Pregnancy week 8

Early signs of pregnancy during week 8 of being pregnant - Your baby is starting to look more human-like and is now about the size of a large grape.

Ask your GP for form FW8 this week so you can claim free prescriptions and dental care. Fatigue will probably kick in (if it hasn't already) as your body works hard to cope with a rapid and crucial stage in your baby's development. Try to rest and take it easy. Increased hormones may make your skin spotty or darker patches may form, particularly on your face. Your nipples will darken and you may notice a line from your navel to your pubic hair, known as the linea negra. Your breasts begin to swell in readiness to breastfeed; they could grow to four times their size in the next nine months. You may notice an increase in discharge as your vaginal walls soften and relax and a watery substance is produced.

Your baby

Your baby is starting to look more human-like and is now about the size of a large grape, about 10,000 times bigger than the size of the fertilised egg. Your baby's face is beginning to form, her nostrils, lips and a mouth with a tongue appear. The eyes are visible under a thin membrane of skin. Your baby's brain has formed with two distinct hemispheres. Along the back, a spinal column is visible and bones are beginning to form. The limbs have lengthened and there are obvious knee and elbow joints. Fingers are well defined, but are webbed and there are ridges on the feet that will become the toes. All the buds of your baby's non-permanent teeth have formed. Your baby's head is still huge in comparison with the rest of the body and the chin is attached to her chest. All the organs have started to form and are in the right position.

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I am 8 weeks and 4 days and this is my 4th pregnany but only have 1 child and this one on the way.... I have never ever had any of the razy symptoms i am getting now.

SPOTS ... I MEAN EVERYWHERE I HAVE COUNTED ABOUT 7.... they just keep appearing big massive ones.... my skin is a grease ball!
Boobs have grown about 1-2 sizes and are hard but dont hurt!
I know i have put on weight and i have eaten well, not over eaten - balanced diet ect! There is not a glow on me... this is not a glam first trimester i must say!!! Good luck everyone!!! xx
by allybabas 20th Jun 2013, 3:00pm
Hi,I'm nearing the end of my 7wks,if I didn't have a scan last Friday I would swear I wasn't pregnant.I still feel normal and look normal,except that I pee a LOT!
by Stepi 25th Jan 2012, 9:15am
hi i am just coming to the end of my 8 wks and i feel sick all the time and have bad cramps that come and go and take my breath a way i am worried as i lost a baby in march it had a strong hart beet 6 +3 but by week 11 it had none and i had to have the op to remove it this time they are checking bloods and making me wait till the 12th week for a scan so i am tearfull a lot at mo it the not knowing but my boobs hurt and i am bloated a lot this is my 7th pregnancy but only have 3 children x
by bump7 2nd Nov 2011, 4:08pm
hi, i'm 8 weeks pregnant and facing light brown discharge is it normal
by anujai 19th Sep 2011, 10:16am
hi my name is kayley, im 8weeks pregnant with my 2nd child n realy scared as in January i lost a baby so im a bit scared this time round, everything seems to be going ok tho which i happy about plus iv got no morning sickness again which is lovely, i was jst wondering if any1 new if u wud start to show as i used to have a realy flat belly n now when i breath in there is a bump just like to no if its normal lol even tho this is my 2nd, xxxxxx
by kayley23 28th Mar 2011, 8:46am
I'm 8 weeks and have been losing a discharge light brown weird and my boobs are killing me anyone else feel the same , i'm thinking something is wrong .
by susanna10 28th Feb 2011, 9:12am
HI every1, I'm in my 8th week ;-) and getting the nausea, and really sore breasts. This is my 2nd pregnancy but i lost 1st last year in march i was 10weeks :-( so been kind of scared with this 1!! I had some old brown blood just over a week ago, but wasn't alot i talked to my friend that has had a baby and she said she got that to, but in saying that i did have to go to hospital the other night as i had some really red blood come out when i went bathroom, wiped as you do and saw the blood ,I had no cramping pain though, i had bloods done and a scan and my baby was fine, i was so happy i cried when i saw it still had a heart beat! I asked why i bleed and they didn't really have an answer. So lady's if u do have new blood please go to hospital it maybe nothing like mine but its better be safe then sorry. xoxo
by Foxcee23 7th Feb 2011, 9:18am
Hey, Im 8 weeks and 3 days with my first pregnancy and feeling constantly nauseous. I am wearing the travel bands 24/7 and taking ginger tablets which have helped and have stopped me being physically sick all of the time but i am still sick everytime i eat something and constantly nauseous! Any helpful hints and tips greatly appreciated as myself and bump cant live on lucozade forever, this seems to be the only thing which doesnt make me feel worst! :-)
by heather1stbaby 2nd Feb 2011, 5:49pm
I'm tired and i feel sick morning and night but i have a brownish red discharge and its only wen i wipe after being to the toilet is this normal
by kat2009 22nd Nov 2010, 3:38pm
When i get tired, i feel sick, but do not feel sick any other time, also i have a brown discharge is this common
by fluee 19th Nov 2010, 5:43pm
Hi there,

I never felt sick in the whole of my last pregnancy but had a healthy baby girl who is now almost 2 years old so don't worry. Not everyone has it every time.
by emibell 29th Oct 2010, 9:03am
Hi all im 8wks and 2 days this is my first baby, me and my partner are over the moon. but is it normal not to have any morning sickness? iv had the normal tend breasts, running to the bathroom a lot. I've already met my midwife and just waiting for my scan date. any advise greatfully received x
by stac85 25th Oct 2010, 3:48pm
Hi Danielle, i've just turned 8 weeks pregnant and like you ive had no sickness, only the slightest nausea and again like you sore breasts and thats it. I've even done 4 pregnancy tests and one with the doctors to make sure im not going crazy but i think the lack of sickness is just a blessing....try not to worry about your previous pregnancies (i know it must be difficult) but try to enjoy your pregnancy and stay stess-free. All the best Sophie x
by hallx 17th Sep 2010, 4:06pm
Hello everyone! I am 8w5d preg. This is my first preg. as well as my husband. The both of us are exstreemly excited! I must say I am abit worried thought, I have had no sickness besides nauses , no vomiting behind it though. My breast are sore and that is about it. I had a miscarriage last Sept. of last year. I was 5w. when i miscarriage. I am so glad that I have not seen any blood during this preg. Is it possible to miscarriage and not bleed?? Someone please shed sum light on my concerns??

