Pregnancy week 14

Pregnancy information at week 14 of being pregnant - You energy will be returning and you should be feeling less tired.

You energy will be returning and you should be feeling less tired. You might be experiencing heartburn as your hormones loosen your body ready for the birth. Try peppermint tea or milk to neutralise the acids. Your uterus will have grown to about the size of a grapefruit. Amazingly, during pregnancy your uterus will increase 20 times in weight and fourteen times in size. As you move into the second trimester it may be time to look at maternity clothes.

Your baby

Your baby is making smoother, more rhythmical movements. She would still fit into the palm of your hand, but features are more discernable. Your baby now has a button nose, upturned for breathing during breastfeeding.

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14 weeks in and the sickness has subsided! yeeha! Tiredness still an issue but as this is baby no.4 I think tiredness will stay with me forever :-) I am at thet stage where my normal clothes are to small & maternity clothes are to big! I can't wait to get into my maternity jeans again, so comfy! Can't get enough of vinegar/spicy based food, all my pregnancies had that effect on me! I know i'm pregnant when i want to eat pickled onions straight from the jar! Why is that? :-)
by Supermum75 20th Jun 2013, 2:48pm
14 weeks now and all good news 1 baby is doing well and its brother or sis will be missed i havent had any sickness in this pregnancy compared to my other 3 which are all girls i dont feel pregnant either just was tired so is this a sign, fingers crossed its a boy only 2 months to find out xxxx :)
by debbra 9th May 2011, 10:29am
when i was 14 weeks pregnant i still had sickness everyday,
by Duude 25th Mar 2011, 2:16pm
omgggg : ) im so excited about being 14 weeks today ! THANK YOU JESUS THIS IS SUCH A Blessing ! ♥
I was wanna ask all u other moms for advice because this is my 1st & i really dont knw what to expect . . .
by rydah 15th Nov 2010, 8:48am
I am on my 14th week. But still have sickness and vomit every day :(
by Nigar 5th Nov 2010, 8:32am
My wife gets really upset with me
by debnalan 27th Oct 2010, 9:29am
Well tomorrow i turn 14 wks im so excited at 11 wks i got my first ultrasound and got a peek a my first baby im so EXCITED! i conceived really quickly didnt really expect to get pregnant right away but i did and theirs no regrets i love my baby so much and i have a wonderful husband and loving family
ttyl/ Maribel
by maribel208 18th May 2010, 5:39pm
Hello everyone!
I am in my 14th Week of Pregnancy and it doesnt look like im pregnant at all! I think ive put on about 5lbs but i sometimes wake up some mornings and dont even feel pregnant. I had the worse first 3 months of sickness and dehydration but now i just sometimes feel completely shattered! I am wondering when i am going to get the bump!? Me and my boyfriend had the pleasure of seeing such a fab 12 week ultrasound scan where the baby was such an active thing. It moved so much and was completely healthy. I cant wait to feel it kick! Does anyone know roughly at what stage your bump starts to appear??? I am trying to decide whether we should find out the sex and i really wanted a surprise but now am thinking, the creams and white baby clothes are not as interesting to buy and as i havent bought anything yet, im dying to go shopping!
by Fay31 18th May 2010, 5:19pm
Hi. I too am in my 14th week of pregnancy and like ravidass i have suffered from endo fora long time and had 3 laparoscopys but it has grown back straight away each time. I was told that I would have great difficulty conceiving and even if I did they weren't sure that I would be able to carry past the 12 weeks. Anyway, here I am, pregnant on the first attempt and already at 14 weeks with no problems at all. It can happen to anyone. So, so exciting for us all xx
by Sahbear80 14th May 2010, 5:32pm
hi everyone i am entering a 14th week of pregnancy, and i am so exited coz this is my first baby and unexpected so as everyone knows i dont really have any idea being a pregnant but now i know and this pregnancy is very difficult for me, my body is very sensitive and the sickness is still having morning sickness and not only in the morning it always occur the whole day...makes me feel weak but happy ofcourse knowing that within a few months ill be a complete woman,,,but they said the movement of the baby can only feel when you enter a 15-16 weeks of pregnancy but from last week i already can feel her moving a little in my womb...i always talk to my baby and it seems like she can hear husband always come home late coz of his work duty and the funny thing is the baby wont let me sleep untill daddy arrived and kiss my belly...right now everyone says i dont look like preggy coz my body is still proportion but its true that at night you can feel your tummy bloating and it will comes back in the morning...and on my first scan is when baby is 8 weeks and 6 days funny thing is baby moving the legs and was amazing coz i thought i cant see it like that coz its still small but its really amazing and made me cry seing my baby pumping heart so loud and strong and moving like shes happy inside me...
