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How to make your skin glow during pregnancy

Remedies to ensure you pregnant skin glows, with advice on pregnancy spots, dry, sensitive and itchy skin and effective treatments.
There's more to good skin care than cleansing, toning and moisturising. What you eat, what you do and where you do it all have a part to play in the quest for perfect skin.

Under Eye Circles

There are several natural remedies for this, including increasing how much exercise you are getting as this improves circulation, which can be a reason for under eye circles. A popular cure is to apply a slice of potato to the affected area every other day, which should reduce under eye circles. For puffy eyes, try wrapping an ice cube in a napkin and gently rubbing the area under the eye.


Try tea tree oil or a spot-busting product containing a solution of benzoyl peroxide. In an emergency, hold an ice cube over a spot to reduce swelling and redness before applying a covering of foundation with a brush and then pressing on translucent powder.

Dull Skin

A weekly facial scrub will remove the dead skin cells that are clogging up your complexion. A weekly facemask will also work wonders.

Blotchy Skin

Change to skin care products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. Used morning and night they should help soothe redness.

Greasy Skin

Don't be tempted to over-cleanse. Stripping away all the skin's natural oils will only stimulate the oil glands further.

Dry Skin

First of all, drink lots of water, this really does improve dry skin. Try changing to a richer moisturiser at night

Pigmentation Marks

Any dark patches that appear during pregnancy will fade after your baby is born. However, they will disappear quicker if you protect them from the sun, even in winter, so apply a high factor sun protection cream to noticeable marks every day.

Excess Hair

Pregnancy can, occasionally, trigger a surge in facial hair. As with pigmentation marks, this will return to normal after the birth. If you would prefer to face the world fuzz-free, there are many ways to remove the hair, including electrolysis, bleaching and sugaring, which should all be carried out by a qualified practitioner.

Good Night

No matter how exhausted you are, it's vitally important to cleanse and moisturise before going to bed. Whilst sleeping the skin's natural oils build up and mix with dirt, dead skin cells and make-up, providing a breeding ground for bacteria. The result is blocked pores, blackheads, white heads and inflammation.

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I am so spotty right now it's untrue!!!! Anyone have a foolproof natural way to get rid of them? Tea Tree doen't seem to work for me!
by Shadowfax 14th Feb 2011, 9:03am
Hello Ladies,

I would just like to remind all the ladies out there, that yes, we all want to avoid chemicals in our food, milk and our household while being pregnant. It is very important. I also want to remind everyone that there are alot of chemicals in skincare today, and pregnant women should only use chemical free or Organic face creams.

Your skin is an organ - that you are sharing with your unborn child. Any chemicals applied to your skin will feed the growth of your child. And please do your research on the internet regarding chemicals in skin care products.

My personal recommendation, is the Made from Earth product line. They are completely chemical free and organic, and their products have a shelf life of 6 months, because they are not presevred with chemicals, but they do use quality ingredients. I used their 3 Berry Face Serum while I was pregnant, and its a great face cream I highly recommend.

Best of luck to everyone!
by nancyw 5th Jan 2009, 9:14am
pimples?!!! how to deal with pimples during pregnancy... they are driving me nuts
I eat a great diet and use a gentle cleanser what else can i do?
by Becster 20th Oct 2008, 8:54am
hiya, suffer with pigmentation under my eyes during my last pregnancy and it took 2 yrs to disappear from under both eyes. Am nearly 3 mths pregnant again, and already the pigmention (butterfly mask) has started........ does anyone know why this happens?? and is there anything i can do to help this problem?? I know this sounds a little vain, but have very fair porcelain skin,,, and the pigmentation is extrememly noticable... any advise please
by MRSTURK 16th Jul 2007, 9:11am