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Milk Trays by Slim Lines

A great new product for breastfeeding/pumping mums
I would like to introduce you to a great new product for breastfeeding mothers - Milk Trays by Slim Lines is an easier, safer, and more economical way to freeze and store expressed breast milk. Milk Trays allows mothers to freeze expressed milk in single oz servings that will fit into any bottle opening on the market.

Why waste and thaw more oz than needed for each bottle, using Milk Trays allows caregivers or mothers the ability to thaw only the oz needed at that time for that bottle! That's the easy part, Milk Trays are also re-usable!

Why should mothers continue to purchase nurser bags that waste their liquid gold and take up too much room in the freezer. Freezing in single oz servings allows mothers to have several oz at a time in a freezer safe zip lock bag where all the 1 oz Milk Sticks remain separate. All they have to do is remove the desired amount of oz or Milk Sticks place in the bottle then thaw in a bottle warmer or let thaw naturally! What a great money savings as well as convenience!

The safer part is that Milk Trays are made from medical grade FDA approved hard plastic so that no fat soluble nutrients that are a part of brain development in the first two years of a babies life is lost. Freezing in soft plastic nurser bags allows for those fat soluble nutrients to adhere and be lost to the baby! There are several mothers out there who exclusively pump!

Milk Trays are not ice cube trays with lids but are specifically designed for breast milk. The plastic is pliable and easy to bend to remove the frozen milk, and the Milk Sticks are specifically designed to fit through any bottle opening including narrow mouthed bottles!

Milk Trays were designed by working breastfeeding moms. As we all know that is where the best products come from.

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