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Mums' back pain linked to baby equipment

Transporting babies and pushchairs can cause back pain, mums believe.
A new survey has found that looking after children can often be directly linked to back pain among Britain's mums.

Research carried out by Maclaren and BackCare revealed that 83 per cent of mums who suffer from back pain believe their symptoms are a result of taking care of their babies and infants.

In addition, the survey discovered that almost three-quarters of mums in the UK associate their back pain with pushing, folding or lifting buggies.

Commenting on the findings, Sash Newman, chief executive of BackCare said: "A pushchair is one of the most important pieces of baby equipment a parent buys – they will be using it constantly for years, not just months.

"If you choose one that has the wrong handle height for you, is too heavy, or is difficult to fold and lift then you could be storing up some real problems for the future."

According to the figures, 84 per cent of women use their pushchairs as much as three times a day.

Regular exercise, correct posture and reducing stress levels can help prevent back pain, Bupa suggests.

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I get back pain when I've been sleeping in my bed. It wears off in the morning after about 20 minutes or so once I'm up and moving about but its as if the posture is curving the wrong way when I lie in bed and it must stiffen up. The only thing that seems to help it is to put a cushion under my bum to lift to bottom par t of my back up (not the most romatic thing though when your in bed). But this has been going on really since I gave birth to my daughter 10 months ago
by baby12032009 10th Feb 2010, 4:58am
This is so true. I started off with a Silver Cross 3d pram and lifting it in and out of the car was an absolute nightmare! It was so heavy it hurt my back each time I tried to lift it. I had to buy a new pushchair after just 5 weeks. I now have a Babystyle Oyster which is much lighter, and I can even lift it with one hand! I think the adjustable handlebar is really important too.
by LuckyMummy2 22nd Sep 2009, 10:26am