Pregnancy week 24

Pregnancy guide: week 24 of being pregnant - Your uterus may be putting pressure on your digestive organs, contributing to heartburn.

Your uterus may be putting pressure on your digestive organs, contributing to heartburn. You may also be experiencing a more spotty complexion than you are used to, this is very common and you skin should settle down after your baby is born.

You may start getting breathless as hormones swell the capillaries of your respiratory tract and relax the muscle of your lungs, and your growing uterus pushes against your diaphragm and crowds your lungs. You may have trouble with your concentration and memory as hormones surge through your body.

Sleeping may be difficult as your thoughts are dominated by the baby and as your bump grows, and you may have to stop sleeping on your back or front. Sleeping on your left side allows the maximum flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta and helps your kidneys function better.

Your baby

At 24 weeks your baby becomes legally viable and if your baby was born now she would have a reasonable chance of survival outside your womb in an intensive care unit.

Your baby will now be able to kick and may well have a sleep and wake cycle you can notice. She may get hiccups brought on by her primitive chest movements, which she makes to practice her breathing techniques. Your baby will now measure more than the width of a magazine.

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when is it the right time to start your maternity leave
by joesieme 20th Jun 2013, 3:44pm
I will be 24 weeks tomorrow, im just wondering why i havent felt any real strong kicks yet? Is this normal? This is my second child in 11 years.
by gloria42 25th Jan 2012, 9:28am
I think i am about average size for 24 weeks. I am so ready to see my little bundle of joy, which is my second lil one.
by MRSGREEN 5th Sep 2011, 11:14am
I'm 24 weeks pregnant today, love the feel of my baby kicking. It's also great to read up on how big he approximate;y is and what he is up to, so to speak, each week. I'm pretty big but am on baby number 3. Looking forward to sorting our nursery out soon. God luck to all expectant mums out there, I love being pregnant, hope you are enjoyng it all too. xxx
by Kate34 26th Apr 2011, 5:44pm
24 weeks and am HUGE....well its our 2nd and maybe thats why(am consoling myself) but am more tired more pressure...its such a joy though when the baby kicks just brings a smile.Happy pregnancy y'all and lotsa luck as we count down.
by tutsie18 19th Nov 2010, 5:42pm
Am into my 24th week. i have low placenta. but i do not know what exactly that means. what all should i be doing and/or avoiding. mm.. bt definitely my baby is tickling me and its really a very nice feeling.. god bless us all...
by khushii 11th Oct 2010, 9:08am
Yeah..24 weeks and counting. Chonde you are is a relieve to know that the baby will survice outside our wombs should we deliver early. Our twins are due a the end of Nov. Just went ona shopping spree to buy car seats and strollers. As for clothes, we are getting some hand-me-downs, and will shop a little bit later for more. Wishing everyone a healthy pregnancy. Keep happy!
by josette73 27th Aug 2009, 8:42am
I am the same and very tiny for 24 weeks
by JQL 22nd Jul 2009, 9:35am
Hi i'm 24 weeks and would like to know when can i start buying cloths for my unborn baby- Noni
by noni26 7th Jul 2009, 10:04am
I am 24 weeks but my bump is that small. People think I am lying when I tell them that I am 24 weeks. But I am glad and happy that if my baby were to be born today she would survive. By the way I have not done the scanning to know the gender, I want it to be a surprise I am just buiyng things in neutral colours. Ladies there are few surprises left in the world and this is one of them!! Wishing everyone a happy and health pregnancy
by chonde 8th May 2009, 9:52am
When is the growth of oesophegus taking place during pregnancy.
by sonalishashi 20th Apr 2009, 9:30am
yay 24 weeks xD, i am so glad my little girl has a chance of surviving now, i can stop worrying as much, she kicks way too much I swear, keeps me up, i have quite a big bump aswell, they say its normal, and its different for other people, depends on your weight and your height =] x
by VickiDoodDah 17th Feb 2009, 9:43am
i feel whether my baby will survive or not whether baby will born fit or with everything alrighy. baby kicks regularly dont allow me to sleep
by mahfuz26 15th Jan 2009, 5:33pm
people say am big for 24week could this be a problem
by khadijah 10th Oct 2008, 9:08am
by wilky1982 16th Sep 2008, 8:59am
am 24 weeks n still gota lil bump lol havin a boy x
by xlorax 3rd Sep 2008, 9:24am
I want to know,how to deal with the cramps on the my uterus.
by madeli 7th Aug 2008, 9:18am
am 24 weeks now but the moment of my baby has slow down.I want to know whether is normal.
by lovies 24th Sep 2007, 8:34am