Constipation in pregnancy

Advice on the causes of constipation in pregnancy, plus suggested methods of prevention and treatment and natural remedies.
You may become constipated very early in pregnancy because of the hormonal changes going on in your body. It will help to:
  • make sure you include plenty of fibre in your diet through eating foods like wholemeal breads, wholegrain cereals, fruit and vegetables, and pulses such as beans and lentils
  • exercise regularly to keep your muscles toned up
  • make sure you drink plenty of water
  • avoid iron pills if they cause constipation. Ask your doctor whether you can manage without them or change to a different type; if not, you may have to accept having constipation
Author : Department of Health: The Pregnancy Book 2004 - 2005

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One day I tried a mixture of corn flour and water as a paste for topical treatment of skin rash and it really worked.
by mervat 17th Jan 2011, 2:59pm
Im 6 weeks pregnant and have been constipated. I had lots of cramps on my left side and was worried so phoned the doctor. The doctor advised me that its more than likely that i was constipated and to use lactulose as it is very safe during pregnancy as it doesn't go into your blood stream. It basically goes in one end and helps you out the other end. A few spoons full in the evening and i had no problems by morning! Its a bit vile to swallow but totally worth it. I have invested in a huge bottle to last me throughout my pregnancy. Hope all goes well with you all. x
by js2306 18th Jan 2010, 2:41pm
I am 18 weeks pregnant and from the beginning I have had a morning routine that has proven to work perfectly for me. First thing in the morning, I take a warm glass of water with one table spoon of honey and squeezed lemon. After that, I have cereal for breakfast with yogurt. And between breakfast and lunch, I have a fruit meal. I never skip this and it works great. At the beginning, if I would skip just one day, I would put 10 dried plumbs in water and in the evening I would eat this and drink this water at the end. And of course, I drink lots of water every day.
by Elma 14th Dec 2009, 10:16am
Im 6 weeks pregnant and have been onstipated for 10 days, with awful cramps and colicky pain, I tried every thing. When to my GP and was prescribed Movicol, after a couple of days i can finaly go!!
by AliL 23rd Nov 2009, 10:14am
at 8 weeks consitpation is a real issue for me . I eat a good diet, fruit and veg, wholemeal bread etc and drink lots of water too, but i was still struggling to "go" every day until i introduced 2 or 3 dried prunes chopped on my morning muesli or porridge. it has begun to work a treat , no more bloating, wind or forcing, happy days- try it ladies ;-)
by Maturemum 17th Nov 2009, 3:45pm
Oh joy! I'm 6wks pregnant and constipation is a real issue for me right now, i'm getting abdominal pain and i'm feeling generally quite uncomfortable. I'm eating the lovely prunes and dried apricots, mmm mmm mmm :-( they seem to be helping a little though. After reading about caffeine being no help, i'm definately cutting out the coffee altogether. Good luck to everyone with these issues right now
by chatterbox 13th Aug 2009, 11:05am
At the very minimum, a pregnant woman should drink two quarts of water per day, while avoided drinks rich in caffeine or fruit juices. Drinking soda, juice, and other such products will cause more problems than solutions.Certain yoga based exercises can also be useful for pregnant women.

by GordonPears 9th Dec 2008, 8:46am
Try prunes or prune juice. They r not the nicest but they work a treat x good luck
by kerry22 17th Nov 2008, 8:53am
Hello, this is my very first pregnancy and i am in my 16th week, yesterday I was constipated and had low abdominal cramps, is that associated with the constipation?
by Jdomina 29th Oct 2008, 9:25am
Try senokot hi-fibre sachets - they are some sort of husk ground to a dust which you mix with a small amount of water. They work really well.
by Hedgar 18th Aug 2008, 9:15am
Why oh why do we have to suffer the pain of constipation which in turn gives you piles while pregnant??? It is soooooooooooo painful and embarrassing, or am i the only one that has to deal with this discomfort lol
by lisaham 23rd Jun 2008, 8:27am
Is there any sort of laxative that is safe to take during early pregnancy?
by emmajarratt 22nd Oct 2007, 9:39am