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Multiple birth insurance

Advice on when multiple birth insurance cover can be beneficial for insuring against twins and other baby multiples.
If you are concerned about the extra cost of having to raise two or more children at the same time, you may want to consider multiple birth insurance. If the mum's side of the family has a history of twins, this insurance may be worth considering.

Multiple birth insurance, often referred to as twin insurance, is an insurance policy you can buy before you know how many children you are having, that will pay you a lump sum if you give birth to two or more babies.

Multiple birth insurance helps with the additional cost of more than one baby arriving but to take advantage of it you need to apply at a very early stage in pregnancy.

Policies often pay on a sliding scale, with a larger payout if you have more than two children. If there are twin's on the mum's side of the family, the insurance premium will be higher than someone who doesn'y have a family history of twins.

You can use the money as you wish, including:
  • to assist in the purchase of new baby items
  • investing the money for your children's future
Visit FinanceLink, which is a comprehensive personal finance directory, to find suitable insurance companies for twin insurance. UK Insurance Pages is also a useful resource for suitable insurance companies.

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anyone know of an insurance company for multiple births please?
by gemgem30 17th Jan 2011, 3:29pm