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Most Chinese women 'want more babies'

New research has found that Chinese women yearn for bigger families.
The majority of women in China would like to be able to flout the country's strict one child policy and have multiple babies, according to new research.

As the world's most populous country, Chinese authorities introduced the one child system, known as the family planning policy, back in 1979.

Under the system, those who have more than one child must face fines.

However, the Chinese authorities say that the policy has helped to alleviate the strain on the country's land, water and energy supplies and has made people wealthier.

But a survey by the National Family Planning Commission found that the vast majority of Chinese women long to have more than one child.

A desire to have children of different genders and concern about spoiling lone children were found to be key factors fuelling the wish for women to expand their families.

Some 83 per cent of women would like to have both a son and a daughter, according to the survey.

The China Daily quoted Jiang Fan, vice-minister of the commission, as saying: "Our research shows that 70.7 per cent of women would like to have two or more babies.

"Some mothers think only children suffer from loneliness and can become spoiled."

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