Pregnancy week 39

Pregnancy calendar: week 39 of being pregnant - The phone may never seem to stop ringing at the moment as everyone wants to know if you have gone into labour.

You may be very tired and uncomfortable by now, so enjoy any rest you can get. You may also have trouble sleeping now because of your big bump. The phone may never seem to stop ringing at the moment as everyone wants to know if you have gone into labour.

Your baby

The bones in your baby's skull are ready for birth. They can slide over each other and overlap, allowing the head to pass through the cervix without damage.

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Hey, I'm 39+3 days and I went into hospital because I thought my waters where trickling at about 37 weeks...they did an examination and told me they were still there and everything was fine and sent me home... i had a scan Tuesday just gone and they tell me iv been leeking fluid for 4 weeks and the baby isnt in enough fluid and they want to induce me, i dont want to be induced... the thought of it scares me :( so im trying to get things going before they induce me... iv tried curry, walking, the swings in the park, a warm bath, pressure points, yoga, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea and iv been for a run... nothing!! help?
by Rizz 11th Apr 2011, 9:36am
Getting tired of being tired! luckily, my 16 month old loves her sleep, but I wake up each night anyway and cant get back to sleep for hours :( Struggling with sciatica, so its really hard to get comfy.
found the first pregnancy really scary, but this time Im soooo excited to meet the new baby and despite all the aches and pains I'm enjoying being pregnant. I actually feel a bit sad already that this might be my last pregnancy!
for all you ladies doing it for the first time, enjoy every minute, because you never get to have your first baby again...try to relax so that you can remember every lovely detail! good luck :)
by heatherberry 7th Feb 2011, 9:21am
Getting tired of the phone calls. Just want it over now; back is sore, ankles swollen and the Hicks are fluttering. Not sleeping to well and getting really bad heart burn. Can't wait to meet my little boy, but had enough of being sooo big i can bearly do anything.
by Mscottee 26th May 2009, 12:37pm
Hi anyone who is pregnant with high blood pressure beware that you could be sent to hospital early, thats what happened with me. I was kept in 2 days before they induced me and my baby boy was a week early. We are both home now and doing well but nothing prepares you for the long lengthy labour.Just get plenty of rest and keep your blood pressure down by drinking lots and resting... Ps all you ladies complaining about phone calls and texts dont, cuz those people who are asking are going to be your best friends when you are wanting some help with baby. Also when you have the 3 day baby blues those friends and family can help you put your life into perspective and give you the love and attention you will crave, this is deff a new phase in ones life and should be treasured and enjoyed... motherhood has its rewards and when baby smiles up at you, all the pain and worries will pale into comparison. Good luck and take care new mums and dads.. i know I am enjoying each and every second of mother nature...
by beenzo1 21st May 2009, 9:15am
i no how you feel im also 39 weeks im not that botherd i no when the babyis ready it will arrive in the world im just fed up with people asking phoning or let me no and your right it is a private time you just want your hubby kids there but some people dont get the hint my advice is take it easy ad dont let them get to takecare all you mums to be.
by aslamalaikum 28th Apr 2009, 10:16am
If one more person phones or texts to see if Ive gone yet im going to scream and people asking that they be contacted as soon as I would go into labour. Do thay not understand that giving birth is a private thing between you and your partner with out half the country ringing to see how your getting on aaahhhh!!!
by minnieb 30th Jan 2008, 9:11am