by dwashington1 15th Sep 2010, 9:24am
hello ladies :) so thats me on week 8 now and so far iv been lucky the only time i feel sick is if i dont eat at regular breaks through the day. boobs are a bit better now 2 not as sore as they were a few weeks back. strange thing is i fell im starting 2 swell a good bit all ready my partner has even said twins :O. got the midwife on tue so i'll bring it up with her. see she told me if i put on 2 much weight (on top of the kinda average of 2 stones) that i wouldnt be able 2 use the birthing pool and i kinda had my heart set on that . im wishing september away lol cause my 1st scan is the 1st oct cant wait :) this is our 1st baby we have been 2gether 4 10 and a half years. hope all is going well 4 u mums 2 b
by MSL 6th Sep 2010, 10:11am
Hi all, I'm just coming up for 8 weeks with my 4th baby! Suffered terrible morning sickness with all 3 of my other babys, but so far only mild nausea. I'm desperately hoping it wont get worse. The smells of everything are getting to me and I am completely exhausted all the time lol! Can't wait for this trimester to be over already! Still havent had my first app with my midwife or heard from her at all. I'm already suffering with aches and pains in my hips and legs and have gained weight already! Oh yeh by the way my advice for morning sickness is always make sure you force yourself to eat every couple of hours something small and things like digestive bicuits and sugary tea tend to get your blood sugar up if you have it first thing it can ward off morning sickness. Although make sure you eat regularly or your blood sugar will dip again and you'll be feeling sick by 11am again. Even if the thought of food makes you sick still attempt some healthy foods at least because you'll need the calories, vitamins etc for the growing baby. Good luck everyone!
by iswycombe 3rd Sep 2010, 9:34am
Hello, I am now 8 weeks pregnant, I am seeing the midwife tomorrow and she will then book a date for my 12 week scan which i can't wait for :)
The past 2 weeks I have felt very light headed and sick, lucky me, but I first noticed how tender my breasts were. I was already a large D cup to start with so getting worried at the rate that they are growing at the moment. I have resulted to sports bras which I also sleep in as can't bare to wear any other bras as they are now so uncomfortable.
This is my first and I have alot of things running through my head like were to live, money worries etc but most of all I just hope everything goes smoothly and I have a beautiful healthy baby.
Good luck and congratulations to all of you yummy mummies out there :)
by Lotty5 2nd Sep 2010, 10:54am
I got put in hospital nearly a week ago because of morning sickness. i had an emergancy scan yesterday to make sure there was only one baby there. i nearly cried! its so small and i could see its heart beating! Its amazing!! hope everyone is havin good pregnancies x
by Rizz 2nd Sep 2010, 10:48am
beth924 you would be 8 weeks if you conceived on the 4th july but your actual baby age would be 6 weeks because they add 2 weeks onto it because it makes it easier to estimate date of delivery as most people ovulate 2 weeks after their period :) i'm 8 weeks today with my 4th and am sure it's another girl as im feeling just as awful as with the other 3.dont mind having a housefull of princess',they're poor dad though lol.
sgt i had one 10 years ago and now have 3 healthy girls and a 3rd on the way :)
by midge11287 27th Aug 2010, 5:05pm
i went for my 1st scan 2day thinkin i was 12 wks but since learned im about 8 wks they saw the sack but no baby by this time i was panikin but then they found the little blob so happy but my tummy has started showin already is this normal
by teresa2011 27th Aug 2010, 5:00pm
Hi im pregnant with my first child! Tomorrow i will be 8 weeks, ive got my first appointment next week with the midwife so just wandering roughly how long you are usually there? Also i had my breast enlarged 2 years ago and have silicone implants, for the past 3 weeks they have been so heavy and tender, i understand this is normal but bra's are really irratating at the moment! before pregancy i was a 34DD now i have got a 36E but they are just so uncomfortable that i end up taking them off half way through the day! Has anyone else had a boob job and got pregnant if so were bras a problem for u? I dont mind not wearing a bra, but as they are going to get bigger and heavier i think i will need to very soon, thanx x
by kelkel1986 25th Aug 2010, 11:45am
Hi. i am in the 8th week of pregnancy, but am scared. I had a phony pregnancy last yearwhen an unfertilised egg implanted itself in the uterus and this was discovered when we went for a scan in week seven. I am dragging my feet now about going for the scan coz i dont want to be dissapointed. What are the chances that it can be a phony one again?
by SGT 25th Aug 2010, 9:45am
Hello, I have a question. I am pregnant with my fifth child, and was told I was 8 weeks long today. I do not think this is possible because may 30 my husband went to Virginia on training and I had my period June 21 (that was the first day of my menstrual) He came home for forth of july weekend and left again til the 30th. I did not have my period at the end of july like i was suppose to. I told the dr that a better more accurate date would be july fourth when my husband was home for me to conceive. She still insists im 8 weeks..What are some thoughts on this?
by Beth924 19th Aug 2010, 3:12pm
I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins tomorrow after having IVF with ICSI. Me and my Husband are delighted! We can't wait until our 12 week scan in 4 weeks time. We are going to find out the sexes on our 20 weeks scan.
by LouMc1980 18th Aug 2010, 9:30am
hi there im 8 weeks pregnant 2 and this is baby number 5, im feeling sick most of the time and being sick some of it to lol and it sucks. my boobs havent changed much well at least i dont thinks so any way.and as for the smells in the house i have that same problem but its ony in the kitchen and it dont matter how much i try to clean it i still carnt get rid of that horrid smell at all congrats to you all and gud luck.and oh yeah tierdness is really getting me down to sad face lol carnt wait just to be able to enjoy the pregnancy xxx
by caz29 12th Aug 2010, 10:50am
2 days away from 9 weeks and still no sickness but hey im feeling positive and im not bleeding or spotting so that a good sign so fingers crossed .can't wait till 3 more weeks are over so goodluck all you mums out there .x
by essexgirl76 12th Aug 2010, 10:22am
Hi, I'm 8 weeks pregnant and 3 days!! This is mine and my boyfriend of 6 years first child. We are now excited but very shocked when we found out. We had planned to get married but family upsets caused us to postpone the announcement and subsequently our plans are a little out of order.

