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Pushchair safety

Advice on keeping your baby safe when travelling in a pram, pushchair, stroller or travel system.
There are some basic safety principles you must use when transporting your baby in a pram, pushchair or travel system. If you start off with good safety practices as soon as your baby is born, they will soon become automatic and you won't even think about making these basic checks each time.

When purchasing a pram, pushchair or travel system you should ensure that it has a sturdy enough base to prevent tipping or rocking as your child moves around. You should also check that high quality breaks are fitted and that a shelf or attachment designed to carry changing bags and shopping is provided.

It is always preferable to purchase a new pushchair or pram as you can be more confident that it will be of a high quality and fitted with the latest safety features. However, this is not always practical so when purchasing a second hand pram or pushchair there are several checks you should make. You should check that the breaks are in good working order, that the locking mechanisms on the chassis itself are working properly and that a 5 point harness or D rings (to attach a harness to) are fitted. You should also check that it is in a good overall condition with no sharp, broken or small removable parts that could harm your child.

It is not advisable to purchase a baby travel system second hand unless you can be sure of the history. This is because the reliability of the removable car seat can be severely effected if it was involved in even a minor collision.

When using your pram, pushchair or travel system it is essential that you get into the habit of applying the breaks each time you stop, even on flat surfaces. You should never leave your child unattended while in their pram or pushchair and it is important not to carry more children than the pram, pushchair or travel system is designed for as this may affect its reliability.

You should never leave the raincover fitted when your child is in direct sunlight and you should remove it as soon as you get indoors to avoid your baby overheating. You should check the safety locks on the chassis to prevent accidental folding each time you use the transport device and should keep baby out of the way when unfolding or collapsing the pram to avoid catching delicate fingers or bruising toes.

By observing these basic safety principles and securing baby with the harness provided, your pram, pushchair or travel system should be a safe, convenient and enjoyable way for you to transport your baby.

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