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Useful information on puzzles and other educational toys to help your child learn about the world.
Puzzles are fantastic toys for your child to play with as they help to develop spatial awareness and concentration as well as fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Playing with puzzles can also be really good for building your little one's confidence as completing a puzzle gives a real sense of achievement.

While puzzles in the traditional multi-piece picture-making sense aren't really suitable for children until they are approximately 36 months old (simply because younger infants don't possess the necessary cognitive skills) there are a range of puzzle toys available that can be really entertaining and educational for younger children.

Puzzle toys such as shape sorters, stacking rings, soft blocks and simple, chunky, one or two piece puzzles tend to be suitable for infants over 12 months of age and help to develop the problem solving abilities that lay the foundation for development of more advanced skills.

When choosing puzzle toys for your infant it is important to check that the age range suitability stated on the packaging matches the age of your child. You should also check that there are no small parts that could be swallowed. By taking basic safety precautions and completing them with your child puzzle toys can provide a great way for your little one to learn about the world.

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