Outdoor toys

Advice on what to look for when choosing outdoor toys for your baby, plus the opportunity to purchase a range of childrens outdoor toys including baby swings, slides and trampolines.
Playing outdoors is a great place for a toddler with lots of energy. Playing in a safe garden means that you and your baby can enjoy a relaxing and entertaining time.
  • Sit and ride toys - look for cars, trikes and tractors that have secret storage places and accessories that make noises. Pedals are not easy for under 2s so stick to foot-powered vehicles.
  • Sandpits - look for a sandpit with a lid and place it away from the house or you will have more sand indoors than outside. Some have built in seats which can make sand play more comfortable.
  • Paddling pools - suitable from when you child can stand up. Some have a canopy to keep the sun off your child. Ensure your child is supervised carefully.
  • Scooters - look for a scooter with a sturdy frame and wide wheels.
  • Play tents and tunnels - provide a safe place to play indoors, and out! Keep the sun and heat out.
  • Climbing frames - look for climbing frames with a toddler level that can be raised later for older children.
  • Swings -look for a strong tubular steel frame which can fit different sized swings that you can change as your child grows. Choose a high back seat to begin with and change for a junior size for years of play.
  • Slides - look for moulded plastic treads with grips for added safety and safety hand rails.

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I live in Alaska. Thank you so much for the tips. I am about to buy a slide for my front garden next month for my toddler to play.. I would remember these tips. Thanks again!! Cheers!!!

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by pauldavis985 4th May 2011, 9:07am
there we live theres swings and another things so we can go out and have fun we have a babyswing and 5 normal things . My son Joshua love to swings and my baby girl Nevvah too near we swings we singing and listen music together after my school we going to there is swings and be there talking and singing .
by VanessaAngela 12th Aug 2010, 10:47am
Hi, we run a outdoor play equipment company and also have two very active boys, 4 and 2, and would like to offer our advice to anyone who wants info on this subject. Our website has lots of information too. www.activegarden.co.uk
by marian 18th Sep 2007, 10:18am