Pregnancy week 20

Foetus development at week 20 of being pregnant - Lines on the end of her fingertips start to form so your baby now has unique fingertips.

You are now at the halfway stage of your pregnancy. You may have an ultrasound scan lthis week, if you didn't have one last week. You are probably feeling well with more energy than you've had for a while. Your extra energy may produce a greater libido, though not all women experience this.

You will steadily put on weight from now on. Most women gain between one to three stone. Your navel may flatten and pop inside out until after the birth. High levels of oestrogen and progesterone circulate in your body to soften and swell your cervix for childbirth, and can have the same effect on the mucus membranes of your nose causing stuffiness and nosebleeds.

Your baby

Your baby's muscular and nervous systems will have developed sufficiently to be stretching her limbs, though you will not be able to feel this yet. Your baby's growth rate begins to slow down. Lines on the end of her fingertips start to form so your baby now has unique fingertips. Your baby's growth rate slows to allow her lungs, digestive and immune systems to mature. Your baby is now a size that would fit comfortably in your cupped hand.

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My daughter had a scan today at 20 weeks into her pregnancy. The doctor said that the fetus' head to stomach ratio was large and has scheduled her for a second opinion. All other markers/measurements were normal. The doctor said the baby may just be very slim or could have chromosomal abnormalities. I am worried. Does anyone have any input on this issue or experienced something similar?
by Ajee 20th Jun 2013, 3:20pm
Hi, I'm 20 weeks with my 2nd and I'm feeling quite a lot of movement mainly when I'm lying quiet in bed. Havent had my 2nd scan yet, have scan date for a week wednesday. Cant wait to see that everythings ok. I've had quite alot of sickness with this pregnancy, especially when I'm hungry. Has anyone else experienced this? My first baby was O.P so I had a long labour, apart from that it was all normal, I heard that it can happen in successive pregnancies. Does anyone know if this is true? thanks, x
by Tess1983 20th Jun 2013, 3:02pm
my first child is almost eleven months old and am pregnanat again about three weeks and 6 days how do i get more information about my baby.
by lucyoluchi 31st Aug 2011, 9:45am
hi every one, I'm pregnant with my second child i am 19 weeks and 2 days, i haven't got my scan date yet, it all got messed up as no one new i was meant to have one, but luvckly i sorted it and it should be coming through the post soon, i have a little girl 1 yrs old, we are hoping for a little boy this time, but either sex would be fine, i just love children they are so fun especially when they get to 1 and start doing some funny things and saying random things, there just cute, good luck to everyone : ) xx
by superchicke1 7th Dec 2010, 8:45am
Hello Everyone, I am now 19 weeks and 5 days and I am due on 11th April 2011. This is my first baby and I have my 20 week scan on 25th November, me and my partner are so excited to find out the sex, I would like a girl and he a boy but aslong as it's healthy that's all that matters :)
I have been feeling the baby move now for about 4 weeks mainly at night when I am relaxed but have recently felt it in the afternoon when at work I love the feeling.
I feel good at the minute but still get very tired early evening, a nap usually works. I have a trapped nerve in my lower back which keeps playing up and my left leg keeps giving way very attractive when I'm walking down the street and sneeze and my leg gives ha. I have had a few sharp pains ever so often on my right side which I have been told is my uterus and muscles stretching making room for the baby.
I have bought a few things but can't wait to buy coloured clothes and teddies when we find out the sex.

Good luck to you all and I wish you all the healthiest pregnancies and the easiest of labours :) xxx
by Lotty5 19th Nov 2010, 5:42pm
hi all, i am due new years eve, second child, very different pregnancy to my first, i have anunusual pain in my left buttock lol sounds funny but is extremely painfull when standing up or sitting down or what way i lie down, i work full time in a pub so am continually on my feet and now i seem to be running around grabbng my bun at every turn, is this normal?
by twoshot 12th Aug 2010, 11:03am
Hi to all the mum's to be, I am 20 weeks an 2 days and having my scan this friday!!!! so excited and looking forward to finding out if my beautiful baby is going to be a girl or boy. As we have 2 girls 14 and 10 would be nice for a boy, but to be honest i really don't mind.As long as baby is healthy!!
