doesn't actually help to bring on labour at all. Having said this it is thought to have many other benefits for the birthing process and has been used as a labour-aid for hundreds of years.

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The benefits

Raspberry leaf tea is nutrient rich and contains many of the vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy pregnancy including vitamins A, C, E and B, magnesium, calcium and iron. Consuming raspberry leaf tea not only helps mother and baby to get all the nutrients they need but can also help to replenish a new mothers stores after the birth.

Raspberry leaf tea also contains the alkaloid 'fragine' which is said to strengthen and tone the muscles of the uterus, helping them to contract more efficiently during labour. Research has found that taking raspberry leaf during the weeks prior to delivery helps to shorten the second stage of labour by making contractions more effective. Some studies have also found that it reduces the need for an assisted delivery (i.e. an emergency cesarean or use of forceps or ventouse).

Sipping raspberry leaf tea during and after the birth is also said to help the uterus contract back down to size, reduce after birth bleeding and help initiate the let down of breastmilk.

While there hasn't been a huge amount of research into this area, the general consensus does seem to be that drinking raspberry leaf tea during the latter stages of pregnancy can help to make for a 'better' labour with few side effects.

How to take raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf tea can be taken in tea bag, loose leaf, tablet or tincture form and is available from most herbalists and health food stores.

It is advisable to wait until the 32nd week of pregnancy before trying raspberry leaf tea as there is a concern that consumption before this time in the more fragile, earlier stages of pregnancy could lead to problems. Once you have reached the 32nd week of your pregnancy you could begin with one cup of raspberry leaf tea a day and gradually increase up to 4 cups or tables a day (although this may vary in accordance with the strength of the blend and the manufacturers instructions).

While there is no guarantee that raspberry leaf tea will help speed up the labour process, if you like the taste it might just be worth a try.

