Bleeding in pregnancy

Advice on the possible causes of bleeding during early and later pregnancy, including information on miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and implantation.
Bleeding may occur at various times in pregnancy. Although bleeding is alarming, it may or may not be a serious complication. The time of bleeding in the pregnancy, the amount, and whether or not there is pain may vary depending on the cause.

It is important to contact your doctor if you have any bleeding at all during your pregnancy.

Bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy is quite common and may be due to the following:
  • Miscarriage (pregnancy loss)
  • Ectopic or Tubal pregnancy (pregnancy in the fallopian tube)
  • Gestational trophoblastic disease (a rare condition that may be cancerous in which a grape-like mass of foetal and placental tissues develops)
  • Implantation of the placenta in the uterus

  • Infection
Bleeding in late pregnancy (after about 20 weeks) may be due to the following:
  • Placenta previa (placenta is near or covers the cervical opening)

  • Placental abruption (placenta detaches prematurely from the uterus)

  • Unknown causes

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hi,when i was having an ultrasound my doctor showed me below where the fetus is,the is a cyst should i worry ?
by owame 20th Jun 2013, 3:41pm
At 11 weeks I started bLeeding the hospital said I was loosing baby I then went doctors because didn't loose anything and they said they hear a heart beat I then went back for a scan at hospital and they said the placenta has pulled away abit and they couldn't be sure about the baby's survival I then had my 12 week scan and they said the placenta was clotting back up and that the baby is perfectly fine and I'm now 15 weeks and I'm still bleeding and they haven't seen me since 12 week scan and said come back for your 20 week scan they are not keeping a close eye on baby n I'm worried anything could have happened with in 7 weeks :/
by Brookeroryjohn2012 20th Jun 2013, 3:30pm
Hi Just wanted to share my story. I feel a bit selfish as I have 3 beautiful children. My first two children were with my first marriage and split up when kids were very young only 1 1/2 and 3 1/2. I was very lucky and met a new guy around 6 months later and we have now been together 10 years and he has brought up my first 2 children as if his own. Their father has now started having regular contact with them so my husband wanted his own children.

We had my son 3 years ago. Very stressful pregnancy. I have lupus and sjogrens syndrom which affects the pregnancy and can affect the baby. We tried for a long time and I was also quiet sick with my diseases at the time. I was worried we couldn't have a child together. My specialist said that she thought my body was to sick to carry a baby. Within a week of her telling us I found out I was pregnant and further along than when most people find out. I had not known I was pregnant as I was still bleeding. I had had a number of tests during the weeks previously so was quiet worried. First doctor I saw just told me to give up that it was more than likely already gone. We did a scan and it was fine. Around 8 weeks. But I kept bleeding and got to the stage I was too scared to go to the toilet as I had blood every time. Sometimes brown sometime bright red. My new doctor was very good and explained the red blood was fresh blood and brown was old blood. I had stomach cramps and bleeding all the way through. Due to my diseases and the bleeding we went to a special fetal medicine unit and saw a specialist throughout. Even though I had been quiet sick before the pregnancy, and usually pregnancy makes other patients worse I actually got better with my disease. Still stressed due to bleeding. Anyway nothing wrong with baby, sjorgrens can cause heart issues with the fetus, we were worried as I had been so sick in the beginning this would occur. It did not and we had a beautiful baby boy. We did have complications during child birth but that was due to early induction as doctors being careful. He was in intensive care for a week but healthy otherwise.

A few years later my husband really loved having our large family as did I so we tried again. Once again bleeding straight away. Stressful again. This time though I was even further along and just felt it wasn't right. My doctor thought it would all be fine. First ultra sound showed nothing and I was told it was too early but I knew I had to be around 10 weeks at least. I asked for an early anti D shot as I am O neg. My doctor booked me in for a special ultra sound for the next week. I was sure there was something wrong. Over that weekend, which was the easter long weekend I bleed even more heavily and eventually lost the baby. I finally understood the amount of blood I had to loose for a miscarriage. Didn't help that I had to take asprin every day during pregnancy so probably bleed more. So we lost the baby.

