Moses baskets

Advice on what to look for when choosing a Moses basket plus the opportunity to purchase a range of wicker and traditional moses baskets, basket stands and covers.
A Moses basket is one option for your baby's first bed. It is a woven basket with handles and often a hood. It is usually lined with a padded cotton lining, and often a quilt. It is often used on a stand, which can be bought separately.

A Moses basket is portable and small enough to keep next to your bed, which can be convenient for night time feeds, however as Moses baskets tend to be quite small, in general they will only last for the first few months of your baby's life.

Additionally it is worth baring in mind that some babies do not like sleeping in a Moses basket.

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great idea ov the travel cot!!! when sesn was a baby (5yrs now) he was only in moses basket bout 2- 2half months. Had a cot bed ready for him but they do take up alot! of space!!! travel cot would be a welcome space saver and can also be portable around the house. Thanks v. much 4 the tip. Moses baskets with a rocking stand are v.good tho! they really soothed sean and i will be investing in another 4 my soon to arrive lil bundle ov joy!. x
by seanandbabysmammy 14th May 2010, 4:20pm
my bby loved her basket but she also loves mummys bed ther not a waste of times cots r to start off with unless the bby is goin to be in the same room as u coz i could neva put my bby in a seperate room to me at a young age travel cots r good wen there gettin a bit older wen they cnt fit the basket nemore but cots can wait its not a def on a list a basket wud b x
by taiyatai 4th Aug 2009, 12:36pm
I've got a moses basket mainly because we travel alot to see family so those 1st few mnths will be important we have something portable for her to sleep in! I was under the impression baby shouldn't go in a cot till shes 6mnths anyway although my little 1 will be in a cot within a few mnths as i dont want her gettin too used to our bad habits (sleeping with the tv on) etc! I have 2 cats so we have bought a stand to discourage the cats going into the basket but my friend used to have the basket on the floor next to her bed and hold babs hand when she went to sleep which proved to be a great comfort as they didnt want a dummy and as bab got bigger she would wait till she was asleep then replace her finger (baby was holdong) with a toy and eventually baby didnt want mums finger, she wanted the toy. Having friends around to give me tips like that has been so reassuring xx
by bibibaby 23rd Jul 2009, 9:08am
I think moses baskets and small cribs are a waste of money. . .they last for such a short time that they aren't worth bothering with, in my opinion. There are a few different options out there for having a baby in the room with you. . .a Bednest, which is small and can be used up to about 6 months, a drop side cot, like Mama's and Papa's, which can be used by your bed and then moved to your baby's own room when you want to, or an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Bedside Cot, which attaches to your bed but can also be used as a free standing cot. So, depending on your budget and the size of your room, there are a lot of much better options than moses baskets out there!
by ChelleDKelley 4th Aug 2008, 9:04am
i am due to have a baby in sept and just wanted advise is it safe for baby to sleep in carrycot overnight, or would it be wise to invest in a crib for the bedroom, as cot set up in seperate room for when older. or would a crib be a waste off money. any one one with any advise
by 555 18th Jun 2007, 10:39am