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i started taking this at 35 weeks lets hope it works :)
by yummymummytoevan 20th Jun 2013, 3:32pm
I used raspberry leaf tea with all my pregnancies. First started drinking around 34 weeks, baby was over due by a week, weighing 8.3. Labour lasted from friday eve till sunday eve. But.... very managable, used a hand held fan to deal with pain until the last 2 hours and went on to gas and air. 15 mins pushing and a tiny tear, good recovery. Second baby, 12 hours, again fan till gas and air last 2 hours. The baby came out but i didnt push, lol. No tear at all, born a day before due date and again good recovery. Baby weighed 7.11. Pregnant again, started on the tea at 32 weeks only the odd one every few days, 34 weeks now one a day will have two cups at 36 weeks, 3 at 38. But not religously at all. Really, i cant work out if its just my labours that have longish 1st stage labour and quick last stage or if its the raspberry leaf tea? tip for a long labour is chamomile tea, definately kept me chilled with my first. Personally a slow progress and quick ending is perfect for me. I felt I was in control, but keep on moving, gravity is probably more benefit than the tea when it comes to the birth. The tea is great for preperation and recovery. Hope this helps xxx
by sambarr 20th Jun 2013, 3:20pm
I had a 48 hour and 49 hour labour with my 1st 2 children with my 3rd I used raspberry leaf tea capsuals and had a 2hr labour, it was much easier, the pain was less, and and I was up and about straiht away after. It was alot less painful and alot quicker, and delivery was easy. I didnt tear. I am now 30 weeks pregnant, and started taking raspberry leaf tea capsuals at 28 weeks. I notice the advice is taking it later on, but it takes quite a few weeks to get into the system to be effective. I notice that in some Countries they take all through the pregnancy, as it helps to prevent misscarrage. I personally think starting at 28 weeks, gives it enough time to work properly. It deffinateley worked well for me. All mums I know that started taking it at 37 weeks did not find it effective, but those that started between 28 weeks and 32 weeks found it effective, and had very quick labours with no complications, and felt better in themselves afterwards. I will post how this labour is once I give birth. With my 3rd child I was 4 days late, so in my experence it does not effect the time you would go into labour anyway. My first child was 3 weeks early and 2nd 2 weeks late. Also my utrus went back alot quicker and was less painful. I had less blood loss as well after. We are all different, but all the goodness in the tea must be good for us, and the baby
by 07782131 20th Jun 2013, 3:10pm
I drank alot of this with my second, from a little later than 32 weeks but i really feel it got things going! I had horrendous braxton hicks for 4 weeks then went into labour a week early! had a fantastic labour -i will be starting the tea again in 3 weeks!
by heymonkey 19th Dec 2011, 4:39pm
did raspberry leaf tea work with anybody??
by hayleybabz 21st Nov 2011, 9:47am
I drank the RLT through the later stages of my first pregnancy and although I had two days of non-established labour by the time I was in established labour and got to hospital I was 9 cm. The labour and birth went quick and smoothly with nothing but a little gas and air. I didn't like the taste of the tea at all so really struggled to drink as much as is advised but now that I am pregnant with my second I will be buying the capsules as I really do think it helped. I'm just worried I'm 37+3 and should have started earlier. Fingers crossed it will still help. Good luck to all those expectant mothers
by Mandy02 17th Oct 2011, 8:59am
Hello everyone.I drank RLT with my first child. Although I had to be induced the second stage of labour went very quickly. Was only in Labour for 6 hours. And went from 4cm to 9cm in one hour so def sped that up. Now pregnant with 2nd child and im 33 weeks 5 days going to start drinking it tonight i think.
Good luck to everyone.
by karlieann 6th Jul 2011, 9:06am
I drank raspberry leaf tea during my first pregnancy and despite the midwives being worried about me having a normal delivery because of Violet's size I delivered with no assistance necessary and my labour was only 5 hours from start to finish, I am pregnant again and am definitely going to drink it again, and would highly recommend it
by crazyleanne 11th Apr 2011, 9:50am
Raspberry tea is very healthy for baby and mom! Plus it is very good, I drink it even when I'm not pregnant! I'm 35wks and just started drinking it at 31 wks again. I don't drink it every day nor do I drink it for a "fast" labor, just to increases vitamins and for enjoyment, perhaps I will increase the amount I'm drinking for extra nutrition as I get closer to my due date!). - I realize that fifi0702 already gave birth however, if anyone has a similar problem pelvic rocking is known to help a baby turn around on its own. Also try lying with your hips elevated for 20 min. at a time about three times a day.
by DustinandNikii 11th Apr 2011, 9:49am
I drank raspberry tea before my first child and i would recommend it to anybody.
It definitely helped me, i had a normal labour and delivery and would definitely drink the tea again.
by vict00000 25th Mar 2011, 2:17pm
I am 34 +4 weeks pregnant with my 4th, i used Rlt with my last one and wasn't really sure if it helped or not, although once the contractions got going they were extremely intense and my uterus went down nicely afterwards. I've started taking rlt again since i was 32 weeks as i think it cant do any harm, and i love the taste. The only problem i have at the moment is little one is breech! My second was breech and i had him naturally but then he was 5 weeks early so we'll just have to wait and see what happens this time. Good luck to everyone else on here giving it a go..
by fifi0702 17th Feb 2011, 9:00am
i am 30 weeks pregnant and i just started drinking the tea...because my doctor said it was okay...do u think anything will happen to me or my baby????
by RiniyahMom 26th Nov 2010, 5:13pm
32 weeks with one a cup a day
2 cups from 34 weeks
3 from 36
and 4 from 38.
by Kalcide 6th Sep 2010, 10:09am
To female trucker and any mums in same situation as myself , my 5th baby due on 16th oct , my eldest is 20 too be nice to actually chat to someone in the same situation as myself with big age gaps ,i have 3 girls 20, 14, 15 months , 1 boy 15 and due for a baby boy next , my 20 yearold is expecting my first granchild 11th november three weeks after myself and am very excited be nice to chat to others in same situation
by becci73 2nd Sep 2010, 10:55am
I have been drinking RLT from 34 weeks and am now 37 weeks, ive been drinking 2 cups a day but does anyone no how many i should be drinking
by cmorton 18th Aug 2010, 3:50pm