We then tried for again for months, and have since found out we are pregnant again. This time I did a test earlier and found out really early. I was bleeding again but not as bad as the previous one at that stage. Saw my doctor and she booked a scan for a few weeks later as I was very very early pregnancy. My bleeding actually got worse. But ever since I had my youngest son who is 3 I have been very healthy. My specialist calls him our miracle baby as not only did he beat the odds but he seems to cure me, I was in remission. Still am.

But I am worried again due to so much bleeding. Every day, every time I go to the toilet. Slight stomach cramps. Difference is I still have pregnancy symptoms this time, whereas before loosing the previous baby I had lost all symptoms. We had ultra sound which did not show so did an internal. Just showed but we did see heart beat. But they said we were very early around 5 weeks 4 days. But I am confused, is this the fetal age or the pregnancy age which is usually 2 weeks longer. If it is the pregnancy age then it doesn't make sense as it would make the fetus only 3.5 weeks but pregnancy test was done 4 weeks prior. So quiet worried, plus the bleeding getting worse. I have taken it easy won't do any exercise and rest a lot, as much as I can with three kids and working full time.

I am very lucky I have 3 beautiful children, but would love an additional child plus for my husbands sack. My eldest are now 12 and 14, and he has brought them up as his own. But now that their father is in their lives he knows deep down they are not his. He is a great dad and I so want to give him his own kids as well. We do have one together but due to the large age gap would be great for a sibling. The new baby is actually due two days after our sons birthday.

Anyway would love to hear other experiences with bleeding. We are booked in with the fetal medicine unit again on the 2nd March. Hopefully all ok.

