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Travel insurance for pregnancy

Useful information on taking out a travel insurance policy during pregnancy plus advice on features to look for and precautions to take.
Many see pregnancy as the perfect time to indulge in a spot of relaxation before baby arrives. While there is no doubt that the 'r and r' you have the opportunity to indulge in on holiday will be good for you and your baby, you must also be aware that there are extra precautions you should take when travelling during pregnancy.

Travel insurance should be an integral part of any holiday you take whether or not you are expecting. However, while up until now you may have been able to buy travel insurance 'off the peg' without much consideration of the terms and conditions, being pregnant means that it is essential you read the small print.

Travel insurance companies see pregnant travellers as 'high risk', as there is an increased possibility that complications which require medical treatment, repatriation or cancellation of the holiday will arise.

Statistically, the 'safest' time to travel is in the second trimester and while medically the first trimester may be seen as carrying the highest risk of complications, for insurance purposes it is the third trimester that takes the focus. This is because after the 30th week of pregnancy the incidence of pre-term birth related complications increases significantly.

Many air companies allow you to travel up until your 36th week of pregnancy if you can provide a letter from your doctor confirming that you are fit to do so. This limit drops to roughly 28 weeks if you have experienced problems either with this, or with a previous pregnancy or if you are carrying multiples. The same risk level applies with standard travel insurance.

Many companies will not cover travellers beyond the 28th week of pregnancy regardless of their health and many list birth and other pregnancy related complications in their list of exclusions - for this reason it is vital that you check the small print.

A common restriction placed on travel insurance policies is that a pregnant women will not be covered unless she returns from the insured trip at least 8 weeks before her due date. This works out at roughly 32 weeks gestation so it is important that you work out your dates before you book your holiday.

You'll also need to think about the type of holiday you plan to take as you may struggle to find affordable cover for more adventurous excursions like trips to ski resorts for instance.

While you may not be covered for pregnancy related conditions by your travel insurance policy (especially if you are travelling towards the very end of your pregnancy), travel insurance is still important as it is likely to provide you with financial protection against cancellation, repatriation and loss of luggage, passports or money.

However, you should always check the small print prior to purchasing a policy to ensure that you are both aware and happy with the terms and conditions relating to the level of travel cover provided.

Travel tips
  • Before you book your holiday, work out how far your pregnancy will have progressed by your return date so that you can be sure that both flights and travel insurance will not be a problem.
  • Visit your doctor to find out which holiday destinations are likely to require vaccinations or malaria medications so that you can take this into account when booking.
  • Keep an eye on the pregnancy flight restrictions enforced by your chosen airline as these may change after you booked your flight.
  • Prior to departure book in for a check up with your doctor; while this will be necessary in the later stages of pregnancy so that you can obtain a letter of good health (or pre-travel health statement) to enable you to fly, this will also help to reassure you and enable any problems to be identified and treated before you travel.
  • Try and avoid foreign travel in the latter half of the third trimester as the risk of complications increases and not only are you unlikely to be covered by your insurance, but the standard of medical care available at your destination may not be adequate to your needs.
  • If it is necessary to travel in the latter stages of pregnancy and you are unable to find an insurance company to provide you with sufficient cover, contact an insurance company or an insurance broker directly as they may be able to arrange a specially tailored policy for you. This is likely to be more expensive that an off the shelf travel insurance policy but it is likely to be worth it.
  • When travelling pregnant you should be prepared - carry a copy of your EHIC, travel insurance documents, medical records and an emergency contact number on you at all times.
  • If you have an existing annual insurance policy you must contact your insurer and inform them of your pregnancy as this may effect the cover they are able to offer to you.
  • Always check the small print of your insurance policy so that you know what you're covered for - contact your insurance provider if you have any queries.
For more information on a range of travel insurance policies visit

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Possibly pregnant.... about to work in areas of Africa which the Foreign and Common Wealth office advise against all travel. Any one know which company might provide me with insurance? Happy New Year to you all
by JoanneJoanneJoanne 17th Jan 2011, 3:19pm
Hello! I'm travelling to France in January. I'll be on 17 week. And I'm going there by train, not by air.

Can you please advise me the insurance company in France that could insure me while travelling?

I'm Russian citizen and we have no companies that insures travelling pregnant women.

