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Mothers prefer natural births

A new study has suggested that first-time mothers prefer a natural birth, even if there are risks involved
Women giving birth for the first time prefer to do so naturally, and will accept higher risks than clinicians, according to research.

The research also found that higher pain levels will be accepted, reports the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Those in the survey, which included 102 pregnant women and 84 midwives, 166 obstetricians, 12 urogynaecologists and 79 colorectal surgeons, were asked by researchers what complications would make them pick a Caesarean section.

It was found that mothers-to-be, when given an informed choice, were not as likely to take the cautious approach which the professionals preferred.

The chief executive of the National Childbirth Trust, Belinda Phipps, told the BBC that professionals involved in child birth may let negative experiences they have had in the past influence their recommendations.

"If they've seen a traumatic birth, or been involved in a tragedy, there is no debriefing for them," she said.

"It can mean they are more judgemental about the risks involved.

"I recognise that this is very difficult to avoid, but they need to realise that for most women, this is something that they feel it is important to do for themselves."

Around a quarter of pregnancies in the UK use Caesarean sections and are mainly used to deal with potential complications like the baby lying in the incorrect position for a natural birth.

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