by Alienna 14th May 2010, 5:28pm
I am now 13 weeks and 4 days and had my scan yesterday it was amazing, baby was moving all the time doing flips and moving arms and legs furiously!! I told my work collegues today what a relief that was.
by kerco 14th May 2010, 5:00pm
I am 14 weeks today. My partner and I went for our first scan together today and it was amazing!!
by doddza 14th May 2010, 3:54pm
hi everyone, i am entering the 14th week of pregnancy, heard baby's heart beat with midwife yesterday which was so moving and very emtional. i too am suffering with alot of pain-ligament i hope. i am still feeling exhausted and sick and have contracted the noris virus for the second time during this pregnancy...not this is my first baby and although i do not look pregnant my shape has changed and i have put on a stone! cant wait for scan monday, this pregnancy is a miracle and big shock considering 16 weeks previous to falling i was in hospital recieving lots of surgery with bad endometriosis, which began building up after the ops. after 9 weeks of agony and bleeding i began kundalini yoga for my lymphatic system, organic vitamins and took remedies for a herbalist-in 6 weeks i fell pregnant-so anyone out there who felt they were unable to fall preganant-never give up hope...i am so so excited.
love, light and peace.x
by ravidass 15th Jan 2010, 4:26pm
acording to my edd im coming up 2 my 14th week now... still not had my scan yet as i have PCOS gta see cnsultant...i so excited already! but i hope all goes well on friday!! im soooo excited but week is ging ever so slow... xx
by paigereece 29th Sep 2009, 1:04pm
Had my firat scan 3 days ago which was my 12 week one and was suprised to be told i was 14 week and 1 day! im not 14 wk 4days and i cant actually believe that it has lasted all this way!the scan was AMAZING...never in my life have i seen something so amazing!in terms of how im feeling...still keep wretching to be sick but not as often.the main thing i keep having is migraines!creep up on me all the time and are 'quite bad.i cant wait for the 20 week scan i think it will go so slow till then.still paranoid that i will misarry or stillbirth trying 2 distract myself from thinking about it but its so difficult!anyway roll on 1st september for my next scan! good luck everybody x
by sarahe66 28th Jul 2009, 12:36pm
hi all ,
please i need help ive been having pregancy syptoms :feeling sick all day bloated stomach ,eating alot ,weeing more for 2 weeks now im due to come on my period in 5 days i have taken 2 pregancy tests which came back negative i really think im pregant but just now i went to the toilet and i had the most terrible pain in the side of my stomach and then a little bit of blood and now im having period pains but the bleeding has stop it was just a little bit im really confused could i be pregant please please help : )
by bella91 22nd Jul 2009, 9:35am
Hi i'm 14 weeks today, so excited. This is my 1st and was an unexpected shock / suprise!!! didnt really want to get excited untill my 1st scan but i had that tue an all was fine, i seen the heart beating and the baby moving around. It was absolutely incredible. i cant wait to feel the baby move!! last night i had some stabbin pain in the lower centre of my tummy, its worried me a bit and im constantly feelin nervous that there could be something wrong...was this pain normal?
congratulations to you all!!
by alst 6th Jul 2009, 9:02am
Hi just bought my first maternity clothes,starting to look prego, morning sickness going and find it difficult to eat large meals, feeling swirls of fluid in my tummy as bub moves, this is my 2nd bub and the first I had no symptoms at all and felt like I wasn;t and looked pregnant until 5mths- not this time!!
by MaccaT 29th Jun 2009, 9:57am
hiya - sassy just want to let you know that i'm 14 weeks 2 n feelin pretty much the same. it's my first too n apart from some sickness ther aint much goin on, no heartburn yet, n just the start of a bump! my first scan is next week, can't wait!! next week is when it all starts happenin..yay, good luck!!
by kelliebee 16th Jun 2009, 11:53am
I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first and very excited, had my first scan last wk and all was well, but to me it doesnt seem like much is happening, as i've only had a few pains and felt sick occasionally, has any one else had this? as i expected to feel more going on.