I feel great at the moment, at times feeling tired thou, but love it when baby kicks.And my other children have felt our baby move now, an getting very giddy.
I have even bought a few bit's, and thinking of how we are going to decorate the room.
Good luck to all x
by amber09 27th Jan 2010, 9:28am
Hi all hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas.
I am now 21w 4d. Had 2nd scan Monday 7th Dec found out i am having a little girl and im so excited.
She is so active i love feeling her move about and its also so reassuring.
Still suffering with nausea so it looks like thats here to stay :-( and heartburn is kicking in mainly of a night. I find a ice cold glass of milk helps.
by Carly82 10th Dec 2009, 9:21am
I had my scan today and I am having a healthy baby boy. Im so excited!!
by mummybaxter 8th Dec 2009, 5:56pm
i am also due april 30th 2010 and been feelin baby move since around 12 weeks scan on 11th dec so will be findin out the sex
by Christine09 7th Dec 2009, 10:27am
Hi im having my second baby on apirl 30th 2010 im 19weeks and 3days tomarrow i have gained 9lbs so far i felt my first baby at 10weeks and also this one at 10weeks im 115 and had my girl at 134 so we hope this is a boy iam finding out on tuesday what the baby is we are so excited for the most part i have felt real good so far a little sore and tired but other wise feeling great we get our 2bedroom apartment next week i cant wait to fix up our kids room we are so happy cant wait to bring our new baby home
by katherinehalliday 30th Nov 2009, 10:14am
hi im nearly 20 weeks n its gud 2 no that other people have not felt there bby move cos so much stuff goes on in ur head but i fee a bit beta thanx 4 the read
by sarahnic 25th Nov 2009, 9:40am
Hi Tara, I have been able to feel my baby moving since two weeks now and i am exactly 20 weeks today. its a great feeling isnt it? I get alot of the heartburn aswel, what works best with me is Yoghurt. have about a glass or half of yoghurt and you will be fine. If you dont like Yoghurt, mix equally in a glass milk and water and drink that. It should work as good. Hope you feel better!
by tashu 4th Nov 2009, 3:30pm
Hi everyone, i'm 18wks and 2days. I have my anomoly scan on the 10th Nov and can't wait to find out what we're having. Ive been feeling my baby move from around 15wks, which I was told was quite early to feel anything especially with it being my 1st but then every pregnancy is different.I now have really uncomfortable heartburn and sometimes get quite sharp pains down below. Does anybody have a remedy for heartburn apart from peppermint which i don't like and does anybody know the cause of the sharp pains?
by Tara56 26th Oct 2009, 12:48pm
Hi everyone, i'm just under 20 weeks and today for the first time I saw the baby kicking i couldn't belive it.. It was amazing and my husband to see and feel our baby was a lovely moment.
by shellmaggs 19th Oct 2009, 10:15am
Hi everyone,i'm 20 weeks and have 2 more weeks until my scan. It seems everyone i know has an opinion on what i should look like/weigh and what i should and shouldn't be feeling. I look fairly big.. According to some, too big, and have been feeling my little one bouncing around since week 19 - it feel like what it is - a little someone knocking on the walls trying to get out! I love it but i keep being told its too early to feel it as this is my first! Its nice to have the reassurance on here that i'm not imiagining things!
by mummytobe1980 9th Oct 2009, 9:22am
Hi, I'm also at 20 weeks and still haven't felt the baby move. I was so worried. But I saw my doctor today. She looked at my ultrasound results and told me my placenta is against the front of my uterus and is cushionning the baby's kicks. So I probably won't feel the baby until the last few months. A little dissapointing but at least now I know why. So relieved. Thought I'd let others know that this may be the cause. Ask at your ultrasound for placenta's position.
