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Miracle abdomen baby survives

A baby who grew outside of his mother's womb has beaten the odds to be delivered safely
A woman has successfully given birth to a baby boy, despite him growing in her abdomen instead of her womb.

Jayne Jones, 38, found out when she was 27 weeks pregnant that her unborn child was growing in her abdomen, on the layers of fat covering the bowel, called the omentum.

Ten days later, Mrs Jones collapsed in pain and was taken to Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, by her husband Graham.

Billy was born, weighing 2lb 2oz, after surgery involving 36 NHS staff that had never been performed in the country before.

He was immediately put in an incubator, and was kept warm inside a plastic bag.

"He was in a little resealable sandwich bag to keep his temperature up," said Mrs Jones.

"They told me that, for all the millions spent on the NICU, what's made the biggest difference to survival rates are Tesco resealable sandwich bags.

"You look along the incubators and they're all in them, these bags saying Tesco. It's incredible."

The delivery was also dangerous for Mrs Jones, and she was put on a High Dependency Unit afterwards.

Dr Imogen Montague, the consultant obstetrician for the family, said both were very lucky.

She added: "The chances of delivering a live, healthy child were very small – but we've done it."

This was only the second time a case like this had been reported in the UK.

Sadly, most foetuses in this situation die shortly after conception.

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