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Leaving hospital without your premature baby

Useful information on leaving your baby in NNICU and the practical and emotional difficulties involved.
There may come a point when you will go home but have to leave your baby in the NNICU. Mothers find this very hard to do and it takes courage. If there are older children you feel torn between leaving the new little one and being glad to be with the older ones. Feelings of guilt, however unfounded, are very common.

If you are breastfeeding you will still need to express milk for your baby to have when you are not there either by naso-gastric tube or in a tiny cup or by bottle. Discuss with the midwives what is best for your baby. Whether breast or bottle fed, the naso-gastric tube will not satisfy her growing need to suck, which needs to be encouraged. She will probably need to be able to suck all her feeds before she goes home and most mothers in this situation find themselves going backwards and forwards quite a lot between home and hospital. Watch you don't get too tired and accept all the help you can get.

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my son is 6days old and he is in nnu i am home now with my partner and daughter who is 2 this is THE most difficult time for me i am finding it hard being so far away from him my partner tries to comfort me and my daughter is full of fun but i just feel so torn that my baby is just laying in his incubator miles away in a hospital but i also felt this upset when i was in hospital because i missed my daughter terribly.

its a very hard and upsetting time for us all but the good thing is my boy taylor is doing very very well he's breathing on his own and is feeding every 2 hrs still through
hisfeeding tube.he was born at 32wks +3days and at birth weighed 4ldb 4oz
but i know we have been lucky that so far he's had no major problems.

still its not nice being seperated,my heart goes out to anyone with a prem baby its not easy.


Mummy to Katie 2yrs + Taylor 6days
by michelletaylor 25th Nov 2009, 9:14am
i left the hospital for the first time yeasterday and found it really hard. the hospital was miles away from home and with out transport could not get back to her in emergency but lucklily she got moved to a nearer hospital today !!!
by dingdongbell 22nd Jul 2009, 9:32am