Pregnancy week 30

Pregnancy calendar at week 30 of being pregnant - Your uterus is pushed up even further now, which puts pressure on your bladder and spine, making you prone to backache.

Your uterus is pushed up even further now, which puts pressure on your bladder and spine, making you prone to backache. Remember to eat healthily so you both get the nutrients you need.

Your baby

Your baby's swallowing and sucking skills are developing. Your baby will spend about 80 per cent of her sleeping time in REM (dream) mode. If you are expecting a boy, his testicles are beginning to make their journey towards the groin area from their position near the kidneys.

Your baby's immune system is beginning to develop. Your baby is at her most active this week as there is still enough room to move about. There is lots of rapid brain development at this stage, as the nerve fibres develop to allow brain impulses to travel faster and so increase your baby's ability to learn.

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its it normal for me at 27weeks to have really painful backache as i have my 1st child who is only 10 months, and every day I'm suffering down my right side I rung my midwife she said its down to my cervix relaxing but it is very painful at some points of the day, sometimes it doesn't hurt at all but when i gave birth to my son i had back labour, could that be anything to do with the pain i get now??? xx
by Annaholiday 8th Nov 2010, 11:23am
hi i am 30 weeks pregnant, i also feel pressure down there, i think that its due to the fact that my bladder is fuller quickly..:) Our little girl is due 6th march 2010. Good luck everyone and congratulations. 8-)
by shelby87 30th Dec 2009, 9:55am
yes i am. I am getting this crazy pressure on my bladder, And can feel weird movements down there...I hope she is not like getting ready or something and coming down. I feel pressure and then the sudden urge to pee! almost like i might pee my pants!!! is anyone else getting this??
by MarleysMama 12th Nov 2009, 9:33am
is anyone worried about their baby being born healthy, i know this is really silly but i am panicking something - first time mum - due New Years Eve xx
by kellmakk 19th Oct 2009, 10:17am
Have just gone 30 weeks and finding it difficult to wall to long getting plenty of cramp in my legs but she's moving alot she is due on 16 december can't wait
by Dh09 12th Oct 2009, 10:04am
I have just gone 30 wks, I've had a great pregnancy so far. No sickness, no swollen ankles, feet etc. Had a craving for satsumas and peeled raw potato. I don't like the fact that I can't paint my own toenails. I know what I'm having but my partner and i are keeping it a secret for everyone else. I'm due 14th Dec so I'm hoping it's on time.
by JPS81 9th Oct 2009, 9:22am
Just gone 30 weeks, bit of an emotional journey. Have been realy sickly and have just split up with my partner. Bit fed up and sick of having fat fingers, feet, ankles, arms, legs and a massive backside. Trying to eat healthy but, creme eggs seem to keep me going. Baby seems to get in way every time I bend over, not too sure what I keep squashing. Been told its a boy.
by allam 20th Mar 2009, 9:11am
am 30weeks pregnant with my first :S.having a little boy,gna cal him finley. so far everythin has gne great with my pregnancy,no mrnin sikness,no swolen feet or nothin,everythins fab.nearly gt evrythin nw also,just a few little last min bits that arnt really a desperate.i am due 27th april,cnt wait,so excited :)
by HugeBump09 23rd Feb 2009, 1:01pm
im 30 wks preggers with my second baby my little girl jess is 2yrs and im having another girl im gonna call her chloe grace this pregnancy has been alot more relaxing how is everyone else feeling x im due 29 jan
by sherrieB 24th Nov 2008, 9:37am