by shadow1974 17th Sep 2009, 9:12am
Hi manzer.thanx so much 4letin me realy helps me 2knw dat its normal not 2feel anythin. Best of luck wit ur pregnancy.mohsina
by mohsina 8th Sep 2009, 9:19am
Hi - to mohisina - i'm 20 wks too - first pregnancy and have been going slightly mad with worry as i've not felt anything either - have been reassured by others who have had children and health professionals that this is completely normal too - hope this helps :o)
by Manzers 7th Sep 2009, 11:08am
hi i am 20 weeks pregnant (on friday) and due on new years day! i got my pregnancy notes when i saw midwife at 6 weeks. only seen her twice since apparenty you see them less with a 2nd baby or so she told me. i would ask about your notes. hope this helps! x
by emmad22 13th Aug 2009, 11:04am
hiya all this is my first and its due on 1st jan 2010, me and bump are doing fine hes a healthy boy as i found out friday i am offically 20 weeks this week so had my scan last friday. i have a very stbborn boy who would not move hardly until right at the last min where he had a good look forard then put his back towards us lol i had too say stubborn just like mummy, i guessed i would have a boy as the baby seems to be stubborn and very lazy!!!!! im loving buying my baby lots of goodies, to be honest i found my midwife not great either it seems as though ive had to do all the chasing and organising - do pester them for everything even if you think its silly thats what there there for!!! xxx
ps ive currently had 3 scans and as i have placenta praevia im having another at 32 week but also paying for the 4d scan at 28 weeks, i still find it sereal everytime i reach and feel my bump getting bigger and harder i tried for many years to concieve so baby boy is my little miracle xxx goodluck all xxx
by tupper2778 13th Aug 2009, 11:04am
Hi is any one out there due this year ?? im due on boxing day, YES BOXING DAY PEOPLE ! had a few problems and nearly lost this baby as well as loosing a baby in january so all we want is our baby to be healthy when ever it is due.
This is my second baby but the midwife has only seen me twice, ive not been given any pregnancy information this time round and i still havent had my maternity notes. Is any one else in same situation with no notes at 20 weeks ? (well 20 weeks on saturday :0))
thanks for reading me moan, hope you are all well with healthy bumps x
by mummyhibbs 10th Aug 2009, 9:21am
Hi im 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby got my 2nd scan next week so am looking forward to being able to find out what im having, thats if they can tell???
Felt really different this time and the has been alt less enjoyable then the first pregnancy!
Ive had alot of really bad indigestion and the pain is dreadful, also this time round and getting very anxious about the labour!!! maybe because i know what to expect had a differcult and long labour last time so fingers crossed things run smoothly and not so long this time???
by Becca84 29th Jun 2009, 9:58am
I will be 20 weeks on Tuesday. Since last night I have been having a sharp pain on the lower part of my abdomen. I thought it was constipation but it still pains a lot even after going to the toilet. Is this normal?
by BabyDelight 18th May 2009, 9:37am
hey! i am 20 weeks pregnant with my second but have done alot of work on pregnancy due to working at the pregnancy care center! i was actualy pretty early with my first and she was healthy as a horse at 7lb10 most of the pain yall are feeling is due to streching of muscles and uterus. also other causes for pain can be from the way you sleep or lack in exercise. Pain can mean misscarriage but is usualy followed by spotting or some sort of bleeding. As for baby movements it depends on weight and number of pregnancys really your weight has alot to do with how much fat seperates you from the baby. the more fat the less likely you are to feel it sooner. and if this is not your first it is alot easyer to tell the difference between baby movements and gas. not to mention your uterus is more stretched with the second rather than the first. usualy with the socond or so on you can start to feel it as early as 14 weeks for your first around 18 to 22 weeks. my daughter now 3 i felt for the first time at week 21 but now my second anther girl i actualy felt at 15 weeks. and feel alot of movement now. but also the movemnets you feel also depend on how active your child is. my second for instance is very active with a heart rate of 155. every pregnacy is diffrent. so on that note good luck eveyone! but i do feel my baby girl move alot! she has a thing for kicken where it hurts lol but she loves her daddy she kicks for him alot! so i guess he is just lucky because her sister was stubborn and didnt kick for anyone. if you already have little ones let them feel. you will b surprised to see their reaction. my daughter was confused she thinks the baby is stuck in my belly!
by melsmommy2005 23rd Mar 2009, 9:08am
hiya i am 20 weeks and i have been feeling little pokes at the bottom of my belly last night tho i felt a big kick but nothing since! i have been very worried lately as people say i am not tha "BIG" for 20 weeks and yester day i was in hospital and my blood pressure is wey to high so i have got to go back in to hospital tomorow for lots of blood results! i worry with every little niggle i get as i had a misscarriage last year and i really just want my baby to be here so i can get over all this stress and worry xx
by carla09 13th Mar 2009, 9:20am
dont worry about the pain I been having them to and they told me is my uterus stretching and my muscle getting adjusted for your baby.My husband when he touches my belly the baby dont move for him I dont know why .I have a 17 yr boy and a 13 yr old boy and this will be my last.I had three miscariages and i been frighten to death with my third miracle another boy so dont worry you be ok.