To those of you worried about symptoms - I too have not as yet had morning sickness. I am over the moon about this but also anxious. I haven't told anyone the news (with this as the exception) My partner obviously knows but we want to wait till week 12 and to have our first Mid wife appointment which is in 2 weeks time. However this makes worrying harder to avoid as we dont have the reassurance of anyone who has been through this. One small concern is that I am only a small size 8 - 10 and within my first 4 weeks I have gone up a bra size and now the new bra is tight and I am worried I could increase up to 4 times! On top of this I am starting to show. I have a definite rounding of my belly and clothes are tight.... Ah well some creative dressing should see me though the next 2 weeks...
Congratulations Everyone!!! x x x
by AK83 12th Aug 2010, 9:52am
I am 8th week and had my second scan at the early pregnacy unit this is my first and i am 32yrs old i am scare witless that it all gonna go wrong so far so good. I am relived look at the scan for the second time i actually see it arm and legs moving including the heart beating if that any consolation it a big bloody massive relive to see it still alive. Because of my medical condtion doctor are keeping a real close eye on me i am seeing my obtrican and midwife on tues 29th june the baby due on jan i am glad it just the one baby and not twin as it run in my family. I find my self a bit weepy and tired at this stage one being actually sick twice i got suck heaving my gut up because i didn't relised how empty i was and needed to eat. The food do not taste the same and some time wish i can eat what i like but it doesn't work like but on the plus size it does keep me healthy so far.. Congratulation to those who are gonna be expecting Mum & Dad
by deaflady 12th Aug 2010, 9:10am
hello everyone, just found out couple of weeks ago that im pregnant and think im round about eight weeks, but getting an ultasound to get it confirmed this week, cant wait to hear the little boom boom heartbeat hehe, this is my 1st and im very excited/nervous as all new to me. Been feeling very tired this week not feeling myself at all and my boobs are just getting huuuuuuge lol, very picky with what im eating aswell as only in the mood 4 certain things, it feels like im in a dream at the moment dosent feel real! whats really bugging me is that im so tired but have trouble sleeping keep waking up and cant get back to sleep, anyone else having this? its so annoying haha, would love to hear from anyone.
by kazza2684 12th Aug 2010, 9:04am
Hi all i am 8 weeks and 3 days preggy! this is my 2nd child and i am 23, i feel very drained on a morning when i first wake up takes me all my time to get up off the bed thats how weak i feel just dont have the energy to walk takes me about 2 hrs to come round, slight nausea on and off, bloating, hungrey but no appetite just dont know wat it is i actually want to eat which gets annoying, Fatigue, and few aches n pains every now and then only mild though i presume its everything stretching. I generally feel wacked out this time around with my 1st child my Daughter Courtney i flew through my whole pregnancy fine just suffered with fatigue it is definatly different this time which makes me wonder if we will get a little boy this time. Congrats to everyone x
by mummy2be2011 12th Aug 2010, 9:00am
Hi, I'm just coming up to being 8 weeks pregnant and haven't been sick yet!! Feeling sick most days from when I first found out at 5 wks but it's wearing off now. Although the metal taste in my mouth is still very much there, sugar free chewing gum seems to be doing the trick. This is mine & my fiance's first baby, we're very excited to become parents. Congratulations everyone x
by BabyMartin1 11th Jun 2010, 5:38pm
I am 8weeks pregnant now and not enjoying the feeling of morning sickness, nausea and tastless ducts....i hate food and i hate my house as it has a funny smell that makes me more sick, we have cleaned it from top to bottom and still no change. I have gone of all meat including fish and chicken and cooking it for my family is a very big challange as am always running into the toilet tolet some steam out. How can i get my taste ducts back on track? any advice will be most welcomed
by dadasmall 18th May 2010, 5:34pm
Hi all I'm 8wks pregnant, only found out a 6 days ago because my boyfriend told me my boobs looked big! Not really had any symptoms, slight nausea some days, gone off some foods. Mainly eating like a horse! Boobs have more swollen slightly than grown but don't hurt in the slightess. Actually feel concerned I feel so well and hope the baby ok. Would love to hear from anyone that feels like me.
by happylaughingbaby 14th May 2010, 5:27pm
I am almost into my ninth week and apart from feeling a bit more tired than usual I feel great, no sickness but i do feel hungry all the time and am worried that I will put weight on far to fast.
by kerco 14th May 2010, 4:59pm
hi all, im 8 weeks and 5 days weeks, had an early scan at 7 weeks and 2 days due to slight spotting and little pain. Everything was fine : ) Baby had heartbeat and everything. Im sooooo excited but very nervous as i have had 2 previous miscarriages. But fingers crossed this time. I have morning sickness on and off but feel sick alot of the time throughout the day. Congrats to everyone x
by lino1986 14th May 2010, 4:19pm
Hello to all the 8 weekers!! I'm due on Nov 17th, and I'm worried as hell! I'm 21 and my fiance is 23 this is both our first. I'm just freaking out a little about how we'll cope. I'm still waitning to hear back from my midwife too which is getting on my nerves, I'm so anxious I need someone with a medical degree to make me feel better - I have NO idea what I'm doing!! =s
by panda1988 14th May 2010, 3:57pm
hey all, im now 8 weeks. this is my third pregnancy. i havent had any sickness this time. apart from if i smell greasy food it makes me feel ill - but it passes quickly so its not to bad.
by mammaJo 11th Feb 2010, 9:20am
hello-this week is my 8th week and i feel sick almost all the time, this is my third pregnancy and i am lucky i dont vomit as compared to the other two. i feel weak and ever hungry i have gained so much in short time
by Busi 8th Feb 2010, 9:18am
Hi Everyone,

I am at the beginning of my 7th week. Xmas Day will be the beginning of my 8th week and that's when I plan on telling my family. My husband and I got married in October and pregnant almost immediately. It is my first and his third. We are so excited. I have had morning sickness from the outset but it has been very mild. I have been exhausted though and my breasts are reallt sore and getting very full. I feel like everyone knows but I am sure that is just me thinking that! I have never eaten as much or felt as hungry in my life. He or she obviously has a big appetite! Been on my folic acid since about 8 weeks before my wedding, so I think I am pretty much prepared as I can be at this stage. Can't wait till next week when I can start telling people!
by Eljay 18th Dec 2009, 1:42pm
Hello i only found out on thursday that i am 7 weeks pregy and OMG the morning sickness kicked it before i even found out....I went to the doctors and i was and still are sick from 6 at night till 4 in the morning then it goes, has anyone else been like this??? I am going to be a single mum and doing this all on mu own, never had a child before and it is a little scaree but i can do this. Anyway else wanna chat plz add me on msn plz at
by Chell46 3rd Dec 2009, 9:30am
Hi all im pregnant with my first baby and my doctor says im 8 weeks. my fiance and i are very excited about it but also a bit worried as i am 17 and he is 18 and i have had a misscarrige when i was 13 and we both hope that it wont happen again. im also worried at the fact my midwife hasnt been in contact with me yet is this normal at this stage?
by LittleMissSuzie 20th Oct 2009, 9:45am
Hi all you mothers and fathers on here . Well i'm 8 weeks well so my obgyn says so i guess going by my first day of my missed period , I have an apt on the 19th of October which is less than a week now which i will have my ultrasound done and i can see really how far along i am . I myself feel i'm further along this is my third pregnancy and i'm already feelig the movements and its not in my head . I know its said that the more babies you have had the sooner you feel the baby moving so i'm a lil confused until i get my ultrasound ahhh, can't wait "sigh" i'm so excited to find out how far alon i am .
by BlondeDoll 14th Oct 2009, 9:36am
Hi everyone, I can honestly say I have no idea how pregnant I am - I might be 7 weeks or maybe more. Never tracked my period as it's always been like clockwork BUT my fiance says my last one was really light (he's a detail person!) and so I could be further than I think. My boobs hurt - I was already an F cup (about to get a reduction until I found out I was pregnant) so I'm a little scared of what size they might go to. Tired is my middle name and nausea in the morning and afternoon. And definately a bit of weight gain. I have PCOS and only ovulate every 3 months - even though I have a period every month, so it's very exciting to be pregnant...can't wait till the 3 month stage!
by nzflavad 12th Oct 2009, 10:01am
I am 7 and a half wks preganant with my 4th child and sooo confused. My husband doesnt want to keep the baby and there are so many negatives i kinda agree but my maternal instinct kicks in every time i think about termination. I juat cant decide and its killing me :-(
by lauren69 12th Sep 2009, 7:47pm
Hi all, i am 8+2, had my 1st antenatal appointment with the midwife saturday which consisted of lost of question answering, height and weight check and blood tests were done on Monday, cant wait for the scan which has been booked for Oct 5th.
Havent been suffering form morning sickness yet but can shake off the nausea all day every day regardless of what i eat it just dont seem to go away. Might take a trip to the GP see if they can give me anything.
Feeling very tired and working full time doesnt help hopefully the 2nd trimester will give me an energy boost.
Congrats everyone and good luck. x
by Carly82 9th Sep 2009, 10:38am
Hi im new here and found out i was pregnanant 2 weeks ago. Im over the moon as me and my husband have just came back from honeymoon. Im 8 weeks tomorrow and havent suffered any sickness at all.My boobs however are sooo sore and and im constantly tired.Im getting a few aches and cramps and can feel the shape of my uterus expanding when i lightly press my groin area (it must be my uterus as baby is apparantly only 10mm long!). It feels mad! Im starving all the time - need to eat every few hours and seem to have to have taken up a fancy for sweet things which Ive never liked before. Im excited but it doesnt seem real. My midwife wont be getting in touch until im 9 weeks to make an appt which i think is kinda stopping it from seeming real. Cant wait for my scan and then I can get really excited!! Take care all x
by amesymc 2nd Sep 2009, 10:11am
Hi, I am 8 wks pregnant with 4th (!) baby, I have 2 girls aged 8 and 6 and a boy who is 20 months old. I have been sick only once, but feel sick if I don't eat and I always need to have a rest in the afternoon, which is ok as my 2 girls are being very considerate and my son has his nap too, but I am finding it hard as I have no energy whatesoever and my house looks like a pig-sty! Can't wait for the next few weeks to be over and to feel a bit more 'normal'! ~Anyone got any good tips on handling feeling queasy/morning sickness? I am living on cup-a-soups, pot noodles and crackers, this poor baby! Take care xxxxx
by emmad 28th Aug 2009, 8:22am
Hi 8 weeks pregnant too and nausea is from the moment i wake up til i fall asleep!This is my 4th baby-i sailed through my first two pregnancies but my last one was horrendous and felt terrible.Think you are right that it gets worse the more you have!Seems like the 12 week mark is miles away but hang on in there,hopefully the sickness will subside soon.xx
by finn3 28th Aug 2009, 8:16am
did any1 get brown discharge at this time?
by mobbers09 27th Aug 2009, 8:42am
Hi 8 wks pregnant and fell awful constantly have 2 boys already 6 and 10 year old and my house is upside down, my husband works 12 hours night shift and has said he doing the house work tomorow after work thank god i cant face it, anything that smells makes me fell sick, stopped taking my pregnacare as this was making me feel even worse. Hopefully all this sickness feeling will go when 12 wks are up and we get energy back. I think its something to do with the more pregnancies you have? I didnt feel this bad with the last 2 ? take care eveyone
by KLDPLUS1 18th Aug 2009, 9:09am
Hi Sabi -