I drank RLF in the last few weeks of my last pregnancy and I had very strong contractions and a relatively short labour (4 hours)..will be definatley starting to drink it again soon, now i'm in my 32nd week.
by whinnie 12th Aug 2010, 10:06am
im pregnant with my 5th child im 35 wks pregnant and want to try RLT shoyld i give it a go?
im a little worried as my last baby was 30 mins start to finish but i need to try all i can as im really worried this time round.
by shelene 12th Aug 2010, 10:05am
i just started taking RLT i dunno if this is effective to me today is actually my due date im already 40 weeks very tired..do you thing Rlt will help me?
by bimtot 21st May 2010, 3:58pm
I've been drinking Birt & Tang's Raspberry Leaf tea and I have to say it is fantastic. It is def worth a try!!
by Sarah10000 21st May 2010, 3:57pm
has RLT ever been known to start labour?
by narkynix 14th May 2010, 5:36pm
i am 35 weeks gone this is my 4th baby i have 3 girls 23, 9, 4 and im having a boy at last i drank rlt with my last baby and i never even made it out of the house 20 mins and my princess was here my oldest at the time was 19 and she delivered her! so iv started to drink it again people say its all in the mind but hey 20 mins from start to finish THERES UR PROOF good luck everyone and have safe and healthy happy babys
by femaletrucker 14th May 2010, 4:58pm
I drank RLT for a week starting at 38wks of my first pregnancy. I drank 4 cups a day, by the end of the first day baby had dropped and engaged. My heart burn had gone and I was a little afeared with the quick change in me. I stopped after a week and went into labour 2 days early. I did not know I was in labour just woke up a little different a 6am by 10am I went to local hospital as I had had very bad trotts. When I got there at 10:15am I was monitored for 15 mins then told I was 3.5cm dialated and my contractions were 4 mins apart. What a shock I didn't even know, we had to drive 45mins to actual hospital I was booked into. They offered me an ambulance but we said "no It's my first it will take ages". Well we arrived at 11:15am and my daughter was born at 12:52pm. Pushing lasted about 20mins and I used the gas for 5 contractions till I started pushing. I was expecting the labour to be really painful but found it quite bareable. I believe the RLT had a lot to do with it, unless it was just my mind thinking the tea was making it so good. My uterus sprung back to normal very quick aswell. I am 37 weeks now and have started today, as this baby is bigger than the last. It's worth giving it a go, even if it only helps you with heart burn.
by lillianthe2nd 14th May 2010, 4:49pm
I drank raspberry leaf tea as soon as my midwife said that it was ok to 14/jan/10 and started having irregular contractions that night ;) I continued to drink it until my waters broke on the 18th (my waters broke after having a cup) and my daughter was born on the 18th also. I was in established labour for 2 hours total and had a very uncomplicated delivery - I would recommend rlt to anyone. Ps I had 2 teabags per cup x I loved the stuff
by raegansmummy 14th May 2010, 4:30pm
I don't like herbal teas, but when I was pregnant I found a high street herbalist / health product shop that does RLT in tablets. I took 4 a day from 34 weeks and my daughter arrived at 41 weeks in 3 hours. I am sure the RLT strengthened my contractions because from the start they were lasting 2 minutes or more. But when your labour is only 3 hours long you don't mind some fast and furious contractions. I'm now pregnant again and will definitely take RLT again, I only hope I get to hospital in time because it's a 40 minute journey.
by Joeylouy 14th May 2010, 4:29pm
I drank raspberry leaf tea at de end of each of my 2 pregnancies and definitley think it helped me hav quick deliveries. My first baby came in 3 hrs from start to finish and my second came in just 40 mins,start to finish.Im currently 34 wks pregnant wit my third and hav just bought a box.Cant wait to start drinkin it. I found it refreshing to drink. I just added a little sugar to sweeten it a bit.
by nonstopmom 1st Feb 2010, 9:19am
although i don't believe raspberry leaf tea induces labor i do believe it makes for an easier one(labor)
I took it from 32 wks with both my pregnancies and had quite short straight forward labors and deliveries both times! 6hrs for the first 2hrs for the second!I also believes it reduces the need of stitches.....i got none both times!!
by jennybean25 1st Feb 2010, 9:18am
I've heard a lot about Rasberry tea, and I asked my doctor before i started to drink it and she said its fine and it might help during labor.Im 33 weeks pregnant now I started drinking rasberry tea last week but i drink 2 cups a day, but when i enter my 34th week of pregnancy im going to start drinking 3 cups.I hope its gonna help during labor.This is my first pregnancy. hope it helps and my labor will be easy.
by MyAngelMariam 21st Jan 2010, 9:20am
Brilliant stuff i started drinking this with my daughter when i was 34 weeks pregnant up until the day i went into labour i was 3 days overdue tho...it definatly helped me i had a 2 hour labour and 25 min pushing stage and i will definatly use it again great stuff and it tastes lovely too ... xx
by mummy2lilyxx 5th Jan 2010, 3:51pm
its great stuff! also if you can face anymore tea (and rlt doesn't make labour so fast you don't have time), dandelion tea during labour seems to help prevent jaundice in the bub.
by lizzyfish 19th Oct 2009, 10:37am
will it be ok if a have rlt that 34 week pregnant
by babyloveshy 19th Oct 2009, 10:34am
i used rlt with my last baby she was a home birth and only took 1hr 34 mins to arrive im now 33 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby and have started drinking it again i hope it works just as well as last time x
by mumofffourandahalf 28th Sep 2009, 9:35am
I used RLT in my last pregnancy from about 32 weeks. I actually found it quite a refreshing drink so that helped. I drank at least two but sometimes more cups a day. My pregnancy went to 42 weeks but when I did go into labour it was fast!! 2 hours from first contraction to holding my gorgeous daughter! The contractions were really intense and powerful and I swear by this stuff! Also my midwife commented on how quickly my uterus contracted back and was quite surprised. I am 31 weeks pregnancy again so will be starting this again in the next week x
by nettyt 26th Aug 2009, 11:16am
I'm 34 weeks + 2 and would like to start using raspberry leaf tea. Can anyone tell me should I drink tea and take tablets and if so, in what quantities?
by lottchar 24th Aug 2009, 9:21am
by LaurenLathem 28th Jul 2009, 1:20pm
i drank the tea and took the tablets in my 1st pregnancy and in the 3rd trimester, i was 2 weeks early i was in labour 4-5 hours i didnt tear either....at 10.30pm i was 2cm dialated by 2.30am i was fully dialated and she was born at 2.45am. i believe the tea has something to do with it and i will definantly be taking it for my next child, i cant wait, bring on the contractions hehe...