by rositaeg 2nd Mar 2009, 9:24am
hello, im almost 20 weeks prego. and today i feel good, yesterday not so great. i had this really bad pain in my lower side. so bad that i could barely walk or stand. i talked to my doctor this morning and she said its just my uterus strething but if it gets unbarable then call her. but other then that the baby moves all the time. mostly at night when im laying down. i love when the baby moves. but it stops when my boyfriend tries to feel it good luck to everybody
by darien 25th Feb 2009, 9:25am
im 21 weeks and this is my second pregnancy. the pains are normal, its mainly your ligaments stretching to allow for the growth of the baby and as its your first time it will give your sharper pains as your womb hasnt stretched before. im getting them again and im on baby number 2!
by bazza88 23rd Feb 2009, 1:00pm
im 20 weeks and have my scan next week too. i get sharp pains too when i go to turn over or get up quick!! so lets hope as its 2 of us thats its all ok. x
by lou32 23rd Feb 2009, 12:59pm
hello all, i am 21 weeks and have my scan next week. i am going to be a first time mum and very happy, i feel my baby moving more at night when im resting or taking a bath. i sometimes get sharp pains in my lower tummy. dose anyone to get pains as i sometimes feel worried , thanks
by lenci 20th Feb 2009, 9:12am
ive just entered my 20th week, and still have 2 wait till next week till my scan. have recently been able to feel the baby moving. it makes me laugh as it feels like someones poking me from inside, sometimes they r quite forcefull.
by kat21 4th Feb 2009, 8:47am
how many weeks are u when the baby start to kick for the first time
by carinapeter 2nd Feb 2009, 10:44am
at what weeks will you start feeling the baby move or kicking?
by Adonis 2nd Feb 2009, 10:44am
Helloo, Im 20 weeks :) my baby had been moving around alot but now the babys kinda slowed down and not moving as much.. Is this normal?? x x x
by LittleMummyx 28th Jan 2009, 9:01am
Okay, so this has been my issue since the beginning and I have some good feedback from my doctor. I also had two miscarriages before this pregnancy. I've been nervous throughout of course. I'm also 20 weeks and haven't felt anything yet with my first. First of all, I'm heavy so that's a factor. Second of all, my doc said that it could be up to 24 weeks to feel stuff with my first. Third of all, I just found out during an ultrasound today that the placenta is between me and the baby - nothing bad, just harder to feel things but everything is 100% healthy. Hope this helps.
by excited123 16th Jan 2009, 9:43am
i am 20 weeks preg and i felt my baby move for the first time at 15 weeks. because i was quite slim. and now i can fell the kicks. diffrent people fell kicks and movements at diffrent times of the pregecey you just have to be pactient with it.
by ShareenElliisBabyx 14th Jan 2009, 8:37am
Hi everyone, im pregnant with my 4th near on 20 weeks. Bit nervous for the scan next week as this one is being a little quiet for my liking with the movements. Trying fight off the old SPD at the mo as I do tend to get quite big. Got three girls so not sure what to expect with this one, not 100% whether to find out as its going to be the last and one part of me wants the surprise. Still having some days where feeling bit sicky and tired but been told its where I could be dehydrated so out comes the detox. Happy New Year to all and good luck with your pregnancies XXX
by thomasl 8th Jan 2009, 5:42pm
Hi all , Im pregnant with my 4th child not getting alot of movement but not too worried about it at the moment, have my scan next week so fingers crossed all will be fine. Im hoping this 1 comes out a little smaller than my last 1 who weighed a whopping 12lb on delivery.