Thank you very much!
by Reikimama 22nd Dec 2010, 9:28am
Can anyone please tell me if raven hall will cover me if I'm not a UK citizen and I'm not living in UK either?

Also I'm desperately needing at out of hours contact no for raven hall. Does anyone have a 24hr contact no for Ravenhall please??

Many thanks in advance!
by Lbg 6th Dec 2010, 8:48am
in december this year i will be 7 months pregnant but i have booked a holiday to Thailand. Do you think i will i be ok to travel
by Bevvy 12th Aug 2010, 10:32am
Hi there. I am travelling back from Portugal in July and will be 34 weeks when I come back. Thanks to the lady below (Babylon) who recommended Ravenhall Insurance in the UK they were fabulous and happy to cover me and my fiance at a really good price. All other companies I'd tried until then would only cover upto 32 weeks.
by PinguMummy 12th Aug 2010, 9:50am
i m 11.5 weeks preg and i need to buy and insurance to cover me in USA. Please advise me what is the best insurance i can buy.
by kalpesh999 6th Dec 2009, 6:06pm
Ive just booked 3 months travel insurance with which covers me up to 32 weeks pregnancy for an absolute bargain. Call them instead of booking online so they can put you on the correct policy. I highly reccomend this company
by Wardy1979 13th Aug 2009, 11:29am
I've just tried to get Pregnancy Travel Insurance through Ravenhall, and it's the only one that doesn't have a working link anymore. Does anyone know if they still do this or if there are any other companies who do? Am off to France next week and had no idea i couldn't get standard insurance......
by Babylon 6th Jul 2009, 9:05am
hi im going to cyprus in june i will be 30wks pregnant when coming back and im finding it hard to get insurance,could any help regarding this thanks.
by jenfar 9th Apr 2009, 9:28am
Just to say a big thank you - I hadn't looked into insurance yet, but as I had the flights with easy jet for 34 weeks didn't think it would be a problem. Ravenhall were lovely - thanks for the help
by Janeums 9th Sep 2008, 8:58am
Thanks so much for the recommendation of Ravenhall. Spent two days stressing and searching the web for third trimester travel ins and finally found these comments. Phoned them and got cover within 10 mins. £37 for 8 days in Ireland - very reasonable! Will be 32+3 on the day I return and no-one else could help, so can finally look forward to going away. Don't leave it til the last minute to sort - spent nearly two hours in the docs surgery today getting my 'fit to travel' letter sorted! Happy Hols x

by fifigalore 28th Aug 2008, 8:54am
thanx for the details about travel insurance, i was really worried i couldn't fly as i will be 31+ weeks and could not get insurance anywhere elses. luckily ravenhill insured me straight away and i am now looking forward to going to turkey in october!!
by mummyof32b 17th Jul 2008, 10:03am
Oh thank goodness I stumbled onto this web page before 1'd spent hours looking for insurance. I've only just started looking and have been turned down by the usual insurers, I wasn't aware that it would be a problem, I'll be 32 weeks when we go away!!! Thanks so much for providing this information....:-) happy holidys
by zocjhe 17th Apr 2008, 7:35am
Thank god I saw these posts. Thank you so much. I'm going on holiday at 34-36 weeks, and spent hours going to about 30 different insurance companies to no avail. Ravenhall sorted me out with a policy in 10 minutes over the phone and emailed the policy and confirmation straight over. They say they are unique in UK for providing this service for third trimester women. It was just £63 for me and husband for 2 weeks in Spain.
by beccablum 16th Apr 2008, 8:54am
I am 26 weeks at the moment and my fathers booked a holiday for my family to go to lanzarote when i will be 32 weeks pregnant. We though id be covered under his platinum family insurance when i wasnt.
I was in so much of a pickle and was refused insurance for this trip by over 20 leading insurers.
I rang Ravenhall solutions and to my relife they actually had a policy that fully covered me, the posibility of premature birth and my mum to stay with me if anything did happen. I would definatly recommend ravenhall if your planning a trip in your third trimester!!!!!!!
by xxkayxx 25th Mar 2008, 9:07am
you can get travel insurance for up to 36 weeks gestation through Ravenhall Risk Solutions - 01484 402256 - the only firm that can go upto 36 weeks with full cover in the UK
by harold2210 18th Mar 2008, 9:33am