by Jasper3 24th Jun 2009, 9:57am
I drank i tea from 36weeks with my first in total my labour was at maximum 1hr 40 mins, (40 mins from when i arived at hospital). I'm now pregnant again and can't wait to see if it has the same effect!
by becca5001 15th Jun 2009, 9:35am
I drank rlt wit my first baby and my labour was only 4 hrs. Im now 33wks gone wit my second baby and hopin it goes faster
by momamia 28th May 2009, 9:22am
I'm 38 weeks and a few days, I've started raspberry tea this week. That, spicy foods, pineapple, and sex though could do better in that area! For the first few days I had two cups, but I'm motoring on up to four now. We'll see, hey?
by bellebird 26th May 2009, 12:43pm
I just bought some rasberry leaf tea and I'm hoping that it works cause I am due, 2 cm and paper thinned out.
by vanessakidd 8th May 2009, 9:55am
with my first baby at 39 weeks, i drank 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea from getting up to about 1 pm (this was the first day ide tried it) and went into labour at 2pm and gave birth to a 8lb 1oz baby at 8.43pm. so was all very very quick for me. dont know if it was the tablets but i felt they helped. with my second it didnt really help but i found out my baby was breech which i like to think is why, tho my uterus went down well again.
ive just bought some raspberry leaf tabs and starting them today, im 35 + 1, so fingers crossed have a speedy labour again (tho hope she waits a few more weeks!)
Good Luck to you all!! xx
by Tammy1986 27th Apr 2009, 9:38am
my 1st pregnancy i was in labour for 4-5 hrs withought taking RLT .
With my 2nd I started RLT at 35weeks,my waters broke at 36+4days. I was induced but found the labour less painfull and quick at 3 hours .
I dont honestly know if the RLT had any contribution to me going early,maybe i was going to go early anyway?? . I do beleave it makes labour less painfull tho.
Im 31weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and have just orderd rasberry leaf in tablet form to try from 32weeks ,fingers crossed i have a quick and as painless as possible 3rd birth :)
by sarahmaleria 27th Apr 2009, 9:38am
i took rlt and tablets during my second pregnancy and i was only in labour for 2 hours, i am 32 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy and have just bought rlt and tablets from my local health store could somebody please remind me how many tablets and rlt a day to take? thank you.
by babylins 6th Mar 2009, 9:13am
castor oil is another one and pinapple i know past experience if your daring enough it not dangerous but you can tell you had it. think am gonna try that rasberry one this time
by rhyanne 17th Feb 2009, 9:51am
i had raspberry leaf tea with my second and was in labour for 1 hour start to finish it was great will def be having it this time.
by karen77 27th Jan 2009, 9:15am
I drank the tea from 32 weeks and took 2 tables a day from 36 weeks. I think they definitely speeded up the second stage which only lasted for 25 minutes. My baby was also born 2.5 hours after I was first seen at the hospital when I was 8cm dilated. I ended up having a waterbirth, and the midwife said that normally the water slows down contractions but mine speeded up as soon as I got in the pool. This was my first baby so I don't have anything to compare my experience to, but if I do it again I will certainly be buying some RLT!
by BabyFoz 16th Jan 2009, 9:44am
I took 2 tablets a day from 32wks of my 3rd pregnancy & even though I was 16 days overdue & had to be induced (i was already in labour but couldn't feel the pain) it was a quick labour (4hrs) iI dilated really quickly & i only had to use gas & air for the last couple of hours. I really do believe the raspberry leaf tablets helped as my pain threshhold is usually not very high! I'm currently pregnant with my 4th baby & will definately be taking the tablets again in a wk or so.
by Esk 8th Jan 2009, 5:42pm
I took raspberry leaf tablets for my first pregnancy and now I am having my 2nd baby due on the 14th March, will definitely take respberry leaf tablets again. Although I suffered 3 days of contractions prior to delivery..the 2nd second stage of labour seemed to fly by within a matter of hours, I gave birth without assistance and recovered well after. I cannot guarantee that everyone will find it makes a difference but for the sake of taking a harmless supplement for a few weeks prior to your due date..it can't hurt and it might help.
by AlexE28 8th Jan 2009, 9:39am
I took RLT for the last few weeks of my first pregnancy. My girl was 4 days late (happy with that), I had a 36 hour labour and forceps delivery! Four weeks to go and I've just started again. I like the taste so whats the harm!
by SpoiltDiva 5th Jan 2009, 9:29am
I took RLT from about 36 weeks and think it helped me with my labour. My daughter was 11 days late but the birth was fine, and it all started naturally. I was 10cms in about 5 hours and in est labour for 4.5hrs . A few pepole had commented to me on the taste of RLT but I loved it, I thought it tasted like warm blackcurrent juice. At only £1.20 for a box it's definiately worth a try.....
by JanieS 5th Jan 2009, 9:29am
Holland and Barrett sell it - £2 for 20 tea bags
by besacjo 15th Dec 2008, 8:56am
where can i get raspberry leaf tea?
by lisamarney 8th Dec 2008, 8:35am
I took raspberry leaf tea with my first pregnancy. I was 2 weeks over due and had to be induced but it only took one lot of the gel to get me started and within 6 hours my son was born. I would like to believe it was the raspberry leaf tea help with a quick and reletivley easy labour. I am now pregnant again and will be using it again. Just hoping I dont have to be induced this time!
by gvp1977 28th Nov 2008, 8:59am
I took raspberry leaf tea with my first baby and had my baby five weeks early , i was wondering wheather it had anything to do with me having the tea. My labour lasted 3hrs which was good for first baby, Im pregnant again at 34 weeks but im to scared to take raspberry tea just in case i have another early labour.
by browneyes2 27th Nov 2008, 9:37am
I had a long stop start labour with my first which was knackering and not great for me or baby. I needed my waters breaking on that one and my second to encourage contractions along. So when it came to my 3rd on discovering the possible benefits of raspberry leaf tea I gave it a go. Drinking up to 4 cups / day in the last 4-5 weeks. I was still overdue but went into labour on my own at home. The 1st contractions started at 10.30pm and I was in the late stages by midnight, which was when the midwife was called! (I kept thinking the contrcations would stop and it would be a false alarm!) Midwife only just made it in time. On examining me she found I was 10cm, much to her amazement! I am quite calm in labour, something which is far easier to maintain when the labour is fast. She went to call for a second midwife, but baby came before she finished the call, at 12.50am.

