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Oxbridge Baby DVD & CD

We review the educational dvd that really does help your baby learn to talk and the 'baby' cd thats great for grown-up listening too.
About: Oxbridge Baby offer a range of unique baby and toddler products that are designed to stimulate your baby's development. Created with fun in mind, the DVDs and cd's encompass a lively combination of live action images, puppets and animation all of which help your baby to learn.

Their new Learn to Talk DVD makes learning an interactive experience, using an entertaining combination of music, images and sign language to encourage your baby to utter their first words and then expand their understanding of language. Developed in conjunction with Paediatric Speech and Language therapist Gillian Hart, 'Learn to Talk' is by no means passive watching, instead it engages your child's attention and encourages both parent and baby to take part in the learning process for maximum effect.

The Oxbridge baby Classical Music cd features 15 popular classical pieces reworked for your baby. Perfect for quiet time or just keeping baby entertained in the car, this is an album that parents will love too.

The review: (Tested by Abi & Ben)

Learn to Talk DVD

Ben (13 months) absolutely loves this DVD. Having never been interested in the television before, I was dubious as to whether he would sit and watch it! It took a few times of putting it on but now, as soon as the starting music comes on, he stops what he's doing, sits down and his feet start rotating in anticipation!

Since watching the DVD, he now says 'car', 'bubbles' and 'teddy' which are completely new words for him. We have only been watching a short time, but this is going to be well worth having as it really seems to help him learn.

The parental tutorial has been really handy as it explains how to use the DVD to its full effect so we've been able to use the 'best' ways to encourage speech to help Ben learn new words and it definitely seems to be working.

The extras were also useful as we could go through the animals and signs included in the DVD separately and spend more time with Ben practicing the actions. Although he found the animals interesting and the 'old MacDonald' music fun to 'dance' to, they didn't hold his attention as much as the rest of the DVD but perhaps this will come with time.

To get the maximum learning effect I would think that you'd need to start watching with your baby at 6 months or so when I can imagine the signing will really come into its own. However it does seem to work for older infants too as is testament by Ben's already expanding vocabulary. So, in conclusion both Ben and I have enjoyed using this DVD and I am definitely looking to get the other�s.

Classical Music cd

We started off by listening to the cd in the car and then progressed to having it on whilst playing. I for one have found it much more bearable to listen to than other 'baby' cd's which can get a bit trying after a while and I'm hoping that this will go some way towards enhancing his learning. He does love to 'dance' to the first track and usually stops whatever he's doing to have a boogie!

We haven't really seen any 'developmental' results from this yet but its great to have on in the background. I can imagine it would be good for creating an 'at home' environment to help settle your baby while you're away.

The 'Learn to Talk' DVD is available for £12.99 and the 'Classical Music' cd for £9.99, both include free delivery.

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