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Your 1 month old baby's development

Advice on your one month old baby's sense of hearing, vision and touch plus information on their physical and mental development .
Your baby's development is coming on leaps and bounds and she is learning more each day. Every tiny event that your baby experiences is helping her to develop the neural connections that will support learning for the rest of her life. Talk and play with her as much as possible to help her make the most of this important time.

Physical development

Over the next month your baby will gain around 2/3oz in weight a day and between 1 - 1.5'' in length. The circumference of your baby's head will also increase to make room for her developing brain. You may notice that your baby alternates between growth spurts where she feeds more than usual and other times when growth slows down slightly. Taking your baby to be regularly weighed will help to keep your mind at ease that your little one is growing perfectly healthily.

You may notice that your baby's arms and legs are becoming more relaxed than the curled position they held after birth. Your baby's hands will also begin to relax from the tight fisted position than many newborns find comfortable. Over the coming months your baby will start to notice that she has hands and fingers and will begin to coordinate their movement.

Research has shown that the risk of SIDS can be greatly reduced if you put your baby to sleep on her back. However, now your baby's neck muscles are becoming stronger it is important that your baby enjoys some 'tummy time' too. This will help your baby to develop her neck, shoulder and arm muscles further to prepare her for rolling and eventually crawling.

Over the next few weeks your baby may learn to turn her head to the side when lying on her tummy. Although this fantastic progress you will still need to support her head when she is in a seated or reclining position. During the first months of your baby's life tummy time should always be supervised so as to ensure your baby's head is in a position that she can breathe comfortably in.

Your baby may begin to coo when she is excited or interested and you may even be treated to her first smile this month. Soon your baby will begin to recognise your face and will 'light up' when you are in the room.

Development of the senses

Vision - Your baby's eyesight will have developed over the last month and although the world will still seem very blurry, she may be able to focus on objects a little further away than before. She will still prefer to look at simple contrasting patterns and will become more intrigued by faces each day. You may find that she looks intently when someone speaks to her and begins to copy simple facial expressions. Try sticking out your tongue and see whether she copies. Your baby will begin to stare at new objects, although she will be unable to grab them yet, and may be able to track objects with her eyes over very short distances.

Hearing - Your baby may begin to respond to your voice, kicking and moving her arms and legs when she hears you. Your baby may also try to turn her head to find you - this skill will develop over the coming months.

Smell - You may notice that your baby is unwilling to take a bottle from you, this is because she can smell her mother's breast milk. If you are trying to bottle feed your baby, it may be easiest to get your partner to try initially.

Touch - Your baby may begin to discover her limbs this month and her movements may become smoother and less jerky. She may begin to wave her arms and legs around as a sign of excitement.

When you play with your baby, hold your face or toys close to her as her vision is still very blurred. A wrist rattle can be a great toy as it will enable her to start learning to coordinate her hand-eye movements which will enable her to begin 'grabbing' for things over the coming months.

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