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Pregnancy linked to forgetfulness

Australian researchers have found a link between pregnancy and forgetfulness, supporting widespread anecdotal evidence
Australian researchers have found a link between pregnancy and forgetfulness, supporting widespread anecdotal evidence.

The study, conducted on mice, discovered a physiological connection between pregnancy hormones and short-term memory loss.

Researchers treated the mice for 17 to 50 days with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and luteinising hormone, levels of which rise sharply during pregnancy.

Levels of these hormones also rise with age and have been shown to increase the production of toxic beta amyloid protein, which form the brain plaques that cause Alzheimer's.

The team discovered changes in the mice's short-term memory and motor skills. They also examined anxiety levels, which can be an indicator of Alzheimer's.

Anna Barron, one of the study's authors, said: "Lower doses showed a trending effect [on motor skills and memory] but higher doses – those in keeping with the spike of pregnancy – showed a marked effect. The doses over a longer period showed impairment in memory and changes in motor skills that have parallels with Alzheimer's."

She added that the effects of the hormone are reversible in the long term and that most women go back to normal after pregnancy.

More than 50 per cent of women claim they feel absent-minded during pregnancy. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and enough sleep are recommended.

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OMG im glad i read this because i have somehow managed to lose my brain im 8 wks gone and so has my brain, well im not the brightest tool in the box but now i cant even find that box i want my mind back i just cant think in between this bad bout of all day sickness.... thankgod i thought it was just me!!!!
by ACL13974 22nd Nov 2010, 3:36pm
How is it that 2 sets of researcher in the same country can totally disagree with 1 saying baby brain exists and the other saying it doesn't!! Amazing. I can't even finish sentences a lot of the time it is annoying everyone around me!!
by MandySlade 11th Jun 2010, 5:20pm
I asked my two little boys to help me put the shopping away when quite clearly i had pile of washing in my hands. They found this highly amusing and keep telling me i'm losing the plot. Ha!
by chatterbox 6th Aug 2009, 10:41am
Thank God thought that I was getting old.LOL
by starlightmum 20th May 2009, 9:25am
when i came home one day with two newspapers from the shop i thought i was loosing my marbles but it is just as i call fog head and pregnancy is to blame thank god
by ang37 17th Feb 2009, 9:53am
iv started telling people the same things over and over again
by gemznboys 5th Jan 2009, 9:30am
i am very forgetful it worrys me
by nadia1234 15th Dec 2008, 8:56am
ive become really forgetful, everyone in work says i have "baby brain"
by yummymummy86 30th Oct 2008, 4:17pm
i just though i was being stupid. iv been forgetting things and feel lost!
by Kayla90 22nd Sep 2008, 9:48am