by airlie 15th Feb 2011, 5:20pm

I wish to share my story.
In August 2009, I was 5 weeks pregnant. I notice few spots of blood on my pant shield. I decided to Google and read about it and on most websites, people were saying it's normal to experience light bleeding during first few weeks of pregnancy. My instinct told me that there was something wrong and I needed to go to the hospital. I think there is a special feeling that God has put in each and every woman and whenever something is wrong with our body or babies, this feeling is triggered and no matter how much assurance you get, you just know it.
I went to A & E and had to wait for 6 hours before seeing a Doctor. The Doctor requested to see the drop of blood on my pant shield and when I showed him, he busted into laughter and ridiculed me. He said to me madam, you are not serious. This Doctor sent me home without checking the baby and told me not to worry as small drops of blood is common.
I went home feeling like a fool, the blood drops continued and few days later; I was due for a scan. I went to the Hospital and was told my baby had no heartbeat. I was sent home and told the body will pass the foetus naturally. First of all I still do not know at what stage I lost the baby and second of all, I look back and think actually when that Doctor thought I was crazy, something was actually wrong with my baby.
What I want to say to every woman out there is listen to your body, if instinct is strong then follows your instinct. It does not matter whether you have just one drop, better be checked just to make sure.
by BanaBaby 7th Feb 2011, 9:16am
I would like to post my story about my 3rd pregnancy to the ladies who are after some hope....
After 8 years in unhappy marriage and 2 years of single mum's life finally I've met my Mr Right. Things picked up very quickly form there, on our second date he asked me to move in together and after few month he asked me to marry him, which I did....
Life was perfect, us I had two gorgeous kids from previous marriage (daughter 11 and son 7) I've noticed one thing about my new husband - he was a really great dad to them!!!!!! (and still is))) This was the right time to extend our great family, we needed someone to spoil :)))) someone who will get a lots of love and care from all four of us...
After a month of trying hard I was so disapointed when my periods started... that meant we failed :((((
But in a weak time I started to have a morning sickness episodes. I did a pregnancy test just in case....
Two lines came up in a very bright pink!!!!!!!!!!! We were over the moon, all of us (we told kids at the very same day) I was so excited about everything: maternity clothes, baby clothes, picking up the names, scans, having a break form my work even about night feeds and nappy changes. The only one thing was annoying - waiting! 8 month to meet our new baby - tooo long....
When I was 6 weeks, I was electrocuted at my work place, I was working as a theatre nurse and accidently got in contact with patient clothes when we where using a laser coagulator. A strong pain went trough my left arm..... electricity goes through all your body and can affect your heart rate even up to 48 hours after contact. I was told that my baby got 20% of survival chance... I had to do a pregnancy test after two days to see if I am still pregnant... Those two days where the longest days in my life.... i was imaging my baby dying from heart attack and that would be only my fault.... i was begging my baby for another chance, promised that I will take a better care about it if only.... After two days in a morning I did a test. Two very bright pink lines appeared!!!!!! I was soooo thankfull as only i could be, I was crying my eyes out for abut a day.... but this time it was a happiness tears...
Not for long in a week time when I went to the bathroom I had an orange discharge... panic went through my head... we rushed to A&E where we spend about 4 hrs to be seen and we needed another time to wait for the scan. As a medical person I went trough my notes and froze when riched potential diagnosis: ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage..... nothing promissing at all!!!!!!!!!!!! Again tears.... than scan shoving perfectly fine little peanut :))) with heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first thing I did when came back home, rung my boss and quit my job as I didn't want to take any chances anymore, thanks God my husband could support as all.
After few days bleeding came back much stronger with cramps.... I though this is it.... Back to hospital at the scan I've received a news which nobody wants to hear: "... your baby is still.... " than after second "another sack.... heartbeat!" Than explanation: "You had two sacks, two babies, one is still, other looks great so far"...... Two babies!!!!!!! Why the first scan didn't show that? How is it possible that in 21 century one baby got missed at the scan??? ... happens... Than confused feelings grief and happines at the time, guilt... fear how can other baby survive if it twin is dead? scan showed that baby no 2 did dye at the gestation age 4 weeks, a week before accident with elecrocity. Again 30-40 % that our baby no 1 will survive...
Every day I had bleeding episodes and every time when it happened I freaked out, that this was it... but it wasn't!!!!!! Finaly after weak 20 bleeding stopped :)))))) Perfect scan, which showed that we are waiting for a little princess.... Happy Days!!!!!!