Email me at ... I'm at exactly the same stage as you and feel the same.
All of you out there with no morning sickness you are SOOOOOOOO lucky!! Am jealous!

Lara x
by Lara75 6th Aug 2009, 9:26am 7 and a half weeks constantly sick...i get more sick when i travel...and i ALWAYS feel like crying...just wanteed to know if anyone else was in the same boat....if so do you know of anything which can make me feel better when im feeling down and hormonal?
ps CONGRATS to every1 who is preggers :D
everyone keeps askin me if im excited...i think il be excited after the 3rd month right now i feel rotten!
by Sabi89 4th Aug 2009, 12:37pm
I love your site. My name is Brittney and this is my first pregnancy. I fell in love with this site because it is helping me so much.
by April132 22nd Jul 2009, 9:34am
hi im girlfriend became pregnant first time we so glad to have found this site because ive been selfish...not understanding why she was tired and moody all the time, i thought she had given up on me but i gradually realised what she was going through and that im glad im a man! not having to suffer what all you women have to go through. so any men out there who dont understand GROW UP! ive finaly found the women of my life and i could have thrown it all away. Im so pleased she put up with my ignorance. Good luck to all of you mothers to be. Shell...i worship you x
by paul1 10th Jul 2009, 9:10am
Hey all new to the site, thought it was great how people can ask questions etc! I am nearly 7 and a half weeks with my second (my daughter is nearly 4). What i'm a little concerned about is that I am with a new partner and I am wondering if my daughter will be confused as to why we refer to him as daddy and his parents nana etc. She has a lovely relationship with him and his family I just don't want her to feel left out. Also I swear by buscuits dunked in a nice cuppa for morning sickness!
by amysbaby2 3rd Jul 2009, 9:10am
Hi motherof6. I am Rh- and have had two miscarriages - first pregnancy miscarried (followed by two successful ones) then a second miscarriage about a year ago. I didn't have the shot after either of my two miscarriages because they were complete miscarriages (my body sorted itself out and I didn't need medical intervention). In these cases I think it is unlikely your baby's blood will mix with yours so they don't give you the shot. I'm in my 8th week now with my current pregnancy - and next week the midwife will test me for antibodies. Hope this has helped a little.
by MacP 18th Jun 2009, 9:46am
I will be starting my 8th week on friday. I worry all the time because I miscarried in January and did not have the rhogam shot because I didn't know I needed it. I go for my first ultrasound on Friday and keep having thoughts of something being wrong. I miscarried at 11 weeks and have been keeping my fingers crossed. We are not telling anyone until I am at least 14 weeks. I am RH- and if I don't get the shot, my body could produce antibodies to fight the baby. This concerns me a lot. The last pregnancy I had no symptoms but I have tender breasts, fatigue, excess saliva and nausea so I am hoping these are good signs. This is my 6th child and I just turned 40 so that also worries me. If anyone has had a similar experience with the lack of a rhogam shot, let me know because it might put my mind at ease
by motherof6 16th Jun 2009, 11:52am
Hi all I'm 8 and half weeks pregnant. This will be my second child have one 7 year old and had a miscarriage last year. Am very pleased after 7 years of trying! But I'm just wondering if anyone else is pregnant with Graves disease. What has your endocrinologist recommended?? I'm so worried because to take the medication increases the risk of misscarriage but so does not taking. And if they give you too much/little it harms the baby anyway. Any advice?? Thanks good luck to everyone xx
by Marshwiggle 12th Jun 2009, 9:10am
Hi all, im around 8.5 weeks pregnant, its my first time and am concerned, i was scanned at 6.5 weeks as i had been bleeding for 6 days prior, after an internal scan, there was a sack and a heartbeat, the bleeding then stopped for a week but just over the weekend it has started again, i am not feeling any pain or passing any clots but am being scanned again 2moro as a precaution. At the moment the bleeding has stopped again.I have no pregnancy symptoms apart from the tierdness and sore breasts.
by babys2009 3rd Jun 2009, 9:32am
hi all this is for sqweek how did you find out so early that you are having twins i have not got a midwifes app till 18 june i am 9 weeks pregnant and look 6 months already i was wondering if i had more than 1 i dont suffer from morning sickness as jet so i guess iam lucky if anyone has any info on this would be great help x x x x
by tina40 3rd Jun 2009, 9:25am
Hi All, Im 8 weeks and 1 day! yay. how cute does the baby sound above! Congratulations to all and i hope eveything goes well. i felt seasick all day yesterday and have been sleeping really restlessly. I stilll haven't had morning sickness, just feel queezy all day. yukko! Last night i had the best sleep ever sinse finding out i was preggers and im not so queezy today. i hope this is how it stays. I tried the ginger tea thing yesterday to calm the queezyness, but it made me feel worse b/c i hate ginger. oh well it was worth a try..... take care of yourselves and your little sesame seeds in there! XX
by Sqweek 29th May 2009, 9:30am
Hi I am 8 weeks with twins, I already have two little girls aged 5 and 2 and I am finding it very hard to get on with day to day things as I am so sick all the time. I am constantly tired and very snappy. Would be good to hear from people who are having fraternal twins or people who are having really bad sickness for tips and advice. thanks x
by stephv 26th May 2009, 12:36pm
Hiya, This message is for Alijane.... when i was 8 weeks pregant with my second child my mum also passed away. I was so hard and can imagine just how your feeling. I did feel really sad especially when baby shopping and feeling the baby move... i just kept thinking my mum should have been there. Things will get better and you mum would want you to be happy! I ended up having a baby girl and named her after my mum. Im now pregnant with my 3rd child after having a miscariage in Jan this year. Really nervous bout an upcoming early scan im going to have, tho everything seems to be going normal so far...morning sickness has kicked in, but its more like afternoon sickness. Marmite on toast is the only thing that makes me feel was the same with my other two i carry a pot round with me in my hand bag!!! Nice!! hahahaha.....Best Wishes everyone!
by stacey1234 11th May 2009, 11:36am
Hi i have joined this and think having others i to talk to is a really good idea. I am 8 weeks pregnant after 2 goes at IVF. I have a 11 year old daughter and misscarried in nov after 1st IVF attempt. We tried to get pregnant for 2 years before trying Ivf. I couldnt concieve natually as i had aneptopic pregnancy 5 years ago. We are so nervous htis time as we know this is our last chance to have a baby as cant afford to do it again after spending £11,500 to get this far. Just try and enjoy all that is happening to you all and the best of luck to you all x x
