Pregnancy week 3

Pregnancy guide: week 3 of being pregnant - Your fertilised egg is travelling doen your fallopian tube towards your uterus..

Seven days after implantation, chemical signals are sent to stop your period. You may experience some spotting when your egg implants itself into the uterus wall.

Your baby

Your fertilised egg is travelling down your fallopian tube towards your uterus, dividing and multiplying into a cluster of cells (known as a blastocyst). Your partner's sperm determines whether your baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

By the end of the week your fertilised egg will have embedded itself into the uterus wall and will begin to grow. At the same time the placenta (afterbirth) begins to develop. This, via the umbilical cord will be your baby's link with you as he or she develops.

The cells develop into a flat disc, no bigger than the size of a pinhead that contains three layers. The innermost layer will become your baby's organs, urinary and digestive systems. The middle layer will form your baby's bones, muscle, heart and blood vessels. The outer layer will produce your baby's brain, backbone, nervous system, skin, eyes and ears. As early as the second week a dark mark appears on your embryo's back, marking the start of the spinal cord.

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Hi my bf and I had unprotected sex on the 13th day after my cycle. I then began 2feel nausea and tired bt at abt 6days l8r I experienced mild cramps on the lower left of my abdomn n brownsh discharge. 4days latr I had my regular period
Now the pregnancy symptoms are still there I took 2 hme PT n I got neg results I still hav th cramps, my temperature is way too high n I hv lower bck n abdmn pains bt they nt severe cud I be preggies?
by faith19 20th Jun 2013, 3:11pm
I think i am pregnant, but i think i am 3 weeks... I hate this waiting game i just want to know !
by Riissiie 9th May 2011, 10:29am
hi i think i am 3weeks gone as i was due on Sunday and did not come on lol and i did a test on the Sunday nite and found out i was going to have a baby then on the Monday went to the doctors and did a clear blue test and it said i was 2-3 weeks so i am not sure yet but have been feeling sick and had some cramps and have been to the loo loads lol cant wait to be a mum and my partner is really happy to be a dad just waiting fo the midwife to call now for my scan hehe xxxxx
by Han1989 11th Apr 2011, 9:41am
do all mums-to-be suffer from morning sickness?
by justme1970 5th Nov 2010, 5:02pm
Hi!! i was told by doctors im just after 4 weeks, but i worked it out that i think im only around 3 weeks ( if i calculate from when i would have ovulated ) I found out i was pregnant on Monday 10th October, and on the Tuesday I had cramping all day which worried me, i also had a bit of blood (about 2 drops). I went to the hospital and they gave me an Ultrasound which showed no Sac or anything, but it did show I had a thick lining in my womb and everything else looked healthy, she advised me it was too early to see anything anyway and not to worry ( she told me i was just after 4 weeks) . Anyway today cramping has stopped going constant, i can still feel it every hour or so, and when i went to toilet i noticed one drop of Browish blood. I have to go back to hopsital on Thursday and get my blood taken again to see if the hormones are doubling, but im just so worried that ive had a miscarriage, as its fairly common and it really sounds like it. Either that or its implantation bleeding. Anyone experienced the same as me or have any advise?? this is my first pregnancy and im terrified of anything going wrong :(
by Lauralush 13th Oct 2010, 12:00pm
Hi everybody, congratulations on your pregnancies, hope they are all joyous occasions. We should not forget that some people get pregnant accidentally/unexpectedly and are consequently scared silly and unprepared. My advice is to find a friend, family, and/or medical professional who you can confide in and get the answers to your questions and fears. If you are unable to do this, go and buy a book or two. There are all sorts available for those who need the facts, and also ones that help you deal with your particular emotions if you are young or going to a single parent etc. or have a special medical condition. Good luck and try to relax!
We've just tried for our second baby, so could be about 3 weeks along if successful. I conceived first month of trying last time round, was just wondering if anybody knows if I am likely to conceive as quickly, 14 months between first baby and second attempt, had an emergency c-section, otherwise no complications. Periods arrived two months before I stopped breast-feeding at 11 months, so periods started 9 months after giving birth and have been regular and normal since. I do have endometriosis, so was very lucky to conceive so quickly, expected it to take at least 6months - 2 years! Fingers crossed.