Not for long..... when I was 23 weeks trough, one very gressive lady-driver hit my car at the back..... I had a back+neck injuries and endless worries about my girl again!
And again hospital.... scan (which showed that my darling is ok)... than two days of waiting to confirm that everything is ok.
Finaly on the 28 of September 2010 our little darling arrived in this world absolutely healthy and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
It was hardest pregnancy ever (my other two were absolutely fine)....
My daughter Natasha is tree month old now and when she smiles all world smiles around. SHE SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by x3mum 7th Jan 2011, 8:58am
Hi everyone!
Iv had bleeding as far as I can remember with this pregnancy, and I spent ALOT of times on forums etc and they really helped me get thru it so i would just like to share my story :) *warning TMI* It started off with light brown discharge at 9.5 weeks after my 7 week dating scan! Then 1 week later at 10.5 weeks i had a small cramp and quite a bit of red blood, i thought for sure that was it, i had miscarried. nope! scan was fine baby was growing good and they couldnt find where it was coming from.... and from then on every day i had brown discharge ranging from light to dark. iv scince had more red blood and discharge, iv been lucky enough to have a scan done almost every week scince i was 7 weeks pregnant and been able to see my beautiful baby grow. i had a 14 + 5 week scan yesterday due to more bleeding, and he/she is perfect and still cant find whats causing it, my midwife, GP and specialist all say its alot common than we think. i just like to see positive stories. :) SORRY for the ramble and good luck!! xox
by Caitlinxox 30th Dec 2010, 8:44am
Hi everyone,
I'm going into my 6th week of being pregnant. 2 weeks ago i started seeing brown discharge. I didn't panic, cuz its the same kind of discharge i see the last few days of my period! After that it started getting really DARK. When i went to my gyno, he checked me out and we both heard the baby's heart beat! He said i needed to be careful and relax more!! I understood why! Before i knew i was pregnant we did some renovating, about a week of hard work and fatigue! He gave me Utrogestan, which i have been taking and its been helping! I havent been to work and i see him next week for a 3D of the baby! Pray that everything goes well!!!! Its my first child =)
by Georgeos 11th Oct 2010, 9:23am
Hi all, advice gratefully received. I'm 13 weeks My other half has been away, came home last night and had sex on withdrawal noticed a bleed, not much and nothing since. Tummy is achy but then thats not that unusual. I can't lose this baby I've just told every one, I'm in mat clothes. One of my good friends is midwife and I am going to get her to listen in later, in the mean time I have been trying not to do too much, difficult with 2 older children and the other half away again early this morning.
Have heard the heart beat with doppler and no more bleeding. General consensus is that he needs to be a bit more gentle.
by ggmarch 28th Sep 2010, 8:51am
Hi everybody.
I have just joined this site and really looking for some advice in what i should do if at all?? i found out i was pregnant on saturday, period due on the sunday, been to doctors etc. I am roughly just over 4 weeks pregnant. I woke up last night in the early hours, needed a wee, when i wiped there was bright red blood. i have been so upset. it has continued when i have had a wee today when i wipe and there have been anout 4 clots i have seen. i wouldnt say im having a period as yet?? as there is no consistent flow, i have no pain, no cramps. only slight lower back pain but more of a deep ache. the doctors have said, bleeding is common and i should rest for a couple of days and see what happens with the bleeding??? i am so confused?? am i loosing my baby? how and when will i know if i am still pregnant? i am 38 yrs old, i have an 11yr old and this is my second pregnancy, it was so unexpected but since pregnancy was cofirmed, i so dont want to loose my baby!!!! has anyone got any advice out there at all?? thanks
by chockiebutton 2nd Sep 2010, 10:54am
hi i am 11 +weeks pregnant and started bleeding ( red spotting )yesterday not much but it is there and it is scary .is it ok for my baby and me?
by Hemant 12th Aug 2010, 11:03am
I am 7 weeks pregnant and,have been bleeding quite heavily for about 5 days, I am also experiencing period pains. I went to a & e who said my cervix was closed and they booked me a scan. I had my scan yesterday and they found the sac but the heartbeat was slow. This could be because the pregnancy is still early but now the bleeding is heavier. I have another scan booked for 10 days time but I am convinced its now a miscarriage. Has anyone else experienced this?
by vote4ali 12th Aug 2010, 10:20am
Im 10 weeks preqo with identical twins and i've been to the emerqency room twice because of vaqinal bleedinq someone plz help me qive me any type of advise i don't wanna lose my babies
by qiqi 12th Aug 2010, 9:04am