by claire04 5th May 2009, 12:13pm
h,just a comment for Alijane,i am 8 weeks pregnant with my fourth child.i was 16 weeks pregnant with my second child when i too had a beareavement,sadly it was my will feel all sorts of emotions,especially as it is so recent,but whether your pregnant or not tho you would have felt the same,and everyone grieves differently,i was consumed with guilt,angry towards him for leaving me and our daughter(he passed away suddenly 16 days before our daughters 1st birthday) and then's at the milestones that you will prob miss her most,scans,feeling the baby move and of course the have every right to be happy and i'm sure thats what your mum,like any mum wants,their child to be husband always said everything happens for a reason,and even when i saw my darkest day and didn't want to be here anymore,fate saw to it that i met my now partner,he treats my husbands children as his own, and we have a son together and are obvously expecting again.i could never have imagined that i could be happy as i am.there will never be a day when you won't think of her but as sure as i am my husbands taking care of me from beyond the grave im sure the timing of your pregnancy is no be happy,be sad,do whatever feels natural and be strong for your baby.
by kmh80 5th May 2009, 12:13pm
Hi every one. congrats to you all. i'm nearly 9 weeks, This is my 4 th pregnancy, 2 healthy teenage girls 15 and 17 and one miscarriage. i'll be a young 38 when i have my baby. had two really bad weeks of sickness, lost over half a stone in a week. but feeling much better this week. i know its hard to eat but i've started eating different flavoured porrage. its great for the sickness and good for you. hopefully this may help some one too. take care.
by mammycol 29th Apr 2009, 9:53am
Hi - I am new to this site and was looking for some advice & help from you all.... My mum passed away 4 weeks ago and 3 days after she passed away i found out i was pregnant. Me & husband are very happy about the pregnancy, we've already got a 3 year old boy but I am finding it very difficult as i'm not sure how i should feel - one minute i'm happy then i feel guility then feel sad....... has anyone else had to go through this..
by Alijane 28th Apr 2009, 10:15am
Hi I am 32 years old and 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. This is my first baby a much wanted baby after 6 years of trying and one miscarriage. I am starting to relax as got to 8 weeks had a emergency scan the other week and they say it is developing well and healthy heart. I am consistently feeling sick and very tired all the time.I work mainly nights which can be hard but then I find days even harder.good luck evryone
by ballshipp 27th Apr 2009, 9:32am
Hi Samanthonio...Congratulations...I am almost in my 8th week and I only started to feel anything this week - before this, like you, I felt completey normal. I mentioed this to my GP 2 days ago and she said that it wasn't anything to worry about at alll as all pregnancies are different and some women do go without sickness etc...I wouldn't worry too much. Just look after yourself that's the best you can do at this stage. Let me know how you go on. You are lucky...I had my first sickness today...mmm, not very ladylike lol! :-) x
by MD18 23rd Apr 2009, 9:25am
I am just coming into week nine of my pregnany, and im rather concerened. I do not have any symptoms of being pregnant, none whatsoever, and its starting to freak me out a bit as im convinced something is wrong. Has anyone else found this?
by samanthonio 20th Apr 2009, 9:28am
Hello to everyone, Im new to this site and am finding it really useful and good to know i am normal with what im feeling. Im 7weeks and 3 days and its my 1st still sinking in. I feel sick every day and all day and the sickneess comes on out of no where. Im always sleeping in the afternoon. I work with children too and thats hard right now. Would be nice to meet other people in the same situation for a chat. My email adress is and also on facebook xx
by Naisha 16th Apr 2009, 9:17am
Hello all..
I'm louise, myself and husband have been trying for 18 months, but after a short trip to Benidorm we came home expecting.. we both have 12 year olds (boy and girl) and i also have a 6 yr old.. so big gaps for us! I'm not feeling 100% this pregnancy is really taking it outta me, and I have to push myself to do every day things!! And because i'm so tired i'm snapping at my kids which isn't fair! I hope to make some friends on here.. My email is I'm also on facebook! xx
by louise31 15th Apr 2009, 10:14am
hi im 8wks and 3days pregnant,i alreay have a girl age 7 and a boy age 4 and i cant belive how bad im feeling sick all day and all night im tired all the time, me and my partner had been trying for about six months and was happy when we found out.but now i just feel so feed up and i thought i would love being pregnant does anyone else feel the same?
by beckla 14th Apr 2009, 12:37pm
Im 8 wks 4 days pregnant and feel awful. Ive already had a few bleeds, went for a scan but they couldnt see anything, the baby was either too small or deformed! Went back again 10 days ltr to find all ok but i was less days gone than i first thought. Now the sickness has kicked in and im soooooo tired, asleep by 7pm each night! This is my 4th child, i have 3 girls, Olivia 8, Honey 2 and Tilly 1 so as you can imagine its hard work! The partner is great but has to go to work :-( Even though this is my 4th pregnancy im still worried sick about its progress etc and am counting down the days till i start to feel human again :-/
by annie10 9th Apr 2009, 9:24am
Hi everyone, after trying for 12 years (and following 3 miscarriages) my husband and i were finally blessed with a gorgeous little girl who's now 3years. After a further 2 miscarriages we had our second daughter 7 months ago and as i approach my fortieth birthday felt our family was complete. Now i've just found out I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and feel totally torn. My youngest is still only a baby and is still not sleeping through the night and i'm already shattered and wonder how we'll cope with another little one. Yet on the other hand we always wanted a large family its just time and circumstance was never on our side and i now feel so old. Are there any older mums out there with any words of wisdom!
by Tx 9th Apr 2009, 9:23am
Hi everyone, congratulations.
I found out i was pregnant about 3 weeks ago, i THINK im about 8weeks now, as ive not had a period since the end of nov, after having a miscarriage in the oct. I have already got 2 children 1 girl and 1 boy.I dont have any morning sickness as such just feel abit queezy but i'm sooooo tired all the time hope it's going to pass!!!