by MrsBugs 3rd Sep 2010, 10:09am
3 weeks pregnant, scared, whats gonna be happening to me at this stage?
by racahelc1aire 14th Dec 2009, 9:25am
I'm sure your baby is fine, it really is only the size of a pin head as it has only been developing for a week, as you are not actually pregnant for the first 2 weeks. Don't panic as it will only stress you out and the first 12 weeks are vital so try and relax and not worry
by kylie1987 6th Oct 2009, 11:44am
Hi All,
Last week I check to my doctor, because I was 5 days late for my period, and I do a pregnancy test and the result is Positive. after asking the date of my last period, the doctor predict that my baby was about 3 weeks. But when doing scanning Inside, the doctor Didn't see anything.. I was SO WORRY.. The doctor Affraid that I might have ectopic pregnancy, and told me to comeback 2 more weeks, to do scanning again... and to see what really happen.
Now, I wait in worry and affraid that the worse can Happen. I'm so confuse, what could happen??
Is it possible that the doctor just could not see yet my baby, because its just 3 weeks old? Or I'm having an ectopic pregnancy? Can I have more Explanation about this please?? =(
by LuluJkt 9th Sep 2009, 10:37am
hi all ,
please i need help ive been having pregancy syptoms :feeling sick all day bloated stomach ,eating alot ,weeing more for 2 weeks now im due to come on my period in 5 days i have taken 2 pregancy tests which came back negative i really think im pregant but just now i went to the toilet and i had the most terrible pain in the side of my stomach and then a little bit of blood and now im having period pains but the bleeding has stop it was just a little bit im really confused could i be pregant please please help : )
by bella91 22nd Jul 2009, 9:33am
I came of my pill last aug 2008, my periods have been every 5 weeks apart from last month they were 29 days later. Im due my period on sunday going by a 28 day cycle. But monday night before i went to bed i noticed a little pink in my discharge, but did'nt think anything of it, and i had sex with my hubby and when he pulled out, he noticed a pinkie colour blood on him, when i went to the toilet i noticed it was also on the tissue. so i wore a pad thinking my period may of started early. But nothing else has happened. I have been having sex every 2-4 days since my last period hopeing to get lucky this month, i worked out if i am preg that i would be about 3 weeks. So i was wondering if it could of been an implant bleed. I bought 2 preg test, but i want to wait till sunday to see if my period comes, as i dont want to get my hopes up!! Has anyone else experienced?? If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated!!
by roobaby 9th Apr 2009, 9:22am
I too had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago (Found out at 12 week scan). I ovulated early this week so keeping my fingers crossed that I am pregnant again!!!!
by AnnieJ 3rd Apr 2009, 9:08am
Hi. i had a misscarraige only 3 weeks ago (i was 10weeks gone) and we wanted to try straight away. i know it sounds absolutly crazy but i know im pregnant. i only ovulated 5 days ago so am unable to get a possitive test result but i just know. i cannot wait till the end of the week when i can do a proper test!
by Jenni3 4th Feb 2009, 8:46am
My fiance and I decided to try for a baby just before Christmas (I already have 2 teenage boys). I did a digital test at the weekend which was positive and I am 3 weeks pregnant. Naively we did not anticipate conceiving this quickly but can't tell you all how thrilled and excited we both are. We are still at the stage where we can't believe it is happening. Want to tell the world but can't, it's the biggest and hardest secret to keep. I'm feeling sick all day everyday, apart from when I am eating! Breasts feel swollen/tingly and my appetite has increased. This is so special!!
by Den1970 28th Jan 2009, 9:00am
Im just in the middle of the second week and im starting to feel strange - i don't feel like eating and just don't feel right - can not explain what I mean - but has anyone else felt like this? I have been pregnant before, however I don't remember feeling like this - is it just me wanting this so much or is it a sign?
by Fishy 21st May 2008, 8:47am
I've just done an IVF cycle so I know my two embryos are in me. I am getting fluttering feelings in my tummy & just hope this is a sign that the blastocysts are implanting.
by Sillylally 26th Mar 2008, 9:02am