hi ladies i really hope you are all well i would just like to tell you all that if you have any kind of bleeding to get it checked out straight away. i started having a brownish discharge on friday and went to doctos he booked me for a scan on the monday as im only 11 weeks got worse on sat and went to a&e they did an internal and said everything was fine and go home sunday night i had sone red blood and clots come away and my cramps got worse phoned nhs 24 and they said it sounded like i was miscarring and nothing can be done but still to go for my scan well the bleeding stopped on sunday night and i was really hoping and praying every thing would be good on monday. went for the scan and baby was still there with no heartbeat im absolutly devistated as my 2 girls 9 & 11 were sooo excited and my partner i feel like ive let every one down. the worst thing is that its now wednesday and the baby is still there and i just have to wait for it to happen im bleeding slowly but thats it if it doesnt come by monday i have to go back for another scan and discuss whats to happen next. take care of yourselves ladies and i really wish you all the very best and hope you have happy healthy babies xxxx
by caprilidia 12th Aug 2010, 8:53am
Im 10 weeks pregnant and within this month this is the second time i have a light brown spoting. any possible cause?
by gheena 11th Jun 2010, 5:23pm
i am 5 weeks and had a brown smear of blood on the tissue after using the toilet on sunday but no pain went to the hospital to get it checked out they did a test it showed positive they sent me home on tuesday yesterday i was in incredible pain at work in my stomach but was not bleeding work took me staight to a&e they did another test which came up positve they took my blood pressure laid down and stood up and then told me to go home they said nothing could be done at this early stage! am i mad or do they really expect me to go home in pain and wait and see what happens, if i am going to miscarry how long before i will know thats what it is ?
by nayr 18th May 2010, 5:14pm
hi im 7 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby last week i started losing brown discharge i went for a scan friday nd was told everything was fine then this morning ive started losing pink discharge i ve got a water infection too could this e causing it please help xxx
by terrileigh 14th May 2010, 4:48pm
hiya, please can someone give me some advice? i got my bfp this afternoon but have just started to bleed. its bright red but not a huge amount and i've got no pain. i'm so scared, i can't cope with a 6th m/c
by chaz81 14th May 2010, 3:20pm
The first day of my last period was 20th Nov 2009, 4 weeks later I did a test and it came back possitive, on christmas day I woke up brown spotting also v slight bleeding (dark red) with tiny clots in only twice thrugh that day also severe cramp pains. So I went to a and e they did a test and it came back negative so they sent me home, they were so unhelpfull I felt that they thought I was a lyer. (South shields hospital). I only spotted that day and the cramp went away still today I haven't had a period and I feel like my stomach is stretching . Since last6 week I have done about 6 tests and they are all possitive so im all confused am I pregnant off last time ans possibly have lost the baby but the sac is still growing or have I just getting pregnant and only 5 weeks pregnant from christmas day. Has any one else experienced this
by Caty90210 1st Feb 2010, 9:21am
hi i am 11 weeks pregnant and started bleeding yesterday not much but it is there and it is scary i phoned the midwife who booked me in for a scan on Monday (tomorrow) to see what is going on inside my tummy i hope everything is ok with my baby xx
by emma86 27th Jan 2010, 9:28am
Hi, i would like to find out, when i was 16th weeks pregnant i started to bleed, it goes on and off till a week, then it continious with dark brown discharge till today and i am 18 week ++, is it ok for my baby and me?
by stream 11th Jan 2010, 4:17pm
hi i just wanted to find out some info about bleeding my daughterinlaw is 3 weeks pregant today she went to the toilet at lunch time and seen a pinky bleeding just once its her first baby and shes scared that she might miscarrige can any one help me in this field to find out wat it might be thank you deb
by bluebird1234 6th Dec 2009, 6:00pm
Please please help! My head is all over the place.
I'm in my third pregnancy, I'm 8 weeks today. Last Tuesday I started spotting brown blood which by Wedsnesday was bright red and complete with various size clots. unfortuantly my flow was very heavy. Scan to confirm mc showed a sack, with fetus, with heartbeat but the sonographer said it was slower than it should be?! Bleeding and pain continued til yesterday where we went to a&e. They examined me. Checked my wee and said test was negative and wanted to book me for d&c. Consultant on ward did another examination and said it was a complete miscarriage and go home. The bleeding has stopped now, and I've just done another test, which is positive. Could they have got it wrong? Could I still be pregnant? I'm holding on to the fact there was a baby, with a heartbeat despite me bleeding and losing clots.... Am I setting myself for more heart ache? Any advice is much much appreciated. Thank you xxx
by Thetribetribe 16th Nov 2009, 9:58am
hi, i lost my two pregnancy through bleeding. the first , the doctor say the baby lost its heart beat and the second is that the baby is not growing well. pls what is the best approach or remedy to handle this problem? i ve no issue yet. pls help me.
