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New IVF technology to boost pregnancy chances

A newly developed IVF screening technique is set to boost pregnancy success rates by 10-15%
Scientists have developed a new technique which could increase the pregnancy chances of couples undergoing IVF treatment.

Based on the same method which calculates the fat content in milk, doctors suggest that passing an infrared light through the fluid surrounding embryos will identify the healthiest samples.

The light will show which embryos have reacted well to the fluid and have the potential to continue development once implanted.

Yale University has been involved in the development of the technique, with professors suggesting it will boost the chance of pregnancy by ten to 15 per cent which would increase the UK success rate of IVF for women under 35 by between 30 and 40 per cent.

Denny Sakkas, associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Yale, told the BBC: "Everyone's aim is to get patients pregnant, so the greatest impact of using this device would be in improving pregnancy rates by ten to 15 per cent which it appears to have the potential to do.

"And with the move to single embryo transfer, selecting the right embryo will become even more important."

Trials if the ViaTestE device will take place in the Netherlands and Sweden later this year, with clinics across the globe able to test the system from early next year.

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