Hope everyone is felling ok x
by MrsM73 6th Apr 2009, 9:19am
Hi Gemima, I had a baby after moving out to Oz with my husband back in 2001. I too was alone but got to make friends with a lovely group of ladies by going to mother and toddler groups before I even had Harry (who's just turned 8 by the way). I went back to the UK when H was 18 months old and came to Oz again last year. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and having moved to Brisbane this time do not really know that many people. We lived near Wollongong, NSW the first time we were in Oz. What I have discovered is that just being pregnant you meet people, Australians are very friendly and when I used to go for walks would often get stopped and asked when my baby was due, I made a couple of friends this way. Also once the baby has arrived then most people want to talk to you and see the baby especially it being a new born. You will make friends and will love the laid back lifestyle of Australia - it really is a great place to bring kids up. Don't worry about being emotional either. You've just left behind your friends and family in the UK and travelled across the world - you'd be emotional without being pregnant. I found it helped me the first time to keep a diary and write my feelings down - it helped get whatever was worrying me off my chest. It's all normal and if you need someone to contact, I'm here. Jane xoxo
by JanieLou 1st Apr 2009, 9:41am
at week 8, i feel awful still being sick after a weeks long with my head down the toilet plus i have to young ones to look after to.
do any have any ideas to help with morining sickness???
by pinkbutterflyh5 31st Mar 2009, 10:33am
Hello 8 weekers!

I found out last week that I'm pregnant, my first one, which I'm delighted about, yet the timing is rubbish as I have just emigrated to Australia from the Uk (literally 2 week ago) with my half-Aussie partner. Although I feel this is a great country to raise kids, I feel quite alone, esp as back in London I have so many friends who are currently pregnant, or who have just had a baby, and here I don't even have any friends!! I'm quite exhausted all the time and have a sea-sick feeling that lasts all afternoon, and although my poor boyfriend can be understanding, he has his limits and gets frustrated with me, especially if I cry (which is happening more frequently than I would like right now). He sees the pregnancy as something that effects us both equally, which I get, but he doesn't have all these crazy hormones reeking havoc 24/7!! Any advice on how to get through til past 12 weeks without WW3 erupting would be most appreciated!!

Thanks xxxxx
by Gemima 26th Mar 2009, 9:31am
Hey All ! Well i am 8 weeks pregnant, i am chuffed to bits, we have been trying for 2 and a half years. We had a miscarriage at 5 weeks in november, naturally we were devastated but they say things happen for a reason- this time my closest friend is also pregnant- she is 9 days ahead of me, it's great to have someone to talk to who understands what your going through !
The last 2 weeks i have felt really really tired on, and have had hurrendous sickness(why do they call it MORNING sicknes,when it is all day?!) Since saturday i have been absolutelty full of energy, felt and looked really healthy ! i seem to be contradicting all the books ! I have lost 1 st 2lb in the last 4 weeks- i put this down to no alcohol !

Congratulations to you all. Take care of yourselves xxx Mel
by meljim 16th Mar 2009, 9:18am
Hey suzi, i'm in the same boat. this is my first baby and im constantly shattered, barely eating and crying over nothing at all. Think positive and keep talking to people about it, i'm sure they'll understand and if they don't then helping them too may help you as well :)
best wishes and keep your chin up!
by mammy88 13th Mar 2009, 9:18am
Hiya Suzi21.
Just to let you know I have been feeling exactly the same as you. I need reassurance from everyone and anyone!!! I'm sure it's just hormones and we will perk up soon. Try and have a nap whenever possible, I find that helps with moods etc cos at the moment we are all shattered! Good luck ladies and let me know how you are all getting on.
Also, the due date calculator says I'm in week 9, although my doc and I counted 9 weeks to start on saturday. Does anyone know why?? Love Bellybabe 77
by Bellybabe 13th Mar 2009, 9:18am
Hi all, I am in my 8 weeks and feeling very emotional, sometimes cry for no reason at all. I feel vulnarable, more than last week and I hope it's all just the hormones in my body. Have been feeling tired, too. Being at work is a strugle at times but I can't take time off at the moment. Apart from that, I am so excited about this baby and can't think of anything else! Take care all of you mums to be, we are so lucky to have our babies. xx
by Suzi21 12th Mar 2009, 9:05am
i everyone. i have passed 8 weeks currently 10weeks and 2 days. but during the 8 weeks was the worst week so far in the pregnancy. i was past exhausted. i could not sleep in the night tossing and turning, going toilet 5 -8 days during the night but when i got to work i would full asleep. now i am working 9-5.30 monday to friday and sleeping druing work was not nice. all family and friends were saying that i need some time to rest in which i booked an emergency appoinment to the doctors and explained my symptoms. she advised me to take a week off 'self certified certificate' which i did. that week off helped me up to now. i only go to toilet before i go to bed and wake up once during the night. i dont sleep at work and feel much better. so for anyone that is working and feel past exhausted and tired i recommend to take a week off.
by melissa1722 3rd Mar 2009, 9:20am
Hi Everyone. I am just 8 weeks today and am absolutely shattered the whole time. Also been having bad headaches and been grumpy with my partner. Started to feel a bit sick too but its the tiredness more than anything.
by Birdmouse 26th Feb 2009, 9:26am
Hi im 8 weeks and1 day today aswell,this is my first (very unexpected)pregnancy.I was on the pill and have only been with my partner 5 27 years old and have a low paid job and share a home with my father.I never wanted children and up until i found out i was pregnant.I was partying and drinking and smoking,i had no direction in life and was well on the way to losing everything.The day i found out about my pregnancy was one of the most shocking,scariest but most amazing experience's of my life so partner was brilliant and my family have all shown amazing support.i feel like everything has changed because of this little thing growing inside of me and feel that life begins now.i have my first appointment with the midwife on the 3rd of march and cant wait to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time!
by elj17 17th Feb 2009, 9:41am
Hi im 8wks 1day today this is my 4th pregnancy, ive got two girls first pregnancy ended in miscarrage. had scan last week all is well. nxt scan begin march. i feel reallly sick and tired all day this time around didnt at all with my girls could this be a sign of a boy!!!!. Great site even though ive got kids its nice to hear other peoples views.
by 2girls1baby 6th Feb 2009, 12:49pm
Just discovered this site - it's smashing.
We are expecting around the 10th of September, so wish us luck. What should i be getting my husband doing?? I mean, apart from sorting out the cats!