by ijp 28th Sep 2009, 9:33am
hi, im 9 weeks and started cramping and bleeding two days ago the doctor did a scan which showed the baby was fine,strong heartbeat and moving,the wall of the uterus is not collapsed in anyway and cos its dark blood its old blood so not to worry just rest,take it easy for a while and all will be fine.hope he is right
by bakery 24th Aug 2009, 9:12am
last week i took a pregnancy test. Yesterday I started spotting brown stuff. This morning I started bleeding. Are these signs of a miscarriage?
by msflexie 14th Jul 2009, 5:56pm
hey every 1 im currently 4 weeks n 3 days preg :) but yesterday i startin lyt bleedin :( i went to the doctors and its 2 early 2 tell ive to take a test oan friday if its posittive still im gettin a scan in a week n a half 2 make sure bby is ok n if neg ive had anotha miscarrage :( has any 1 had this n bby been ok im sooo scred plz help me xxxxxxx
by tryintoconceive 3rd Jun 2009, 9:33am
hi I am 8 weeks pregnant and had been bleeding for 2 days with sometimes back pain. Had a scan yesterday and the sonographer said that it looked like a 5 week pregnancy instead of 8 weeks. They asked me to have another scan in 2 weeks. I'm so worried. i read that 8 week foetus should have heart beats now but there wasn't any in the scan.
by kenjin 1st Jun 2009, 9:07am
hiya im nearly 14weeks pregnant and have been having very bad stomach cramps, after a second scan a 5cm blood clot was found on my womb,i have had no bleeding but there is nothing the hosptial can do for me as they say i will either pass it or it will disolve back into my womb,there is a slight chance of misscarriage but my baby was fine on the scan and the sack the baby's in was fine so ive just got to hope for the best. if anyone has expierenced this before please let me know as im really worried.
by hayleym 15th May 2009, 9:19am
Hi, i am 10 weeks and have had some brown discharge, is this normal or should i see the doctor?
by zoom12 22nd Apr 2009, 9:10am
i'm 5 weeks preg and started cramping spoting on friday i rang the emergency doctor who got me an appointment at my local hospital when i got there they took my blood pressure and pulse told me to go home and rest and wait wait for what lol they were so unhelpful does anyone think i should go back since then my bleeding got a bit heavier but has eased off again theres no clots and cramps have gone
by xxleannexx 14th Apr 2009, 12:44pm
Hi, im 21 weeks pregnant and last week i started bleeding after making love and phoned my doctor. The bleeding kept on for about a day, i got a scan and everything seemed to be ok but still i am worried. The doctor said that there is no bleeding behind the placenta and it probably happended because my womb pulled together. My baby's heartbeat was normal and she was lying there as if nothing was wrong and as if nothing happened. :-) She was ok. Is this normal?
by GSlater 9th Apr 2009, 9:25am
Hi, im 8weeks and 3days into my pregnancy and started to bleed yesterday midway making love, it wasnt to heavy, just very fresh bright red blood.(scary as you can imagine.) Anyway i was taken to A&E where after an our i saw the most straight forward nurse id ever met who told me that im probably misscarrying and that if i am theres nothin they can to do to save it, also there was a 4 our waiting list to see the doctor and i wouldnt be able to have a scan for a couple of days because they were jam packed.Anyway as you can imagine i was distrought and sick with worry but i waited a few hours and when i finally got to see the doctor she took my bloods and took me straight in for a scan. Thankfully my scan showed my baby with a healthy heartbeat, sitting nicely in my womb... There seemed to be no problem. When i had my internal examination they told me i had minor bleeding from the uterus and they didnt know what was causing it, most probably an infection but they couldnt be certain so they took a swab and im waiting to here the results, thankfully today ive stopped bleeding. I dont know what caused this, i had a termination about 2years ago and i recently had the implant removed to so there could be various different reasons i guess. I hope this eases some minds take care people xx
by Babymum2b 27th Mar 2009, 9:17am
bleedin in pregnancy why does it happen
by sandra200 26th Mar 2009, 9:36am
Hi, i'm 7 weeks pregnant and having light brown discharge from past 6 days. i went to doctor 4 days back and urine test was positive for the 2nd time. i had a scan in my 6th week and they told me to repeat scan after 15 days. doctor told me to wait for 2nd scan report. please help me to know the problem
by sahana1983 19th Mar 2009, 9:32am
Hi All, I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have been having really bad stomach and back pains! also really heavy bleeding and clots! gotta go for a scan 2moro to find out if everything is ok! fingers crossed, i'm so nervous!
by laura1989 16th Mar 2009, 9:20am
Hi I'm 15 weeks pregnant and had alot of brown discharge when I was 8 weeks they told me it was old blood from the implantation it all stopped then when I was 13 weeks pregnant I started bleeding really heavily bright red blood and clots I was admitted to hospital and told that I was miscarrying. They gave me a scan and I couldn't believe it when they told me that my baby was fine but I had a huge clot attached to my womb and a bruise and this was thie cause for my bleeding. Bleeding is alarming at any stage of pregnancy but it doesn't always mean your losing your baby as I've found out but do get any sort of bleeding checked out
