Pregnancy week 36

Pregnancy calendar: week 36 of being pregnant - Your baby is running out of room and may squirm vigorously to get comfy.

You may have begun your maternity leave now and are at home all day. Take the opportunity to rest whenever possible. Help avoid feelings of isolation or loneliness by making contact with other mother and baby groups in your area. You may experience 'lightening', when the head engages into the pelvic cavity. In a second pregnancy this happen in week 40 or in labour. If you are feeling uncomfortably heavy by now try going for a gentle swim or having a warm bath.

Your baby

Your baby is gaining about half an ounce of fat a day to cope with the lower temperatures she will experience after the birth. Your baby is running out of room and may squirm vigorously to get comfy.

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hi i v just had some bad news at my 36 week scan that my babys head is a bit narrow is this common can any one tell me
by penni 14th May 2010, 5:41pm
i was 34 weeks 5 days today i went to the doctors and they changed my due date from feb 14 to feb 9 does that mean i am 36 weeks not 34
by msrivera 11th Jan 2010, 4:14pm
This is my first post on here. Im normally a fairly private person but I would welcome anyone elses advice or experience as Im getting fed up of not being given answers!! Im 35 wks with my 3rd baby and have been given a diagnosis of polyhydramnios (too much water) for the last 3 weeks. I do not have Diabetes or any infection going on. They keep saying that all looks ok with the baby but they cannot be sure until I deliver. I have been told that I will not get a c-section. They then told me yesterday that it is too dangerous to have an induction but would not elaborate as to why?? In the next breath they say that I must get to hospital asap if my waters break because of the risk of umbilical prolapse or placental abruption! I was advised to just keep plodding on, getting huger and huger and go back for (yet) another scan next wk. Had anyone else had polyhydramnios - and if so, how wad your labour managed?? Thanks for listening to my ramblings :)
by bex1971 13th Nov 2009, 12:50pm
i have just had news that my baby is not growing properly and as lack of blood circulation and is not eating right i have to go back for another scan in a week it as made me worried that somthing is wrong it's my first pregnancy does any one know what i should do
by carbry 13th Mar 2008, 8:35am