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New Dads should be more involved

New Dads are to take a more active roll in the first few days of their baby's life if new recommendations are followed.
While 86% of fathers are now present for the birth of their children, not enough is being done to involve them in the first few days of their baby's life, a new report has warned.

Published on Monday by the Fatherhood Institute the report emphasised the importance of early paternal involvement for the well being of both mother and baby and criticised the lack of information and support that new fathers currently receive.

In a series of recommendations that accompanied the report the Fatherhood Institute suggested that new Dads should be allowed to stay in hospital overnight with their partner and baby, share equal rights when it comes to registering their child's birth and signing the birth certificate, receive equal guidance on baby care and be more involved in doctor's checkups.

Duncan Fisher, chief executive of the Fatherhood Institute commented: "Research clearly shows that the positive involvement of fathers right from the start is crucial; and that when professionals engage with fathers, particularly young or otherwise vulnerable dads, this makes a huge difference to mother and baby. "

"What actually happens now is that while the mother's responsibilities are reinforced at every opportunity, the first message many fathers get after the birth is 'leave this place now'."

"Currently, we don't ask questions if a father fails to show for the antenatal appointment or doesn't sign the birth certificate. "

"If things are going to change, we have got to start sending both mums and dads some very different signals."

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1 word: FATHER. (This is a equal rights poem I made up for some reason)


A father is there for his child,
Right from the start
But if he can't stay overnight,
Why even bother take part?
If a man cares for his pride and joy each and every way,
Then why can't he spend as much time with it as a mother can
In just one day?
Fathers teach their child things like ties their shoelaces in a knot,
Most mothers can't teach them this so if father's can't take part, then why not?
A father is a man who stayed to watch his child grow,
But if he could have that extra precious minute: that would be excellent, also.
by XBabyXLoverX 30th Dec 2009, 10:00am
i agree a father should be able to stay overnight. A friend of ours had their baby in the evening and a couple of hours after the birth he was asked to leave and come back tomorrow. It was very unfair. Fathers deserve equal rights. x
by sept10 2nd Nov 2009, 10:45am
I agree with this i think that father sshould be able to stay in hospital overnight with the mother, women get to see evry second of there child whereas the father doesnt. Equal rights!
by 1stTimeMummyX 9th Dec 2008, 8:47am