Thank you
by Sassie 12th Jun 2009, 9:11am
hiya,im a first timer here,im 13weeks and 2days,due date is 15th dec but my tommy isnt protruding as i still fit in my clothes but cant button the waist of my bottoms anymore and my breasts are so huge and i have only added about 3kg so far.really looking forward to having my energy back.
by bunnnyandcheeks 12th Jun 2009, 9:11am
Thank God for your post, I am 14 weeks pregnant and due on the 10th of Dec but due to having gestational diabities I have to have the baby by c section at 37-38 weeks. I also am huge for 14 weeks and was asked if i was 20 weeks. I have been panicking as i am so big so reading your post had made me feel so much better
Thank you
by Taylor01 11th Jun 2009, 9:08am
Hi, I am new here also saw your post and thought that I would register and first off tell you congrats on you pregnancy. I am due Dec 7th also which of course puts me at 14 weeks :) I do have a bump that makes me look about 5 -6 months also, but I have not gained any weight I guess just the shift in my body. I have not felt the baby move yet that i know of LOL. I have a son who will be 9 in a few weeks. Yikes. My husband wants a girl I will take whichever.
by FFW 9th Jun 2009, 11:10am
Hi everyone,Im 14weeks today and due December 7th,so happy! we had our first scan 2 weeks ago which was brilliant,and are booked in at babybond in chelmsford to find out the sex on the 27th june! xx
by Randall100 9th Jun 2009, 11:10am
Hi im new on here, im 14 weeks Mon and so happy as ive recently had 3 misscariges! everything seems to be going good this time tho! i have a bump already which is reasonably big i can feel it moving as well, i would love a little girl this time but are happy either way! i find out in just over 2 weeks cant wait!!! anyone due on dec 7th??
by yummymummy250490 8th Jun 2009, 9:36am
Glad other people have bumps at only 14 weeks! This is my 3rd and both times before I didn't show till much later - this time I look 5 months pregnant already and have put on a stone in weight - yikes! Was only 8 stone to start with, but even so!!! I feel so big and heavy - walking is tiring! bit worried if feel like this already!
by LucyGoose 5th Jun 2009, 9:07am
i was 14 weeks with my second pregnancy on tuesday,feeling lower back pain also abdominal pain once in a times ifeel as if nothing is going on in my body.
by kushes 23rd Apr 2009, 9:25am
Im 14 weeks on Monday. I have a bump the size of a belives that Im only 14 weeks, look more like 5 months! have been finding day to day stuff difficult and am still going to bed at 9 every night because Im soooo tired. hoping that my work will let me go part time, because that would make a huge difference. also paranoid because havent felt the baby kick yet...when does this happen? Ive read that its about 8-9cm from tip to toe by now...Im pretty sure that I should feel something...surely? Also am becomming increasingly forgetful...ratty...argumentitive...and sure that nobody likes me anymore because of this. can't concentrate on anything for more than 5 mins though, so Ive not lost any sleep over it.. I dream about babies! convinced Im having a girl, have picked out a beautiful crib..its all getting quite excting!
by heatherberry 30th Mar 2009, 9:38am
Hey, I'm 14 weeks prg. and have been in the hospital twice already with severe bleeding. The drs. said I have a subchoianic Hemmorage. They did three scans already and all of them have been great. They said me and the baby are perfect, except for this.. and that I have to wait it out to see if it goes away. Does anyone know anything about this ! Besides this it is great to start feeling good again and having energy again!
by amy7 2nd Feb 2009, 10:43am
Hi Miss moss, im 25 and im totally confused a quite lonely really...havent told anyone yet because im not sure parents are going to think its such a great idea, as im in the midle of my nursing really really happy though and they will be cool, just worried im letting them down alittle...there is also confusion over my due date as, my last period was nov, but it was ultra light and lasted a day my midwife felt me (i am also massive!) she heard the heart beat and said she was almost positive i am 13 weeks rather than 9 like i orginally waiting for my first scan and feel like im going crazy!! just want my scan so i know what is happening and that everything is ok.