take care and good luck everybody
by pam24 8th Jan 2009, 5:42pm
Can anyone tell me if they've ever heard of a "bruise" being found on a scan I have 2 other children & never heard of this & I am currently 17 weeks pregnant I have been losing blood for more then 2 weeks & had to have extra scans Any ideas of what it is?
by khtw 19th Dec 2008, 10:05am
Hi everyone. Hope you are all well. I am here to hopefully ease some womens minds as i had mine eased today. I have been having some bleeding on and off since Tuesday 9th (the day my period was tue) and i tested positive late on Wed! :) i am 4 weeks 5days. i have already been to the doctors and confirmed everything but last night my bleeding seemed a little too red compaired to what i had been having. So today i went to the hospital and explained it to them, they re-tested me (still positive!! woo!) and my blood pressure is all good etc. And was told that although bleeding should always be reported and checked, the amount i am having is, in their eyes miniscule. They class using 5 sanitary towels a day as light bleeding. I was hugely relieved by this info. So any other mums to be, please get checked esp if u have pain, which i dont. but try not to worry unless u are loosing alot more blood. Take care all and the very best of luck xxx hugs xxx
by pixiella 15th Dec 2008, 8:54am
I'm eight weeks pregnant and I've had some slight bleeding on two days this week. I was so worried as I soooo want this baby after loosing my 18month old son, and having a stillborn at 34 weeks. Had a scan today and the little monkey's heart is beating fine! Still nercous but a little more settled, midwife thinks it was probably break through bleeding as my period would have been due this week. Good luck ladies x x x
by tracyb 15th Dec 2008, 8:54am
Hi, i wanted to share my experience with any one who is worried im 12 weeks...yesturday i started bleeding quite heavily, by the afternoon it was a lot worse with very dark jelly like blood, i went to A&E & was told after waitng 2 hours i most probably loosing my baby, but to go back this morning for a scan. Anyway my scan shows my baby is fine its heart was beating, the bleeding is caused as the placenta is lying over the cevix opening, aperently it should move as baby gets bigger....still bleeding now, am very scared but at least babys ok at the mo! Please get any bleeding checked by a doctor asap, dont
by minx0440 12th Dec 2008, 9:45am
I've been bleeding since yesterday and it keeps getting heavy'er, I whent to the docter yesterday and they told me to come back later. What should I do?
by beloved90 10th Dec 2008, 8:44am
i have not been bleeding for 10 days but been bleeding this morning
by redlou 31st Oct 2008, 9:57am
i started bleeding at 5 weeks and have been bleeding on and off for about 9 weeks, im 14 weeks today. i went to the er agian for blood clots and they've put me on bed rest. they said the baby looks fine and is growing fine. i just dont get it, this is my third pregnancy and ive never had any problems.
by hlevi08 20th Oct 2008, 10:52am
I had a miscarriage June 30, 2008. I showed on a hpt that i was pregnant for about 2 1/2 months after that. My body hadn't gotten rid of everything it needed too. I did not have d&c because my 1st ultrasound showed nothing left in my uterus until i went and saw a specialist about 1 1/2 months later. Now I took another hpt yesterday which shows i'm pregnant again. I am bleeding again and mild cramps. I am going to see my doctor today. My last period lasted about 2 weeks which is completely abnormal for me. During my whole miscarriage process i had regular periods and they lasted only about 5 to 7 days and came on time every month. I hope this helps someone else who may be going through the same thing. I do have 1 son who is 2 1/2 and i had a perfect pregnancy with him minus kidney and bladder infections first 5 months. But that is due to other problems I have.
by Auty 20th Oct 2008, 10:52am
i was in allot of pain with my back and what felt like period pains 2days ago. I went to the hospital to get checked and was told everything was normal it was just muscle pain. Also the took a urine sample and said i had protein in my water which could be a kidney infection.
The pains gone but when i went to the tolilet was bright red blood in the toliet, then when i checked again 10min later it was a browny colour.
Not quite sure what 2 do, hospital said i was ok, and have the doctor in the morning should i just speak 2 the doctor tomorrow?
by Samikey08 8th Oct 2008, 9:06am
Hi there,
was very worried last week when i had some minor bleeding at 12 weeks. Read lots of forum comments and spoke to family and friends who had all had some spotting and succesful pregnancies to follow. Felt reassured by all of this. Do not want to scare others in doubt but feel it is wise to remind that there are 2 sides to the story and it doesn't have to be red blood and intense cramps to be a sign of trouble. My scan showed that my baby had died a few weeks ago, I carried on oblivious, starting to think about maternity clothes, telling everyone and buying things for the nursery. In hindsight, the morning sickness had gone as quickly as it had arrived and my tummy had started to swell and then stayed much the same. Feel gutted obviously and must now pick myself up and start all over again. But just wanted to balance up this discussion as I feel we all have a preconception of miscarriage and the signs(myself included) when in reality some of us may experience very little to suggest there is anything wrong. If in any doubt, have a scan to put your mind at rest. Good luck to all!