I'm on my fourth now and am 37 weeks. I have already been drinking the RLT, so hoping it will be as effective as the last time. I felt it made labour much more efficient, and I was able to be in control much more. There's nothing worse than being shattered before you get to the pushing stage. The tea is worth a go once you have exceeded 32-35 weeks, as there's nothing to lose. Good luck everyone..
by rao 9th May 2008, 8:35am
I took raspberry leaf tablets in all of my pregnancies. 1st labour was four and a half hours 8lb2oz baby.
2nd labour was 25mins, the midwife only just caught her at the end of the bed! 7lb8oz baby.
I was induced 2 wks early with no 3 so they could manage my labour as others had been so quick. Once labour was established, around 5hrs, however I went from 5cms to fully dialated in about 6 mins at the end and pushed out another 8lb2oz baby in about 8 mins.
Pregnant again, will be taking the raspberry leaf tablets again. I feel they make the contractions work well on the uterus. Yes, they hurt a bit, but they're effective. The rasperry leaf tablets get my vote of confidence.
by Pinkmummy711 6th May 2008, 8:47am
im 36 weeks pregnant and was an assistant manager in a health food shop, iv been taking rasberry leaf tea for the last 2 weeks 1-2 cups a day as an experiment to see if it works . ill let to know in a phew weeks !!!!!
by Amyjennifer 31st Mar 2008, 8:21am