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Morning sickness could indicate a higher baby IQ

Suffering from morning sickness when pregnant could be an indication that a bright baby is on the way, researchers in Canada believe.
Suffering from morning sickness when pregnant could be an indication that a bright baby is on the way, researchers in Canada believe.

Looking at the cases of around 120 women who phoned a special NVP (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy) helpline during a certain period, specialists at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto concluded that babies born to women who experience such symptoms tend to have higher-than-average IQs.

According to numeracy and verbal fluency testing carried out on children aged between three and seven, the greater the levels of morning sickness, the higher the IQ level.

Conversely, the achievements of babies whose mothers did not experience morning sickness in the first few weeks and months of pregnancy were found to be not as high.

Commenting on the findings, study leader Dr Gideon Koren said: "It's important to stress it was not mental retardation or anything.

"It was a few points of IQ, and other functions such as language development."

In most cases, morning sickness tends to cease after the 12th week of pregnancy.

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wow! This is great comforting news, i had bad morning sickness up to the fourth month, i wondered why it had to be so but now i know its because i was carrying a genius.
by joycel 31st Dec 2010, 9:30am
think ruby going to be so clever i used to be sick at least 3 times a day the most in the weekend i was sick was 50 times!!
by katie198920 3rd Sep 2010, 2:13pm
so if i am experiencing morning sickness as i have it very badly at the minute could meen better iq in the child
by 1993Leigh 14th Jan 2010, 9:25am
Well now all that sickness was worth it all!!!
by siakhan 14th May 2009, 10:08am
my baby is guna b brainy now lol as i had real bad morning sickness lol
by gemma1989 11th May 2009, 11:47am
I have not had feelings of nausea and vomiting. Should this be worrying being it is my first pregnancy?

by TWan 11th May 2009, 11:47am
I suffered horrific sickness for the full 9 months so looks like ive got a little brainbox! :D x
by xKerrynx 11th May 2009, 11:47am
That's quite interesting considering I had horrible morning sickness from the beginning through to 17 weeks but my husband and I both have pretty high IQs anyway, so I wonder if the study considered a link between the IQ of the parents and the higher indcidence of morning sickess. However, I think too much emphasis is placed upon IQ tests and doing well in them pretty much only tells you that you are good at performing in IQ tests. They don't allow for a wider understanding of what we call 'intelligence', so they shouldn't be solely relied upon.
by Pigkate 11th May 2009, 11:46am