Goodluck to you all with your pregnancy xxx
by cherryog 7th Jan 2009, 8:50am
i can feel my baby kicking every know and then makes me feel happy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
by candies 5th Jan 2009, 9:18am
hey im 20 wks now with my1st. im so glad someone else desribed feeling the baby kick as a bubble burstin. i did not know what that was lol. felt ita couple of times now. its so amazin. wen will my partner b able 2feel it?
by joanne1988 22nd Dec 2008, 8:50am
Hi ladies,
im on my third pregnancy and have had spd in all 3!!! i was a bit worried though when it started at around 10 weeks this time, but reading through this has put my mind at rest, im not the only one!! im due my second scan next thursday which im a bit apprehensive about as last time i was told it was going to be big, around about 10lbs!! Thats not as bad as it sounds though as my daughter was 9lb7 and easier than my son at 7lb4!!! Im just a bit concerned that i dont feel much movement, just a little bit throughout the day, i cant really remember when i felt it with the other two and was wondering if it sounds normal?!?! Thanks x x
by gypsydancer 8th Dec 2008, 8:34am
well what can i say im preg again this time it doesnt hurt as much why is that less pain thn last time
by kazzababy 1st Dec 2008, 9:24am
Hi - I have had SPD since week 11 and now have a support girlde which helps loads during the day. I still have the most bizarre pains in my groin which I agree are very scary - because you never know whether its the SPD or something serious! Glad to see that you have the shooting pains - I thought I was the only one! Due to have scan / see my consultant tomorrow so going to ask them whether its anything to worry about (to add to my list!) x
by rollonapril 26th Nov 2008, 9:11am
hi im 20 wks preg have got my scan next week i am very nervous and scared and excied about i suffer from SPD pelvic pain from wk 16 and its gettin worse cant wlak properly at nigt get this shotin pain from vegina cant wait til this is over( just half way there yet ) baby moves allot
looking forward to chat if got ant advice for SPd pain please let me know
by hotmumy 24th Nov 2008, 9:36am
Hi, I am also 20 Weeks pregant and only have a small bump, Depending what I wear sometimes you cant even tell I am pregnant. I had my 20 week scan 2 days ago and was told everything is fine, so I wouldnt worry too mush about being small.
by Nat190309 3rd Nov 2008, 10:12am
hi girls
I am 20 weeks this week, scan on Saturday - feeling the little one moving and kicking quite a lot but was worried as had to fly to New York for work and then didnt feel anything for about 3 days, was worried the flight and pressure change was bad. Feeling more movement again now though which is a relief. every single person keeps telling me I dont look pregnant as only have a small bump, but I am 5ft 9 and think maybe it just had more room to spread out! anyone else just got a small bump?
by Felicity 29th Oct 2008, 9:25am
Hi girls
I am at the end of my 15th week and i am as well feeling very tired in the evening and if i don't get food when i am starting to feel hungry then i feel miserable: dizzy, have terrible headache and sick. ~I think i have felt something but not sure yet that it is my little one!
Do you know girls when does the baby hear us?
by CeliDa2009 27th Oct 2008, 8:59am
hi, im now just alittle over 20 weeks pregnant is it normal to be still having morning sickness? as i thought it only lasted up to 16 weeks.
by puipop 20th Oct 2008, 10:51am
hi, ha thats funny because my baby kicks al of the time and he very rarely does when my partner touches my bump. My sisters baby used to do the same thing. I think it is because they change position so quickly. My little boy is so active, I have trouble getting a good scan picture because he doing some strange disco moves. Also to farzana, I had a scan on Monday because I had fluid leaking but it was just a small infection which cleared up with a pessery given by the hospital. Just check with the midwife, she can take a swab to make sure, but if it isnt clear fluid, they told me not to worry, you will get quite a lot of extra discharge, and apparently it only gets worse!!!.
by catlady 3rd Oct 2008, 8:56am
hi Im 20 weeks and at tea time about 6.30pm my baby kicks and punches me alot i think he just knows its tea time every time i try to get dads hand to feel he stops the kicking. good luck everyone x
by Zaf 1st Oct 2008, 9:12am
hi i m now almost 20 weeks .
but i didn't hv much movinh.
i m littil bit worried..i got littil bit leak.somtime i need to use pad.but its not blood.just white type water or something else.i m warried ab baby fluied for this reason.pls if anyone hv same prom tell me wht to do.
by farzana 25th Sep 2008, 8:53am
i dont know what you mean by 'Your baby's muscular and nervous systems will have developed sufficiently to be stretching her limbs, though you will not be able to feel this yet.' i felt my first one kicking at 15 weeks and this one at 14 weeks. i'm 20 weeks gone now and its like having a mini football player in there!