by samwilberforce 3rd Feb 2009, 9:17am
Im 8 wks and 3 days today woo hoo!! congratulations everyone by the way! Most days im feeling normal, but some days sooo tired! like today, im a beauty therapist and work 4 days in a salon and 2 days in a spa, the spa is harder work, due to more body treatments and massages and i am so tired today and have a scratchy/sore throat, i have called in sick, but feeling guilty! Do u think tiredness is a good enough reason to call in? i hate messing them around, dont know if i should drop a day or shall i keep going?! Open to all opinions! xxx
by Dixie1 30th Jan 2009, 9:01am
Hi, I'm 8 weeks today and this is the furts time I've been pregnant. I'm SOOOO tired the whole time, my patrner is trying to insist that no-one needs more than 8 hours sleep a night but how wrong he is! I keep getting headaches too, so I'm sure this is normal for your wife, "happiestmanonearth"! The boob thing is crazy, my boobs have doubled in size and they're very sore intermittently. I'm hoping to get a scan next week so reading that you could see the arms and legs and heart beat at 8w 3d is soooo encouraging, I can't wait! Good luck
by Flamingo 26th Jan 2009, 9:38am
This is my 1st child and I'm 8 weeks + 3 days. I am really tired all the time, feel sick all day but not actually which is good. Noticed certain smells now like fresh coffee make me feel sick. Had a scan last week as had some bleeding, all ok and was great to see the baby and the little heart beat. Next scan end of Jan, can't wait!. Good luck to you all xx
by Mandarich7874 14th Jan 2009, 8:36am
sorry baby brain must have kicked in......i mean wait not weight!!!!!!
by lucywonder 9th Jan 2009, 9:16am
im getting morning sickness. but my partner thinks im harming the baby when i have this. i keep telling him that you get this when you are pregnant.
by kelly32 8th Jan 2009, 9:35am
Hi, am 8wks 2 days feel scared at times coz had a miscarriage last year same time. Just don't want it to repeat again. But this time am already feeling something and experiencing fatigue and a lot of nausea. Should i go for a scan now or wait for the 12wks scan. Need some advice please....
by keysha 5th Jan 2009, 9:16am
Hi I'm 7w+5 and this is my 4th pregnancy and will be my 4th c section too!!! I am at the very tired stage at the minute and running round after a 9,6 and 2 year old is hard work but we are all very excited about the new baby on its way! X
by Diana4 5th Jan 2009, 9:16am
Hello, I just wanted to post about the panic I had at eight weeks in case anyone else goes through it. After six days of increasingly bad morning sickness, it suddenly stopped. The breast pain suddenly diminished as well. I went to the doctor and he seemed worried and tried to get me a reassurance scan. (You can imagine the panic I went into at this stage). EPAC couldn't fit me in as they were closing down for Christmas and I faced six days of uncertainty. Luckily there is a private clinic near me and they saw me the same afternoon. Thankfully everything was absolutely fine and I even got to see the baby's tiny heartbeat. Everywhere I read online talked of morning sickness lasting at least two weeks. I had less than one week and, thankfully, everything was absolutely fine. One less thing to worry about!
by Tinkamum 5th Jan 2009, 9:16am
my wife seems to be having frequent headaches, how normal is that. In a few weeks we have to meet with the doctor, but is there a reason to be alarmed. There are days when she is fine though
by happiestmanonearth 5th Jan 2009, 9:16am
Hi I am 8wks pregnant and cant wait, this is our first baby and i was also worried as had been experiencing cramps, its nice to see that this is relatively normal. I have my first appt with the midwife on 8th Jan and am hoping i will have a scan and can finally see my baby. Hope all is going well with everyone x
by Beckylouise 5th Jan 2009, 9:16am
hi, im 8w+4 and im so excited. yesterday i had my first ultrasound and it was so surreal. i saw the arms and legs and the little heart beat. i think my heart skipped a beat a few times. this is my first baby. just seeing him\her made everything real.
by darien 19th Dec 2008, 10:04am
Hi I am new to the site but would love to hear from others. I am 8 wks 3 days, I have a 4 year old girl and have since had 3 miscarriages, one that I got to 7 weeks and 2 at 5 weeks. I am very paranoid and feeling really worried. I have been put on low level asprin but feel worried about that too. Have an early scan booked. With my other preg I didnt feel any different and had faint preg line on tests with this one I had a strong test line feel really tired and rubbish. Any one know if these are good signs xx
by Reecey 19th Dec 2008, 10:03am
Hi, I am 7wk 2 days 1st time pregnant, still in shock jst wanted to know when i shud go see midwife, will feel more real and my mind can be put a rest alittle xx....
by helbells 15th Dec 2008, 8:54am
i had lots of wind and cramps so went to see my gp as i was really worried becouse i had a miscariage eairlier this year anyway the doctor checked me over said everything was fine and not to worry.
by kirsty2210 8th Dec 2008, 8:34am
Congrats to everyone, I am glad I can share my excitement and concerns with women going through exactly what I am.
I am 8w+3 and am always drained, so hard to keep up on the house. I normaly end up taking a nap afterwards, and my husband just doesn't quite understand. Tonight I completley forgot about dinner, I had a snack early on so was not hungry and husban did not say anything. Yeah my memory is in la la land with everything else. TTL
by jasmineblossom 5th Dec 2008, 9:31am
hi every1 im 8weeks pregnant this week .. but as i keep gettin really bad wind and cramps wot last hlf a day which im worrying bwt bescause iv had 1 miscariage already .
is this normal ?
by hss 3rd Dec 2008, 8:01am
This is my third pregancy and am I already dreading the sickness which I had on both previous pregancy up to 16 weeks. However, I do not have any symptoms at the moment, although I know things can change within hours.
by ljc 2nd Dec 2008, 8:57am
hi, it's really nice to hear that i am not the only one getting all these symptoms as i felt that i was the biggest wimp on earth with my latest bedtime in the few few weeks being 9pm!! anyway, good luck with your pregnancies
by KerryWebb 19th Nov 2008, 9:08am
Hi there, im 8w+5 i've been ttc for 5 years, last year i started going for fertility tests and i found out my fiance has abnormal sperm (5% normal), I went away for 5 months and come back in september, and in october i found i was just over 5 weeks pregnant - a miracle after 5 years of trying, everything is fine so far got my 12 week scan 23.12
by justwanttobeamummy 19th Nov 2008, 9:07am
Hi everyone, I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I'm really glad to read that people have been experiencing cramps and pains, I get these and they last for 5-10 minutes sometimes. My partner looks at me like a mad women, as I yelp in pain, but they pass and I might not get them for a few days. I've had no sign of bleeding, and I went for a 5 week scan, everything was fine, baby was growing in the right place and a the correct size. I'm going for another one on Wednesday, should be able to see more and hear the babys heartbeat. As soon as I've finished this, I'm straight on Google looking for a Hi Bebe, whatever it maybe. speak soon Kelly
by mummykelly 11th Nov 2008, 9:49am
Hi Rallysandall

