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Breastfeeding your premature baby

Advice on breastfeeding your premature baby with information on expressing breastmilk in preperation for later feeding.
Midwives, nurses and doctors working in a NNICU are all committed to help you achieve breastfeeding if that is your goal. If your baby is unable to suck you will be encouraged to start expressing milk from your breasts as soon as possible to encourage a good milk supply. Then the milk can be kept in the fridge for 24 hours or in the freezer in tiny labelled containers or bags. This takes a lot of commitment but it's very worthwhile.

Breast milk is tailor-made for each baby and breastfeeding is something only you can give your baby.

When the time comes for putting your baby to the breast the midwives will help you with privacy, how to hold your baby and fix her on the breast. Do not be discouraged if your baby does not take much to begin with. Give your baby some expressed breastmilk via the naso-gastric tube, hold her and stroke her and tell her how clever she has been.

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My baby was born at week 24 day 5. She stayedin the hospital for 6 months and was discharged with feeding tube. She still can't finish drinking the entire bottle (100ml per feed)! She's cranky these few days bottling about 30-40 ml each time. The remaining has to be tube-fed still. Shes also recently stopped passing motion for few days and I had to insert suppository to assist her in passing out her stools.

Can anyone help????
by ahlee 12th Aug 2010, 8:51am
i had twins 10 week premature the 3 months now and i dont breastfeed but when they where in scbu i did one feed very well and the other struggled but i dint give up and i put him to the brast evey time i could and he got stronger and had more each time i recomend breastfeeding becouse and they thought 1 had Necrotizing Enterocolitis but because i was breastfeeding and they found it before it could of done any damge the Chance was low but if it is not want to do there is Donor breastmilk they can get but what ever route you take i would use breastmilk going of my experience
by rickiroo 14th May 2010, 3:53pm
My 4 week premature baby is now 3 weeks old! We are really getting the breastfeeding down. Sam114--the nurses at the hospital told me to get a soft cloth and wet it with tepid water, then rub his eyes with it. He will wake up quickly with this trick, but doesn't care if I change his diaper while he sleeps!
by Becki1979 14th Sep 2009, 10:23am
my baby is 5 days old but was 4 weeks prem, i am breastfeeding but am having trouble wakeing him for his feeds. it can take me up to an hour to wake him, but when he does wake he feeds well. can i have some tips on how to wake him please
by sam114 4th Sep 2009, 9:32am