by ayaelizabethlee 26th Aug 2008, 9:57am
Im now 20 weeks, with this been my first baby ive been so scared of every little niggle!! But ive learnt to just settle down and not to worry so much! The first notion i had of anything moving was like little tiny bubbles in my belly and then there i was watchig tv, and it felt like b big think dense bubble popping in my belly, which i soon learnt was my little one kicking! I have now on 2 occasions woken up to a rather strang looking lump on my belly, kind of moon shaped in which i realized it was my baby although quite scary it was such a magical moment! Glad to be half way there!!
by michelleb1133 22nd Jul 2008, 9:02am
im 20 weeks today and for the past week i have felt a lot of movement and kicking i didnt know what to expect before it happend but when she kicked i knew what it was im not very big at the moment people cant even tell that im pregnant i also get period like pains once or twice every day im glag to hear someone else has this as it was starting to worry me good luck to every one
by kylielewis 1st Jul 2008, 9:14am
I'm nearly 20weeks with my 1st still not felt anything yet - but really don't know what to expect either lol.
by XxxJaydensMummyxxX 11th Jun 2008, 8:42am
I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my 4th, but have not felt any movements as such, just feel heavy in the front sometimes. During the scan he seemed to be moving around and all is well. Anyone else not had movement?
by fiestychix 9th Jun 2008, 8:41am
Hello, I am 20 weeks pregnant and feeling alot of movement.The flutters turned into prods and kicks 2 weeks ago. Some times i can feel a complete turn. I get prods in the lower part of my belly and then within minutes above my belly button! Im experiencing pain too, especially in my lower sides above my hips when I cough.Above my belly button is feelng stretched and uncomfortable more so after eating. I also get period like pains once or twice every day which last for up to an hour usually. Dont worry if you cant feel lots of movement as every one is different. My first pregnancy was differrent with not so much movement.If your baby doesnt move much he/she may just like lots of sleep at this stage!
by kadaz 27th May 2008, 8:36am
Hi,Am 20 weeks too and I have loads of flutters too and when Huby puts his hand,the baby stops.It was the same with my first born,so am not bothered
I also experience pain in the bottom of my tummy when I cough but mostly when am hungry.I've read that its the uterus stretching.We will be fine
by denzie 30th Apr 2008, 4:36pm
Hi im 20 weeks too. This is my first pregnancy and i have felt alot of kicks recently. Everytime i grab daddy's hand to feel a kick baby keeps still aswell!! He has managed to feel a few but nowhere near as many as i do! I do however keep getting really bad pain in the bottom of my tummy everytime i sneeze or cough, i've been told its ligament pain, but its quite worrying when you get a really tight jab! Does anyone else experience this?
by piinkjenna 10th Apr 2008, 5:38pm
Hi I am 20weeks. And I get plenty kicks and nudges there is a certain time say around 9.30pm when it starts banging on and then throught the day some kicking. I do find when my partner is around there is no movement maybe he is scared of his daddys voice already LOL
by ladylise 17th Feb 2008, 1:43pm
Hi, I'm 20 weeks too. I get some movement in the morning & thats about it - the odd nudge here & there. I had my 2nd scan yesterday & all the baby did was sleep!! All babies are different & i thing the 1st time round my boy was not as active as this newbie!
by Nazzie 14th Feb 2008, 11:12am
hi i am 20 weeks this is my third pregnancy and im the same as you maybe a few flutters i think but nothing else
by rubyred 2nd Oct 2007, 4:06pm
I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant and had exactly the same experience as you- a few flutters and then nothing much else. If you're worried then maybe you should call your midwife. From what I've read though I think it all seems normal?
by Rayn 18th Sep 2007, 10:16am
hi! this is my 1st pregnancy. i wanna ask about an ultrasound. how many times we can have it?
by sayang 18th Sep 2007, 10:15am
hi this is goin to sound silly but im 20 weeks pregnant and not felt the baby kick a couple of times i think iv felt a flutter,but its abit worrying as wiv my 1st child she was kicking away at this point. has any1 else experienced the same
by bunnyliza 11th Jun 2007, 8:50am