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Pregnant women can be active women

Endurance sports have been recommended to expecting mothers as a way of keeping fit
Expectant mothers have been given some unexpected advice on how to build themselves up for giving birth – endurance sports.

Jogging, cycling and dancing are all recommended, with swimming apparently the best of the lot.

Marion Sulprizio, a sports psychologist, told Sky News: "Water is felt to be particularly pleasant because it buoys the body and takes weight off the joints.

"So in water you can really let loose."

Ramona Braganza, personal trainer to stars like Jessica Alba – who recently gave birth to a baby girl – has said that exercise is vital for soon-to-be mothers, even if it is just a small amount.

However, the German Midwives Association warned that if pregnant women are exercising they should have a large intake of water, rest often and wind down the exercises as they reach the end of their pregnancy.

There was other advice for women who want to keep up an active lifestyle while pregnant, this time regarding flying.

Katie Powers, a lactation consultant and perinatal educator in the USA, has said that women with an uncomplicated pregnancy should be able to fly in an aeroplane until their 36th week, although in flights over four hours this reduces to the 35th week.

But it is important to always check with a doctor first, and the rules are different for any women who have experienced complications.

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I go to weekly line dancing classes but am trying to conceive, once I am pregnant can I continue dancing and for how long into the pregnancy can I do this, I love dancing and don't want to give up until I really have too.
by AuntySammy 14th May 2009, 10:03am