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No consensus on best caesarean method

A review has found that there is no consensus among doctors on the best technique for carrying out a caesarean section.
Doctors who perform caesarean sections have not reached a consensus on the best method to perform the operation, according to a review published in The Cochrane Library.

Caesarean sections are seen as routine these days but the methods used change from surgeon to surgeon, and the specific method used can vary the length of the operation and the amount of pain, among other factors.

The researchers called for more studies to find the best technique for the mother and child's well-being.

"Caesarean section is a very common operation, yet there is a lack of high quality information available to inform best practice," said researcher Simon Gates of the clinical trials unit at the University of Warwick.

"Future research on Caesarean techniques needs to focus on the most suitable methods for uterine incision and closing.

"We need more high quality studies that address the most important outcomes such as pain, infections and complications," he added.

The researchers carried out 15 trials involving 3,972 women and because they only had limited data on techniques they could not recommend the best procedure.

More and more caesareans are being carried out every year, with around one in four babies in England delivered by the method, compared with just nine per cent in 1980.

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