Pregnancy week 21

Pregnancy information: week 21 of being pregnant - Your waistline will be truly disappearing at this stage as your uterus starts to move up above your navel.

Your waistline will be truly disappearing at this stage as your uterus starts to move up above your navel. It should be quite obvious that you are pregnant, though some women are bigger than others. You may be noticing slight swelling in your lower legs in the evening. Avoid puffy feet and ankles by circling your feet regularly whenever you have time. Try to rest with your feet up. As your skin stretches over your bump it might start to itch. If you are feeling your baby move, you will probably notice your baby moving more, with him or her more active when you are resting and still when you are on the move.

Your baby

Your baby now weighs half the weight of a tin of beans. Talk to your baby, as he or she will hear your muffled voice. Your baby can swallow amniotic fluids, some experts believe this gives the growing baby some essential nutrients. Your baby is steadily gaining fat in order to keep warm.

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Hi am 21 weeks and i feel my baby moving a lot during lunch hour and it feels so ticklish sometimes uncomfortable. Am having back pains quiet a lot and am wondering if this is normal? I get nightmares a lot and i can't sleep after i wake up is anyone else feeling the same or am i going mad?
by Amarula 8th Aug 2013, 9:58am
Only now starting to look pregnant - finally ! but the baby is moving lots now which is great! found out shes a little girl this week too =D ! so happy lol - LOVE this web siteits probably saved me from a million paranoied " is that normal?! " questions ive had XD
by ChArLoTtE333 24th Aug 2011, 9:49am
Its a boy :) i feel tired all the time but otherwise great. I already have a 4 year old daughter so one of each is brilliant. Last one for me lol. Hope everyones doing well :)
by Maddyandbumpsmammy 12th Aug 2010, 8:55am
Am I the only one that finds askbaby's size and weight analogies a bit random? Your baby weighs half a tin of beans?! What if it's one of those industrial sized tins of beans they use in soup kitchens? We're in big trouble. What about Week 22 - "your baby is the size of an envelope". Go figure
by Larry 14th May 2010, 1:12pm
hello all...just found out this week that we are having a boy, although i knew i was right from the beginning (call it mothers intuition)...had to explain to our 8yr daughter that i won't love her anyless- she made the comment that now i have my boy i won't want her anymore..i put it in her terms, explaining that a mum's love is like a magic porridge pot and more of it grows n that i will them both in different ways n that i don't need another girl and that now she will always be my one and only princess.....hope every1 is growing beautifully
by ejay78 6th Dec 2009, 6:17pm
Hi Everyone!
I'm 22 and 21 weeks pregnant with our first, which is a miracle. At the start of my pregnancy i was totally suffering, i had hypmeresis..Lost over 2 stone in weight and had to be hospitalized twice.
Now i am feeling amazing, sometimes i even forget i am pregnant, but my big belly reminds me lol. Me and my husband go to find out our childs gender in 3 days (Tuesday 27th), Am soooo excited. i feel the baby slightly, No kicks though, just slightly feel it move close to my belly button :). I can't wait to meet our child on 6th ,macrh 2010... I hope everyone else is having a wonderful time being pregnant.. good luck everyone.. Thought i'd update to let you all know we have been told we are having a little girl x so so happy x
by shelby87 28th Oct 2009, 9:08am
im having a boy too due 1st of jan 2010, im so excited!!!! im showing alot even though i am 5ft 6 and was quite small, its all gone on my bump though, no stretchmarks yet either but am rubbing cocoa butter in daily. good luck all xxx
by tupper2778 24th Aug 2009, 9:09am
Really love this site, it's so helpful and correct, thanks so much!
by babybutlins 18th Aug 2009, 9:15am
ITS A BOY!!!! soo pleased, already av 1 gorgous boy so he got a new play mate. im massive and aint worn my normal cloths for 10 weeks. i can feel my baby kicking when ive a hand on my bump, my husband thinks its amazing. good luck to u all, sammi 21weeks x
by sammi78 29th Jun 2009, 9:58am
having a girl. so happy :) not showing much to other people, just look like im putting weight on abit on the tum. slim to begin with and im tall girl at 5 foot 10. i can feel strong kicks now so i know she is definetly there lol lovely feeling. cant wait till my bundle of joy arrives.
by sammybunny 1st Apr 2009, 9:41am
Is it safe to take / drink castor oil during pregnancy? Is it going to cause any abnormalities.
from NS -Joburg
by Nesisa 9th Jan 2009, 9:16am
It's a girl!!! Starting to look pregnant now and had my 20 (1) week scan yesterday, which showed we are expecting a girl. Can't believe that's the last time I'll see the baby 'til she's here. Thinking of all that pink shopping in the sales!!! Hope you and your bumps all have a great Christmas and New Year! Kate x
by KKemp 5th Jan 2009, 9:18am