Pregnancy week 2

Early pregnancy: week 2 of being pregnant - You will be at your most fertile by the end of the week.

If you have a 28 day menstrual cycle you are likely to be at your most fertile by the end of the week. This is because ovulation typically occurs in the middle of your menstrual cycle (days 12-16), so this is when you are most likely to conceive.

During the week your uterine lining will develop (this provides nourishment for your baby) and you begin to secrete the hormone FSH which will stimulate your egg to mature.

Your baby

By the end of the week fertilisation may have taken place.

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are women sick in the 1st month of being pregnant
by mark111 26th May 2011, 8:52am
i have just found out i am pregnant, i did one of those clear blue pregnancy test and it said i was 2-3 week and on the leaflet it said that the doctor will work it out that i am 4-5 week but when iv calulated my due date it says im 10 week due 2 the date of my last period, could somebody please help me i don't know what to believe?? i am waiting for a midwife to ring me but i really need an answer before i see her
by sexysara 14th Oct 2009, 9:36am
by Mssmith 2nd Sep 2009, 10:03am
hi there, my names Kate and me n my partner r trying for are 2nd child. we already have a daughter shes 4 @ the end of august, and we have both agreed that now is a nice time to try again for baby number 2.
My last period was ment to be due on the 9th March but i came on my period on the 6th March...and i have a 28day cycle 9/10 an i was ment to be due on my period on the 3rd April (if im goin or the start day of my period on the 6th March) and acording to that i am 3days late for my period.... but i am finding myself putting off doin a test just incase it says neg and i come on my period. But if i go off hte date i was MENT to b on my period today (6th April) is ment to b my due date for my period.... so i think im goin to wait a few days, and if i dont come on today or in the next couple of days then i will do a test.
by KateandCarlie 9th Apr 2009, 9:21am
This is like the roughest part to me because it's like the window is so small and you dont know whether you succeeded or not and if not then you have to wait a whole month to try again. Me and my husband is trying for our first, this is our first month "trying" trying. This month I'm taking evening primrose oil, pre-seed, and drinking green tea everyday(research shows it related although not proven but I drink it anyway now I'm just making sure I drink at least 1 cup a day), my husband is taking fertilaid. Oh! and I'm also using an ovulation test. I should be ovulating sometime this weekend so we've had sex every night this week. We're doing it tonight and tomorrow night so prayfully we conceive this month.
by Precious0317 27th Mar 2009, 9:16am
I just found out today that I am pregnant. Ovulation was due on 30th Jan, and we had sex on the 29 and 31Han we are really exciting. Can anyone tell me my due date. I put it into some website and it suggested 25th oct?
by Leanne12 17th Feb 2009, 9:40am
hello.i have b having alot of heartburn for the last 2wks and i keep running 2 the loo and also my breasts are very tender and sore.i am having alot of needles in both of my hands.could i be pregnant or not.i keep feeling hot and keep losing my colour.many thanks
by sexbucket 29th Jan 2009, 8:52am
I have to share this...12/12 was my birthday and my wife gave me a pregnancy test which said she was pregnant. That was the best news for me. We tried another test which gave a resounding YES+.

We probably were intimate around 11/12, she since then had spotting, missed her regular cycle and used two pregnancy tests. The next thing is to see the doctor next week to positively confirm this.
by happiestmanonearth 15th Dec 2008, 8:54am
How soon after intercourse do I know I am pregnant
by Yolie 6th Oct 2008, 9:47am
need an opinion really, my husband and i have been trying for another baby for a while and my lmp was 12th sept, but for the past 4 days been feeling really sick but mainly at night time and felt quite sleepy, i took a test today and was neg but i dunno if its coz its too early to tell or if im not and just getting a bug or something. too worried to tell husband as he gets realy excited and keeps makin me take test after test lol i dont want him disappointed. what do u think??? thanks G
by blondeangel1986 6th Oct 2008, 9:47am
Im in the same boat. trouble is I ovulated 4 times whilst we were "active" hehe, so OMG I dont think all 4 could be fertilised could they? 2 im ok with, 3 maybe, but not four.........
by cathyrubin 25th Feb 2008, 8:40am
Oh my God! Exactly the same going on here. My last period was 19th Jan, I felt as though I was ovulating on 2nd Feb, having had sex the night before. I now feel breathless, pee a lot, struggle to do up my jeans, can't stop eating chocolate (could explain the jeans!) and have tingling breasts...... I stupidly wasted a pregnancy test last week cause I got over excited. It came out negative - but I'm still convinced I am. I'm going to wait til end of Feb and then take another. What's your progress? D
by Daniella 14th Feb 2008, 11:10am
I wonder if any one could offer me some advice. My last period started on 17th January, and it only lasted a few days. The following week I really felt as if I was ovulating, and now I really feel pregnant. However, I should not have ovulated until this week. I have really sore nipples with small lumps which are really painful, I can't do any of my clothes up and I am really tired aswell as constipated. Could I be pregnant or is it not possible yet? Would a pregnancy test work at this early stage? thank you.
by SarahandAnnabelle 5th Feb 2008, 9:18am