Could you please tell me what a Hi bebe is and where you purchased it from?
by Tiema 5th Nov 2008, 9:09am
Hi everyone. I'm new to this, 1st time Mum to be, week 8. I've had lots of cramps, like period pain and pain in lower back. Was a bit worried and can't talk to friends cos not telling yet, very hard! Spoke to pregnancy support centre, who said it was totally fine. Also had sharp pains on right side. To be on the safe side they gave me an early scan and it was apparently a small cyst, nothing to worry about though. Was really reassured by this and was lovely to see baby's heartbeat on scan. Looking forward to next scan, not til 13+5, seems ages. So if you are having cramps / pain, don't worry too much, in my case everything is fine and normal. SOOOOO tired though and very queasy, not actually sick, just feel like I'm going to be. And my boobs feel like someone has been using them as a punch bag!
by ollie1 3rd Nov 2008, 10:09am
has anybody found anything that works to help stop sore breasts. mine constantly hurt.
by max27 3rd Nov 2008, 10:09am
iam currently 8 week and 2 days i am so bloated i feel around 5 months but they tell me this is normal and different in every pregnancy i had a early scan at 6+4 and all is well due to a miscarrage and spotting but all looks well this time around and iam so tired. i heard the heartbeat every night on my doppler witch is so reasuring i would advise any body to get one i have the hi bebe one and i can hear and im only 8 weeks x
by rallysandall 28th Oct 2008, 9:19am
I'm very nearly 8 weeks, and had my first scan today, dated me at 7+5, had a scan due to the fact i have been experiencing spotting of blood, i would just like to say i was so worried, had convinced myself i must had or was losing the baby, i'm here to offer reassurance to anybody else that might experience this, don't think the worse, the scan showed my little bean, quite active with a strong heartbeat present, i can't describe the feeling when i saw this, was so happy i cried...heres to the next 7mths!!!
by simonekate 24th Oct 2008, 8:58am
hey everyone, im new on here and im really suffering, 24/7 sickness, i carnt do nothing, its my children i feel for as im not my mumish self, i feel as if im letting them down, and somedays i dont know how im gonna make it through the day, has anyone else suffered like this, some advice please !
by pr27 21st Oct 2008, 8:57am
Hello everyone,
I am new too.I am 8 and half weeks pregnant with my first - excited but nervous. I am so relieved that others have has cramps and feel so tired - I was worried I was the only one! Am v exctited about being a mum but am trying not to make too many plans yet as I know it is early days and things can happen. Hard not to though!
by furseman 20th Oct 2008, 10:50am
im 8 weeks pregnant and suffering really bad morning sickness all day never had with others too so its so depressing but also had a missed misscarrage yrs ago so cant wait to get to my 12th week then i can settle again as im so worried xxxx
by grooveybell 20th Oct 2008, 10:50am
im eight weeks pregnant and havin reali bad mornin and night sickness :( its horrible. im feelin reali tired all the time and dont have energy to do anthin.. i had reali bad cramps in my stomach but they seem to have stopped, im soo happy bout becomin a mum :) and i cnt wait to see she/he for the first time :D
by sarahannex 10th Oct 2008, 9:06am
Hi there everyone! I'm new too. Found out only last week that I was 7 weeks already! The last week has dragged like crazy. Gemma 86, I've just had my first blood test this morning, no idea when the next is though! I'm having my first scan next week at 9 weeks, not intentionally though, I got told 3 weeks ago I have polycystic ovaries! Yeah right! So I've got my scan for that next week so I'm being cheeky in having one early. This is my first pregnancy and so far the sickness hasn't been too bad, but I'm in bed by 9 at the latest and my boobs are really sore and tender! The tightness across my stomache still comes and goes, but last week they were like horrific period cramps! I also get really cold really easily so my heating is on full blast constantly!!! This kid is being expensive already!!!
by freyacew 3rd Oct 2008, 8:56am
Hi everyone i'm new too, when do yo normally get morining sickness as not had a thing yet don't even feel sick at all. Feelin bit tired but other than that just feel on top of the world. When do you normally get a blood test is at same time of havin first scan?
by gemma86 30th Sep 2008, 8:49am
Hi i am new on here!!!!!
i am 8wks and 2 days, i am having very bad morning sickness either feeling sick or been sick all throughout the day, also feeling tired all the time, with my 1st pregnancy with my little boy, i had a bit of sickness and felt like i could run a marathon. but with this one i wake up get ready for work which takes me about an hour and a half as been sick!!!! feel tired all the time and could sleep forever!!!
i have tried eating ginger etc but nothing works!!! i am loosing weight!!!!!!
plus i am having my 1st scan at 10 weeks why is it that early i had my lasy scan with my little boy at 12 and a half weeks? would love to know if anyone else is going for a scan early?
by sara2006 22nd Sep 2008, 9:00am
hello i'm new..... i found out at 5 weeks and time seems to have dragged sooooooooooooo slowly since then... i keep wondering if i'm going to reach 12 weeks ever....! I've had some tummy pains - cramps almost like - apparently its normal as things get bigger.... had a bit of sickness and slightly tender boobs - although when hubbie elbowed me by accident the other night he got a torrent of abuse as they were not slightly tender then.....!! but the worst i find is fatigue..... was in bed at 8pm last night and cannot beleive i've made it to 9pm tonight.... need to get to bed soonish!!
i have not done well at keeping sctumm.... loads of people know already... must be because i was such a party animal before and i'm now well off the radar.... telling parents at 10 weeks so a week and a bit..... feel a fraud though as i have nothing to show them other than ill fitting trousers (maybe too many pies - not the baby the size of a large grape!) i want MY SCAN!!!! Would love to hear how you lovely laydeez are doing..... x
by Raglette 3rd Sep 2008, 9:24am
I am so, so tired. I feel exhausted, but I have not done that much. Day off today, but there is so much to do that I dont feel like it is a day off at all. This is my first pregnancy and it is going ok, just looking forward to my 12 week scan and then I will breathe a bit of relief, and be able to tell everyone! My husband is being very supportive, so I am very lucky. And Mel67, I have back ache and mild stomach pains too, so I presume it is normal!!
by Christinem79 14th Jul 2008, 8:48am
This is my 1st pregnancy at 41 years of age. I keep getting mild stomach ache and back ache. Is this normal?
by Mel67 7th Jul 2008, 1:49pm
This is nothing like the first time. I feela bit of a fraud actually cos there's no sickness or anything. Feeling absolutely cream crackered most of the time tho. Molly's in childminders today and enrolling in nursery tomorrow (yeah...bad mum). Roll on 11/12 weeks so i can see l'il bob for real. Ok so all this grape shenanigans, why does it say all this above (v. descriptive) but when you go to look at the development page the baby doesn't look anything like! I understand the difference between development age and pregnancy age so why don't they describe the baby in it's actual size (developmental). Am I making sense, I just read this back and it's not making much sense to me.
by lornski 7th Apr 2008, 2:44pm
God my boobs HURT! I've gone from an A to a C cup since coming off contraception and now I must be at least a GG which has led me to develop a penchant for singing 'working 9 to 5' and 'Jolene'. I now know how Dolly must feel if it's true that she can't sleep on her front.
Hubby of course thinks this is all great - the only disappointment so far for him has been the realisation that perhaps not all expectant mothers feel rampant. Oh well!
Constantly feel nauseauous (never could spell - but you know what I mean!). I feel robbed. I've given up alcohol and have worse sickness than any hangover.
Anyway, baby-beast must weigh at least 3lbs as that's how much I've put on. Bloody large grape is all I can say. Must have been 'genetically modified' the one they've compared it to.
Just been looking at maternity wear (no idea when I'll start showing) - is it just me or is everything in black, grey and white? Ugh. If I wanted to look like a chess board I'd ask, but come on! Since when have black and grey been summer colours anyway?
Must dash and look busy....
by Plod 31st Mar 2008, 8:20am
i've been mighty tired too this week i think that this has been the worse week so far i hope that next week is better
by dowson 25th Mar 2008, 9:05am
Well, I've now been signed off for a further week. I have never known fatigue like this, I can't do anything :(
by smelen 19th Mar 2008, 9:18am
All of a suddden my nausea has really increased and i have a permanent fever!!! what do i do? i thought i was one of em lucky ones that go through pregnancies without the almighty morning sickness but i got it wrong! Nothing seems to stay in my stomach anymore! HELP
by zooby 27th Feb 2008, 9:23am