Pregnancy week 41

Pregnancy calendar - symptoms of week 41 of pregnancy - playing the waiting game.

You may find yourself feeling frustrated that your due date has come and gone and you're still waiting for b-day. Try to stay relaxed and calm and remember that your due date was only an estimation based on averages rather than a scientific prediction. This is why many of those in the medical profession refer to due dates as 'Estimated Dates of Delivery' (EDD) instead. Only 5% babies arrive on their due date, but rest assured, 98% arrive before the end of week 42 so the end is almost in sight.

Make the most of the baby-free time you have left to relax; catch up with friends, go to the cinema or get your hair cut - indulgences you may not have time for when baby arrives (not for a little while at least).

While you should try and get as much rest as possible to help save your energy for the birth, a gentle walk may help you to relax and (if old wives tales are anything to go by) may actually bring on labour.

You may be suffering with indigestion, heartburn or nausea, try to eat smaller, fibre-rich meals throughout the day and avoid fatty foods to help with this. Make sure you drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated too.


Your baby's internal organs will now be completely formed and his or her little lungs will be readying themselves to take their first gasp of air after delivery. There is likely to be little lanugo left on your baby's skin, although some may remain in creases behind the ears.

Your baby will still be putting on weight but at a slower rate and will still be moving around, although due to the lack of space the movements are likely to feel very different. You should still continue to count your baby's kicks right until you go into labour - there should be at least 10 in approximately 4 hours.

Although you are likely to be visiting your doctor much more regularly at the moment, you should still contact them immediately if you have any concerns as to the health of your baby.

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am in my 41st week i really paranoid its my first baby so I don't know how things work and what really happens......

all I think about is when am I gonna have the baby....

am sure a lot of women would have gone through the same thing and am not alone...
by rimz 27th Oct 2010, 3:41pm