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Pregnancy 'does not cloud brainpower'

New research has dismissed 'baby brain' as nothing more than a pregnancy myth.
Hormones during pregnancy have long been blamed for women's apparent tendency to think less clearly, but new research suggests that this is nothing but an old wives' tale.

The study by the Australian National University's centre for mental health research also debunked the myth that women have worse memories during pregnancy.

For the research, 2,500 women aged between 20 and 24 were interviewed and examined first in 1999, then in 2003 and again in 2007.

Of the women that were pregnancy during their second and third interviews, it was discovered that they scored no better or worse on logic and memory tests than previously.

Professor Helen Christensen, who led the research, said that many women believe that pregnancy affects their brainpower, but in reality this is not true.

"We found no effects of pregnancy on cognitive capacity and motherhood also had no detrimental effects," she told ABC News.

"I think emotional factors are likely to influence self report, what people think, but in the actual reality of the objective test performance, that perception is in this case misguided."

Professor Christensen said that she hoped to conduct further research into women's brainpower during pregnancy because she noted that in studies on rats, the pregnant animals actually demonstrated improved multi-tasking capacity and reduced fear responses compared to non-mothers.

She added that this correlates with her experience of pregnant women and hopes that the findings will be mirrored in human research.

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I agree with you both. This woman has no concept of reality! I lose my chain of thought half way through a sentance, forget my name which doesn't help when logging on to the computer at work, and actually don't know what I'm doing half the time! Even getting through the exhaustion of the 1st 3 months hasn't improved things!! I wonder how many of the young girls tested actually had real lives?!?!?
by MandySlade 11th Jun 2010, 5:20pm
Has this woman ever BEEN pregnant??? i bet she was one of these idiots who ignore how sick & tired you feel from getting up every 5 mins through the night to either pee or retch aimlessly for what feel like hours - then get up work a 40 hour week (on your feet not sat at a desk) and still run the family home and see to the other children. Hormones may not be a part of it - but the simple fight to sleep and keep food down is - she HAS heard of sleep deprevation "clouding" normal functions hasnt she??????? if not she may need to re think her thesis, or simply shut up and let us super mums carry on happily (albeit tiredly) raising our family
by dazedmum 20th Jan 2009, 9:33am
I beg to differ! I forget what I'm saying halfway through sentences and have had to put my Masters study back as what was reasonably easy 3 months ago now looks like Japanese!!

Rats schmats- I know my own brain, or what's left of it.
by Vanessa606 1st Dec 2008, 9:28am