by popsibump 26th Jan 2009, 9:38am
hey...14 weeks prego today. not really any symptoms, no abdominol pain (not yet anyway). anyway not really showing, just looks like i ate too much. i get nervious when i see other people who look very pregnant and i dont.
by darien 26th Jan 2009, 9:38am
Hi, I'm 14 weeks in to my 2nd pregnancy, we have a 5 yr old girl already. 1mummybear I have been having lower tummy & back pains, since about 11 weeks, the doctor said it's probably just stretching pains & the pressure of the the womb moving up above the pubic bone & I am actually huge already so think they may be something to do with it! I'm off to the hospital today to sort out my c-section for this one & hopefully have a scan too, although i have already had 1 at just under 8 weeks, so may get one may not! xxx
by toddie12 20th Jan 2009, 9:31am
hey im 14 weeks pregnant with our first baby :D Has anyone else had some lower abdo pains? & STACEY dont worry ive had a couple of nosebleeds too they are nothing to worry about xxx
by 1mummybear 19th Jan 2009, 9:50am
i planned on not having any more as i have 3 girls and my baby is a boy so that was going to be it, but here i go again and i'm about 11 wks
by 3babes 15th Jan 2009, 9:59am
hi im 24 with a 5month old daughter and am nearly 14weeks pregnant has anyone been here before?
by missmoss 5th Jan 2009, 9:17am
hello my names stacey hope you all in joyed xmas lol it will be funner next yera when we can all drink CAN SOME ONE HELP . IS IT NURMAL 2 HAVE NOES BLEED AND FEEL CRAP
by staceysbaby 5th Jan 2009, 9:17am
Hi Jakie
I really feel for you as totally understand where you are coming from. Im 27 and pregnant with my second, the first i had at 23. My mum died when i was 5 so she has never really been a big part of my life. I found it incredibly hard to ask anybody for help or advice and just did everything on my own which led to my in-laws feeling insulted as they wanted to help. I also didnt want lots of help as i wanted time to get used to be a parent and to bond with my daughter, which was really important to me as i saw it as my opportunity to have that mother-daughter realtionship that i never had. It took me a long time to realise that not everyone was judging my paretning skills and am starting to feel more comfortable with taking a break every now and then without feeling like a failure! Just remember that people will want to help and dont be afraid to ask for advice. looking back i wish i had trusted other people a little bit more as most of them were parents!
by kay25 26th Nov 2008, 9:11am
Jakie I'm 23 and have baby no3 on the way no2 isn't quite 1yr yet and my mums not being much help, so although we'd would love for them to help, the ones that are around don't always give enough support you'll be fine and you'll get through because the little things that your baby does gives you the drive to.x
by micquila 28th Oct 2008, 9:19am
Hey i'm 16 and im 14 weeks pregnant today. Both of my nans have bought a couple of bits of clothing, one got some booties aswell, they are so gorgeous! it's these little things that make it so exciting!!! x
by amyhappy 10th Oct 2008, 9:07am
Hi Jakie, Im only 9 weeks so very early days for me, but i read your comment and wanted to say that I was 21 with my Son and its only now that I look back and think 'god i was young!' but my Mum had 4 children by the age I am now (27) and if our Mums can do it we can too :) , you will be fine, and your Mum will be looking down on you and sending all the love and support in other ways to you i promise, and she will be very proud xxx
by Inde 14th Aug 2008, 8:52am
I am just over 14 weeks pregnant, I am very excited but nervous and scared as well, this is my first and Im only 23 years old, My Mum died just over 4 years ago quite suddenly and the feeling of being alone and not having her here to help makes me feel worse. Sights like this are great, I feel better speaking to other nervous Mums, and even those with experience of children already. Xx
by Jakie01 13th Aug 2008, 8:49am
I'm 14 weeks today and have started getting those round ligament pains, ready for my bump to pop out so I look pregnant instead of podgy! My only tip is keep moving, if I sit at my desk at work in one position for too long I get a right stabber when I finally get up!
by Babybadger 18th Jun 2008, 8:42am
by drmami1986 9th May 2008, 8:34am