by LizzyB 3rd Oct 2008, 8:57am
hello... i started to bleed at 8 weeks of my pregnancy i was really worried i was bleeding really heavy and i went to the hospital and the nurse told me i was havin a misscarrage ..i had been sent to the early pregnancy clinic the next day and i have a scan and there it was the baby everything was ok
by kirstystu 16th Sep 2008, 8:59am
i started bleeding light brown blood yerstday went to the dr. and he said i had a blood clot on the sack that the baby is in he said most of them desloves so he wasn't really worried about it but he said the baby is find and that is all that matters
by angel864 25th Jun 2008, 8:46am
hello again , well i had a scan and baby fine , so just goes to show to all you mums out there that there really isnt anything to worry about ... i see my baby and he-shes heart beatting away bless
by loopysue 5th Jun 2008, 8:50am
hey i am 6 wks and 5 days pregnant i had fairly heavy bleeding at around 4 wks i went to the hosp after seing a doctor and they were very unhelpful...i spoke to my midwife who said that if i do another pregnancy test in a wk or so and it comes back positive i am still fingers will be ok i am going for an early scan in a few wks as the scans they did at 4 wks were usles as u are unable to see anything at that early stage. Hope all is advice is take it easy see how much blood andfor how long....if in any pain phone docs...if worried phone docs or m/w try not to panic.
by faith101 23rd May 2008, 8:46am
I am about 5 - 6weeks pregnant and last night I started bleeding. It was light pink and very little. This morning it was more.... Please help!
by nirvana03 17th Apr 2008, 7:34am
thanks for this forum.I am 12wks pregnant but noticed that I bleed each month as though am menstating.Bleeding is not heavy,rather like spotting.Am worried.Pls I need an urgent reply.Again the urine pregnancy test is still negative till now,but the blood pregnancy test has been positive since the 2nd week.What could be responsible for this?
by enyidiya 7th Apr 2008, 8:43am
Hi i'm Heather and am 28 and 14 weeks pregnantthis is my 5th pregnancy i lost 1 at 14 weeks in 95 and 2 yrs later had a healthy little girl then in 02 i lost another baby this time i was 6 weeks 2 mths later i found out i was pregnant again...this time i had my daughter at 28 weeks here i am again pregnant and have had nothing but problems in this pregnancy at first they took me into hospital thinking i was having an eptopic results unknown cause to why i was bleeding i've been in pain all the way through with this one and yesterday i started bleeding again alot more than before i went to hospital with a threatened misscarriage when i got there they couldnt find no cause for the bleeding all i know is i have to go back for a scan to find out whats happening with my baby has anybody else been through what i'm going through as i'm worried sick and dont know what to do please help!! thanx Heather
by heatherleeds 9th Oct 2007, 9:25am
hi im amanda, just found out that am pregnant,my first appointment with my own gp was yesterday,who told me am around 12 weeks now waiting for an appointment being sent to me to go for an ultrasound etc,..
druring the night when i used the bathroom,i think i may of had spotting but am unsure of what this looks like,and the amount thats known as spotting and not signs of danger,am not in any pain or anything,and apart from feeling abit light headed and tired i feel fine,3 times, on tissue after ive used bathroom, during night and this mrng,and its not red at all, its dark kinda brownish!can anyone help me out with a bit of advice!thanks, amanda.
by mandaday 20th Sep 2007, 8:51am
Hi Im Karen, Im 24 and in the 11th week of my 3rd pregnency. My first I had spotting at 14 weeks and they told me that I had "disapering twin syndrum" I went on to have a healthy little boy 7lbs 7oz and a 10lb placenta, my second I had spoting at 6 weeks and after blood tests and an ultrasound they told us that the baby was fine and then the day before I was at 10 weeks it was back. So again we went to the ER and were told that we had had a "missed miscarage" (where the baby had died two and a half weeks prior to that ER viset) And now I am almost to the 12th week of my 3rd pregnancy and yet again I have had spotting. It even got really bad one day so back to the ER we went and they got the heart beat and labeled it as a thretened miscarage and put me at high risk. Has any one else had problems like this? If you have what did you do to cope wtiht he emotions of all of it? Its jsut up and down every day!
by STARFIRE4004 7th Sep 2007, 8:51am
my sister is 8 weeks pregnant with her 1st baby and started bleeding 1 week ago very heavy with clots and very bad cramps.the hospital has done an internal scan and has said that everything is fine.could she have been pregnant with twins and has miscarried one.tina11.
by tina11 25th Apr 2007, 12:28pm