Pregnancy week 29

Pregnancy guide: week 29 of being pregnant - You may be getting cramp in your calves at night as your muscles work harder carrying the extra weight about.

You could start maternity leave this week if you notified your employer in time. Over the next few weeks your breasts may increase by up to a third of their usual size. You may be getting cramp in your calves at night as your muscles work harder carrying the extra weight about. If cramp strikes force your heel right down to stretch the muscle. If you are planning to practice labour positions then this is the time to start. Squatting is great as it encourages your pelvis to open.

Your baby

Your baby's eyes are the colour of muscle, slate grey and the irises can now dilate and contract in response to light. Your baby is now small but perfectly formed. By now there is quite a variation in size and weight between one baby and another. In the next 11 weeks your baby will probably triple in weight. All organs are fully developed but will continue to mature in readiness for the birth.

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I have the opposite problem im 28 weeks and 3 days and a growth scan puts my baby at 3lbs 7 and way over the 95%. I think it just goes to show we are all so different and equally worried about the size of our babies due to pressures about perfect babies. I just hope we all here in 11 weeks time boasting about our beautiful babies xxxx Jo
by swanni 28th Mar 2011, 8:47am
Hi, I'm also 29 weeks pregnant with my second child, I wouldnt worry too much Shivali, I wasnt very big in my first pregnancy, they didnt measure my bump at all and then sent me for a scan at about 38 weeks to check the baby was normal size (and he was absolutely fine by the way) This time they have already mentioned my bump not being very big and keeping an eye on its growth but im not too concerned! Try not to worry, everyone is different!! x
by mummybailey 25th Aug 2010, 9:14am
I am 29 weeks pregnant and it is my first child. I am bit concerned about my bump size which seems to be not big as I see other pregnant ladies.
by Shivali77 23rd Aug 2010, 10:22am
I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my second child i have a little boy who's 2 and a half and am expecting another lil boy my first pregnancy was brill i lost 3 stone with sickness and didn't feel tired at all this time i lost a stone and half with sickness and am just started to feel tired all the time even walking up the hill to the shops i get stitch pains its very different this time round running around after lil one too u don't realise how much your doing i finish work in 3 weeks and will be glad of the rest as i work 3 night shifts a week 8pm till 8am i worked up till a week before i had my first but worked days then as i work nights i'm glad i chose to finish earlier x
by LauraTylerandBump 12th Aug 2010, 10:36am
28 wks and 5 days. i am 22 yrs old, first child. lil boyyyy :) cant wait to meet him xox
by louadambabybenjamin 18th May 2010, 5:16pm
Jonto its lovely to hear a supportive partner. and remember now matter how much she moans at you, she does appreciate all the help you give her. its not bad luck to buy things at all just bad luck to have the pram in the house. Hope all goes well
by Moore3250 14th May 2010, 4:49pm
Its just an old wives tale that tells wheels in the house before baby comes home is bad luck. Buy your pram leave it at your mums house. My daughter has already bought everything she needs for my new grandson's arrival, we are all so excited. Good luck to you all from Amie's mum.
by Lollypop26 14th May 2010, 3:50pm
Hello I'm 29 weeks suffering anemia get crazy headaches infront of ma face I don't know what to do as this is my third child
by abbyshak 13th Jul 2009, 9:05am
My fiancee is 29 weeks and we are having a girl. As a guy im just trying to support her as much as poss but also keep her calm. Also we are trying to prepare and buy things like pram, clothes, etc, although ive heard this is unlucky. You have to be a bit prepared! Wish everyone luck!
by jonto 24th Apr 2009, 9:28am
Hiya im 23 pregnant with my 2nd glad to be having a boy this time round. my lil girl is 5 and so exited. I havent suffered at all this time round. He is pushing on my bladder alot though. no cravings as yet lots of man trouble and left work this week. need soooo much sleep its unreal. found this site to be brill used it week by week. im gunna name him Alfie.
by SarahThompson 30th Mar 2009, 9:38am
hi i am 16 years old and this is my fristed i cant wait till she born am 29 weeks and it a little girl and gunna call her crystal :)
by xoxclarexox 2nd Feb 2009, 10:44am
hi i am 22years old and got the 4th one on the i am 29 weeks and its my 1st BOY i can not wait.
by tas1987 3rd Nov 2008, 10:12am